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Try to see how bullets could be symbols for your current emotions. Obviously they could link with problems and confrontation so think of anything like that. A bullet could symbolise someone who specifically wants to cause you harm. A bullet and guns could symbolise direct criticisms.

Another way to look at your dream if that you may be "dodging bullets" in your life, by being lucky or making some excellent choices. You are probably acting with self-restraint, sort of what the women in your dream would feel when you restrain them, only you are restraining yourself.

To see a bullet or bullets in your dream, indicates anger and aggression directed at you or someone else. You need to be careful about what you say and do, because your actions and words may easily be misinterpreted.

Bullet proof jacket
Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
A bullet proof jacket maker in a dream represents someone who makes difficult work easier, one who helps people to attain their goal, a marriage broker, one who teaches people about good conduct, ...

A bullet in a dream is a very bad omen. If you are hit with one this is to warn you to have a medical checkup immediately, and if you see a bullet, or several, do not do or say anything that can be misconstrued as you could lay yourself open to some very bad scandal.
Bumble bees ...

Bullet-a symbol of a malicious word or the word of God aimed at a spiritual enemy, Ps. 10:7. A blank or empty cartridge is symbolic of ineffective prayer
Bulletproof vest-a symbol of protection against attack, a well-armed Christian, Eph. 6:11
Bullfrog-symbolic of a demon, Rev. 16:13-14 ...

Bullet. Don't expose yourself to any possible whisper of scandal if your dream featured the sight or sound of a bullet; if you were hit by a bullet in your dream, you'd better have a medical checkup.

bullet hitting the mark; shooting your mouth off too soon. Who is as fast as a moving bullet?
bull's eye you are 'spot on'; you did it; feeling competitive. What are you aiming for?

A bullet in a dream can suggest aggression and a desire to hurt another. If the bullet is directed toward the dreamer it may be interpreted as a warning that harm of some sort may be imminent.
- also see Dream Dictionary: Intruder ...

This symbol has a direct trajectory that allows it to hit its mark or penetrate through hard surfaces. Feeling a bullet entering your body is representative of the pain that comes from being forced to ‘open’ up.

A bullet wound—or having been shot already—can represent feeling victimized, wounded, or taken advantage of physically, emotionally, or mentally in your life.

Bullet - A symbol for anger and/or aggression. Dreaming of being hit by a bullet may represent those things thrown at you in life that require perseverance. Freud saw bullets as a sexual symbol, fired from a gun would represent the sexual act.

A bullet in a dream is a very bad omen. If you are hit with one this is to warn you... Continue dream interpretation - Bullets"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Bullfight ...

On the bulletin board, the doors, the wall - in your life a new hobby, hobbies, and meet new people associated with it. Made verbally - unfamiliar people are going to offer you a secure job, you may find it on the ad.

Shooting Shot
Abdomen Abdominal
Your dream may be directly about your physical health or diet needs. If so it will in some way be connected with food or activities bringing illness or health.

The following bulletpoints and paragraphs detail some of these insights on a symbolic, spiritual, energetic level.

A dream where bullets are being fired implies an aggressive nature. To see bullets being shot at you suggests nearby danger in your waking life. To fire the bullets implies ..Read more →

Rifle-See Guns/Bullets
Rings-Covenant: Wedding, (as in "a signet ring"); authority, eternity (unending); prestige. Ring=Covenant. Engagement Ring=Promise. Rings Worn as Jewelry=Self-glorification. (Esther 8:8; James 2:2; Luke 15:22) ...

Magi, Magian, magic bullet, Magic Carpet, magic cookie, magic eye, magic lantern, Magic Marker, magic number, Magic Paper, magic realism, magic smoke, magic spell, magic square, Magic Switch Story, magic trick, magical, magical ability, magical power, Magically, Magician, Magicians, Magicicada, ...

If the gun will not fire, or if the bullets are ineffective, feelings of powerlessness are represented. If the dreamer is attacking another with a gun, he or she should be alerted to hostile or angry feelings towards the persons attacked. Being shot at indicates an emotional attack in waking life.

What happens if you feel the shock of the bullets from the sniper rifle hitting you and you are dying? It may cause you to wake up violently. You may find yourself sweating, and breathing heavily after being shaken by this experience.
Naked or Nude
Hen or Chicken ...

in my dream i wish i could fly to escape these enemies and then i just start soaring through all these clouds and my enemies start shooting at me but they cannot see me anymore b/c it is so cloudy. when i see the bullets pass me in the air, they suddenly turn into harmless bibi bullets.

In one nightmare I was nine months pregnant and went into false labor, then all of a sudden I was in a bathroom stall and the person who had gotten me pregnant did not know I was in there and shot a bullet through the door which hit me in the stomach. What does this mean?

Some of these ideas were developed further in the 1940′s by a young Viennese psychologist names Wilfrid Dain who's work was taken seriously by some members of the scientific community and published in Duke University's Parapsychology Bulletin.

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