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Dreams are symbolic in that they are metaphors for current feelings. A "bury" dream for instance may simply mean that yesterday you felt "I was dealing with something that I thought was in the past(dead and buried)".

Dream dictionary definition for bury: Dreaming that you are burying something indicates a desire to hide a part of yourself.  It could be a feeling, emotion, experience, belief, etc..

bury time to dig up those old feelings and deal with them; denial; hiding something; forgetting the past; wishing someone dead; feeling overwhelmed and anxious. (See berry) What has recently been revived?

Burial (bury, burying)
General Meanings: Edge out bad things and move forward Burial often stands for the attempt to edge out painful experiences or negative traits.

A need to bury old ideas or attitudes. Connection to or need to acknowledge your ancestors or heritage, attitudes about death.
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Buried / Bury
If you dream of burying something to hide it from someone, you may be keeping a secret or avoiding telling the truth in real life. However, you may be getting ready to reveal and confess before somebody finds out.

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You may be worrying too much about your health or perhaps you want to bury the past. The only constant in life is change. The past is dead and buried so now embrace the present and look forward to the future. Who is being buried?

In the dream hes dead but hes still moving around like hes alive and I tell my husband that because he is still moving around I am not going to bury him. But I start to wonder about what to do when he starts to smell.

You may dig for the truth or dig to bury an aspect, which you’d rather not face. This symbol goes deeper than just searching for something. It suggests that you know where it is and need only discover the roots to bring it back to life.

If it attacks you, failure will bury you in gloom. If you succeed in warding it off, or killing it, you will be extremely successful in all your undertakings.

The purpose of the pyramids was to bury the dead and to assist them into reaching eternity. In this way, the pyramids were holy places and their architecture and mysticism continues to amaze and to intrigue us.

Containing the end. Ready to bury something. Unpleasant matters.
Small value. Distracted by lesser concerns.

If you return for a corpse, to bury it, and it has disappeared, trouble will come to you from obscure quarters.

To dream of a tiger advancing towards you, you will be tormented and persecuted by enemies. If it attacks you, failure will bury you in gloom. If you succeed in warding it off, or killing it, you will be extremely successful in all your undertakings.

Is there something you would like to bury, or keep hidden, or left in the unconscious?
greedy: Unfilled desires.
guard: Protection. Where do you need to be vigilant?

Closet-symbolic of private prayer, Matt. 6:6. A closet may also symbolize a place where people bury things from their life that they do not wish to deal with ...

You are dealing with some issues that are causing you guilt or conflict. You may have been trying to bury some part of you that is fighting to be heard. This dream could also represent a real life altercation you are enduring.

A dream where you attend a burial suggests that you need to come to terms with some loss in your life. If you bury something then it implies you are ..Read more →
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If you dream about a cemetery, it can be a sign that it is time to make a change in your life - to "bury the past." ...

I kept yelling at my brother to bury the corpse and that I didn't want it in my bed any longer but he was sl attached to it that he took it in his room and out it in his laundry basket. I then bleached all the sheets where the corpse was laid.

Images of this type may indicate that the dreamer is seeking a monetary inheritance or a chance to bury the hatchet in a relationship.

Celts aren't the first to bury their dead beneath the soil, but it's fascinating so many of our forebears intuitively knew the connection. The Earth is a consecrator.

Not because the subconscious wants to make things difficult, but due to symbolism being it's only means of communication; the conscious, if you recall, is attempting to bury these desires, instincts, and emotions.

For instance, a house that is destroyed by a landslide in a dream is a metaphor for feelings that personal, family or marital problems and instability will bury or tear down the world as you know it.

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