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calendar dream symbol
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Time or schedule, the passage of time, the idea of past or future, or a specific time period.

Calendar Dreams
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A calendar in a dream represent the passage of time in your life, or the limitations that time places upon you.

Time or schedule, the passage of time, the idea of past or future, or a specific time period.
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Calendars keep track of birthdays, holidays, special events, and appointments. Though some events are unique, many of these occasions come along annually.

To see a calendar, denotes disappointment in your calculations.
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To dream of a ~ represents your organized nature. You are generally very well prepared for what life brings your way.
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Quick Decode: Organisation; commitments; passage of time
Popular Expressions: Year in, year out ...

~ - a pleasant surprise. Thursday, Friday in his sleep - bad to the quarrel. Sunday, Monday in a dream - to good. The end of the working day or week - to start a pleasant period in your life. Day off in a dream - happy changes.
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To dream of this month signifies financial gains; a mystery will be solved; and beware of a false friend nearby.

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Dream Interpretation ~
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future. These are the major reasons why we want to learn about Dream Interpretation, Analysis and the Meaning of Dreams.

~ :
If someone gave you a ~ you can get disappointed during the next week. If the ~ was hanging on the wall does this show that you are well prepared and organized.
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If you dream of seeing a ~ on the wall, this suggests that you are well organized and prepared. If you see yourself writing or making marks on a ~, it symbolizes that you are marking time until a certain event comes to pass.

~-the seasons of a person’s life or waiting for a spe­cific day or event to happen, Job 14:13 NLT
Calf (young cow) symbolic of a weak person or nation, Ps. 68:30
Camel-symbolic of something that is impossible to accom­plish without God’s help, Mark 10:25 ...

If you dream that you write down an appointment in a ~, you could be hoping for good luck in the future, possibly in the field of love.
Calf ...

The appearance of a ~ in dream can imply we need to pay attention to the past, present or future. Specific dates obviously have greater significance.
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When a ~ appears in a dream it can be a reminder that an event or deadline is coming up, which you’d rather not face. The passing of time as a sense of urgency can also appear as pages in a ~.
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~ time will not wait, do it now; a busy social ~. What's special about to-day?

To see a ~ in your dream, denotes that you are well-organized and well-prepared. To dream that someone gives you a ~, signifies much disappointment for you in the coming week.

To dream of keeping a ~, indicates that you will be very orderly and systematic in habits throughout the year.
To see a ~, denotes disappointment in your calculations.

1. Dreaming of a wall ~ listing the months and days calls your attention to the month. If the month involved is within six months ahead of the current month, something important will happen then - and if there is a day circled, watch that day.

A dream with a ~ implies that you are worrying about whether you will be able to complete all of your plans or to meet a deadline. It can also ..Read more →

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Dream Symbols Dictonary - Miscellaneous Symbols

~: The passage of time, or a reminder of something. Some peoples lives seem to be run, or controlled, by the ~.
camel: Emotional or physical endurance, or survival. Often associated with the desert so it could symbolize lonliness, or barreness, or burdensomeness, in life.

Seeing a ~ on the wall indicates that you are well organized and prepared. If you see yourself making marks on... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
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~ - loss due to untimeliness.
Cat - a loved one requires your attention, or soon will.
Chair - a change in employment.
Cheese - gain, profit.
Cigar - comfort, reflection, prosperity.
Crab - separation.

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February is shared by both Ash and Rowan in the Celtic lunar ~. According to the ancient Druidic Ogham, the Ash is also a transitional symbol - making it a fitting icon for February - a month in which Spring is just beginning its ascension.

I SPECIFICALLY remember that my dream was currently in ~. Once I had the baby I remember being a little confused as to how I didn't know I was pregnant. I kept thinking it didn't make sense because I had my period.

Many people live and die by the desk ~ these days. Ours is a time-conscious, time-driven culture. Most of us have more things to do on our schedules than we can comfortably manage. These pressures have created an environment where missing appointments and scheduled events is a constant threat.

The snake is one of the 12 animals which appear in the 12-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac related to the Chinese ~. According to Chinese folklore, each animal is associated with certain personality traits, and those born in the year of the Snake are calm and gentle, romantic and perceptive.

Arabian (Islamic)
- read date or ~: sticky imminent.
* Please, see meaning of numbers.
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