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cannibalism dream symbol
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Cannibalism can represent a feeling or fear of: ...

Fear of integration; part of the self that is unusual and unrecognizable.

Cannibal Dreams
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Cannibalism is taboo in most human societies; most people would find eating human flesh to be intolerable.

cannibalize dream interpretations
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Cannibalism can represent a feeling or fear of:
Taking advantage of or taking from someone or something
Trying to or wanting to have power over someone or something
Benefits gained, to the detriment of others ...

~ism in your dreams can be absolutely terrifying whether you are eaten or you are the one doing the eating! Of course, this dream does not mean you want to physically harm anyone else or that you are going to be physically harmed.

Seeing ~ism in your dream, symbolizes a destructive and forbidden desire or obsession. In a literal sense, ~s consume people's lives, along with their energy.

To see ~ism in your dream indicates a dangerous and prohibited fixation that you or someone else possesses. It may represent an affair, jealousy, or resentment of someone or something. A direct interpretation of a ~ is their desire to devour a person in entirety.

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Anyone who has ever raised teenagers knows all about ~ism. (Just kidding!) This dream may reflect dark, destructive and forbidden desires or obsessions. ~s literally consume other people's lives and, along with it, their energy.

~ :
To dream about a ~ or ~ism is a warning against being talked into doing something you might regret.
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A dream about being the victim of ~s means something in your life - a relationship, school - is taking too much of your energy. To dream of being a ~ means you are scared by your own feelings and desires.
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~ism-symbolic of gossip and slander, Gal. 5:15. Also symbolic of injustice and oppression of the poor, Micah 3:1-3
Cannon-spiritual weaponry
Capital building-symbolic of rule, authority, government, Rom. 13:1 ...

To dream of eating human flesh implies there is something about ourselves that we have not come to terms with; something that we may not necessarily want to "give up" so we continue to partake but to our own detriment.
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~ eating yourself up over something; get out of the stewpot and take action; tearing something down to be used as spare parts. What's 'eating you'?

To dream of a ~ represents destructive or forbidden obsessions with achieving goals. Turning on people you care about, breaking promises to suit yourself, or a "no holds barred" type mentality. No sanctity, morality, or social barriers to getting your way.

To dream of ~ism shows that your unconscious feels a need to consume someone else's energy. Are you emotionally draining the people around you? If you dream of someone eating you, be careful of the people with whom you surround yourself. They're not good for your self-esteem.

A dream with ~ism symbolizes inappropriate behavior A dream where you are eating flesh implies that you do not like certain actions of others or certain foods.

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Anyone who has ever raised teenagers knows all about ~ism. (Just kidding!) This dream may reflect dark, destructive and forbidden desires or obsessions. ~s literally consume other people's lives and, along with it, their energy.

~ism - Symbolizes a destructive attitudes or emotions. Those things that consume you or your energy. Dreaming that you are a victim of ~ism means that you feel that you are being "eating alive" by work, a relationship. or a situation in your waking life.

Dreaming of a ~ or ~ism shows that you are being tempted into doing something that you should not do leaving... Continue dream interpretation - ~ism"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Cannon ...

To dream that you are surrounded by ~s in Africa, foretells that you will oppress enemies. For a woman to dream on African themes - which means that it will have an uninteresting journey that not comfort or entertain her.

To dream that you are in Africa surrounded by ~s, foretells that you will be oppressed by enemies and quarrelsome persons.
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In his dream ~s were preparing to cook him and they were dancing around the fire waving their spears. Howe noticed at the head of each spear there was a small hole through the shaft and the up and down motion of the spears and the hole remained with him when he woke.

THE DREAM - I was in Africa and was being chased by wild ~s. They caught me and placed me in a huge pot. I kept trying to get out but they kept forcing me back in with spears.

I am quite new to this wonderful world of symbolism and myths. When I read this article and the comments I was thinking about the nature of ladybugs that really is not so cute as it is beautiful. this little animal is a predator and even a ~ if there is no other food to eat.

for some reason they were ~ising them. They then
tried to kill me and began to chase me out of the tent in a
crazed manner. and that's all I can remember. Haha, it's a
bit strange, although I had a similar chase dream the other
night too.

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