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Car as a symbol of the dreamer's status
The car in reality represents the financial status of the person.

Dream Symbols
Boot / Trunk: digestive system, uterus; Driving: striving towards goals / ideals; Driving with someone: rying influence of person; Park: choice of roles or attitudes; ...

Car Dreams
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Riding in a car in a dream represents movement toward a goal or toward a new stage in life.

To dream that you are driving a , symbolizes your ambition and your ability to navigate from one stage of your life to another. Consider how smooth or rough the ride is - that suggests how easy or hard your path will be to your goals.

Car can be a pun on Karma and indicates that you are on a karmic path. The dream will show you what is holding you on this path and what you need to do to move past it.

To dream of a racecar is a representation of your hard working nature and your stubbornness. It may further represent how competitive you are and how strongly you feel the urge to win.

A car crash is a strong metaphor. Think of the more metaphoric uses of car crash such as "she is a total car crash" suggesting someone is a disaster zone. Look through the list below to help you make associations.

A crash resulting from faulty parts can relate to your own health at the time of the dream.
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2) I park my car in a parking lot at work or at the mall. At the end of the day
when I come back to look for my car I can't find it for what feels like forever.
And when I do, it is three buildings over from where I thought it should be.

To see a parked in your dream, suggests that you need to turn your efforts and energies elsewhere. You may be needlessly spending your energy in a fruitless endeavor. Alternatively, a parked may symbolize your need to stop and enjoy life.

For that reason, a car very much represents your life in a dream. It represents your normal day to day activities, the way that your life is progressing.

A generally symbolizes you. If the is only used for transport, and you do not notice anything special about it, it does not symbolize anything. If you are the driver the meaning is control and self-confidence.

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The car in your dream may symbolize the physical self or ego development and ego function. In that, it represents the way that you travel through your life's journey.

Traveling is very common theme for our dreams. Traveling in a is the most common form of this type of dream. Travelling in a vehicle generally can represent our journey through life, or a portion of it.

Car Dreams: The great modern symbol of power, status, vitality, sexuality. Automobile dreams are very common and have many meanings in dream analysis. It depends on factors like who is driving? Is it a pleasant journey or a treacherous one?

A in a dream is a common symbol of the self, "the direction we are headed in our lives." A more immediate symbol than planes, trains and ships (which indicate larger concerns and transitions) due to its ubiquity in everyday living.

car often symbolizes our self-image, as in car advertising; moving through life in relationships and in jobs; using your life energy to get from place to place; put on the brakes, or step on the gas; check who is in the driver's seat; ...

You can forget about great luxury, but modest comfort will surely be yours if your dream featured a railroad or cable .
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Car, Automobile
Vehicles - Dream Dictionary
Often your body, or your way of moving through life approaching situations, although it can also represent someone else. It may be a message to shift gears.

- also see Dream Dictionary: Journey
A represents an individual's journey. The destination can often be symbolic of some form of goal. If the dreamer is steering the vehicle it is inferred the individual is in control.

The car is a classic symbol of motivation, and reflects whether or not you are feeling autonomous as you move forward in life. If you are driving and the vehicle is out of control, you may be questioning the choices you are making.

To dream of a battery represents your your energy level and ability to ry out work, projects, or function in relationships.

1. Motion, movement away from one thing and towards another.
2. Speed, acceleration.
3. Freedom.

A dream where you are driving a represents your motivation and direction in life, while the way you drive is symbolic of the way you navigate through your life. ..Read more →
DS ...

Your car being stolen can represent a feeling that someone or something is trying to compromise your integrity, take advantage of you, or take something that belongs to you—in a dishonest, sneaky, or manipulative way.

Coal - on track; being directed by the Lord
Convertible - open heaven in your personal ministry or job
Fire Truck - rescue; putting out fires of destruction ...

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The car in your dream may symbolize the physical self or ego development and ego function. In that, it represents the way that you travel through your life's journey.

- You, your ego, your personality, your persona, your life and it's direction. Who is driving the ? Where are you sitting in the ? If you are in the driver's seat then you are in control of (or wish to take control) of your life.

CAR or VEHICLE : This is supposed to symbolize you in your waking life, in your physical body. Your physical body is used by the soul pretty much like we use a car...

: Personal power, your motivating drives, ambition, personal mobility, or the power to direct your life. If someone else is driving, then they may be driving the direction of your life.

The car crash can sometimes show a self desired failure - perhaps to avoid stress of responsibility and change. The crash also suggests fear of failure or loss of control.

To see a race in your dream, symbolizes your hard driving and headstrong attitudes. It may also reflect your competitive nature and the need to win. Alternatively, the symbol may be a pun for your issues with race and ethnicity.

cable car, cable length, cable modem, cable railway, cable system, cable television, cable television service, cable tramway, Cabled, cablegram, Cablelaid, cable's length, Cablet, Cabling
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