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Luxury, richness, splendour. Sometimes symbolises insulation against worldly influence or physical desires, or flights of soul or imagination.

Carpet Dreams
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A carpet in a dream often symbolizes your feelings and concerns about money. For example, if you dream of a torn, ripped carpet, you could be worried about not having enough money.

A Carpet in a dream can represent:
A plush carpet in a house can represent warmth and richness.
If it is a magic carpet, perhaps you feel the need to just escape and be free of your worries?
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Carpet - To see a carpet in your dream, represents your way of protecting yourself from life's harsh realities. Alternatively, a carpet symbolizes luxury, comfort or richness.

Magic Carpet
To dream that you are riding a magic carpet implies that you have manages to resolve difficult issues and solve problems that you thought were impossible. You have been able to achieve more than you originally thought.

To see a carpet in a dream, denotes profit, and wealthy friends to aid you in need. To walk on a carpet, you will be prosperous and happy. To dream that you buy carpets, denotes great gain.

This little alcove had red carpet, and a white upright piano against the same wall as the door to the ballroom. The effect of the sun behind the blinds and the red carpet gave the room a rich golden and orange hued glow.

Dreaming that you are riding a magic carpet indicates that you are overcoming your obstacles and physical limitations.
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Carpets in dreams represent your need to protect yourself from life's harsh realities. To dream of a magic carpet symbolizes your desire to escape from a situation, relationship, or responsibilities.
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An omen of general good luck, unless it was shabby and/or soiled, in which case you are being warned to get out (or stay out) of debt.
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To dream of walking on soft carpets denotes an easy and luxurious life in your own home. It is bad luck to dream of cleaning them with a carpet beater.

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Dreamed about carpet. What does it mean?
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To see a carpet in a dream, interpret profit, and wealthy friends to aid you in need.
To walk on a carpet, you will be prosperous and happy.

To dream of carpeting represents thoughts and emotions focused on comfort, luxury, and relaxation. You aren't concerned with, or don't want to focus on anything uncomfortable or negative. Feeling good noticing everything under control.

Magic Carpet
To dream that you are riding a magic carpet, indicates that you are overcoming your obstacles and physical limitations.

Protection. Insulation. Sometimes luxury or richness. Ready to expand beyond basic needs.
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Carpet - Protecting yourself from realities of life. Covering up the realities, or true aspects of who you are. Sweeping things away from view, repressed emotions that you are covering up.
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CARPET feeling at home with a thought - feeling at ease
CARPORT preperations for a journey
CARRAIGE carried along / swept along not in full charge
CARRAIGE experiences with others
CARRAIGE the way you handle things
CARROT see better?

camp, campaign, camping, canal, canary birds, cancer, candle, candles, candlestick, candy, cane, canker, cannibalism, cannon, cannon-ball, canoe, canoe paddle, canopy, canyon, cap, captain, captive, car, cardinal, cards, carnival, carpenter, carpet, ...

verb: blanket, board up, bury, bush up, cache, camouflage, canopy, cap, carpet, cloak, clothe, coat, conceal, cover up, crown, curtain, daub, disguise, do on the sly, dress, eclipse, encase, enclose, enfold, ensconce, enshroud, envelop, hood, house, ...

Palms were also strewn out as a red carpet welcoming returning Roman warriors from battle. They are also laid out to welcome returning pilgrims to the Holy Land.

If you were walking on a pretty carpet you can expect progress in life. A worn out carpet is a warning telling you that someone you trust can fool you. If you have little money and you looked a new carpet, you will get more money. And opposite.

A floor covering such as carpet, tile, or linoleum can represent:
A covering, or something that covers something up
A veneer or mask
A fresh start or new beginning, since a carpet gives a floor a "new look" ...

It had thick brown carpet, gold walls, and tile ceiling with fluorescent lights. On the west wall was a white screen for a movie projector. I sat on the floor with a few other people along the wall opposite the screen.

I look down a long carpeted hallway and notice a small wooden table on my left holding a vase of dahlias. Now, let's take one symbol from this dream and look it up in a dream dictionary. Let's go with dahlias.

'Lucid Dreaming is a flying carpet.'
Stephen LaBerge
'.... intention forms a part of any deliberate effort to induce lucid dreams.'
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or loved ones, it is a fortunate omen for personal or family affairs; however, if strangers were involved, it is a warning not to procrastinate in dealing with current domestic problems. If the dream concerned the beating of animals or carpets, ...

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