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carrying dream symbol
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Carrying a person or animal can represent helping, assisting, or taking responsibility for someone or something in your life.

Carrying something heavy can represent feeling bogged down or overloaded in your life.
Trying to carry too many things can represent trying to focus on or do too many things in your life.

Carrying Dreams
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Carrying something in a dream often symbolizes carrying an emotional burden in real life.

balance the books, be gravid, be in, be knocked up, be pregnant, be with child, bear, bear the palm, bear up, bearing, bolster, bolster up, book, brace, breed, bring, bring off, broadcast, brood, buck, buoy up, buttress, capitalize, capture, carry ...

Carry :
If you carry something heavy in a dream you have accepted a task that can be difficult to carry through. If someone carries you, you will earn money because of what someone are doing.

If you dreamed of being carried by someone, you may feel that you are feeling like a burden to somebody. You need to be more independent and take on more responsibilities.

Profit through the actions of others is forecast if your dream involved being carried by someone.
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To dream that you are being carried, suggests that you are feeling like a burden to somebody. You need to be more independent and take on more responsibilities. Alternatively, it may allude to romance.

A dream where you are carrying an object suggest that you need to address burdens. If you are carrying another person then it implies that you are accepting responsibility for ..Read more →

Use Carry the Dream Forward to find satisfaction.
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dream carry-over?
Q: On Tuesday, Feb.19, 2008 at 4:30am I woke from a dream. I woke myself up by hearing myself laugh. ...
A: Good morning, Vonnda. Not only do I believe you, I have had similar experiences myself. If you're ...

Carrying objects can suggest we are being burdened in some way. To dream of being carried by someone else suggests we are in need of nurturing and support.

Ready to work if carry a briefcase - In the dream you are carrying briefcase, this is a sign that you are ready and prepared to deal with your task, you are self-confident and trustful person; ...

Carrying a closed umbrella in the rain is highly unfortunate for the dreamer and his business plans. To dream of carrying... Continue dream interpretation - Umbrella"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Uncle ...

Carrying influence of parent
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Carrying on with our example above about my dream of flying - I am going on vacation to Florida tomorrow.  I will be flying there.  So the symbol of flying could be an indication of my upcoming flight.

To carry a leaky one, denotes that pain and displeasure will be felt by you towards your sweetheart or companions.
To carry a new umbrella over you in a clear shower, or sunshine, omens exquisite pleasure and prosperity.
Uncle ...

To carry a torch, denotes success in love making or intricate affairs.
For one to go out, denotes failure and distress.
Tornado ...

To carry a lantern in your dreams, interpret that your benevolence will win you many friends. If it goes out, you fail to gain the prominence you wish.

To carry a lamp, portends that you will be independent and
self-sustaining, preferring your own convictions above others.
If the light fails, you will meet with unfortunate conclusions,
and perhaps the death of friends or relatives.

Ant - Carrying your own weight; strenght; industrious. Also can symbolize annoyance, little things that bug you. Hard work, strict discipline, team work and conformity.
Anteater - Little things are consuming you, taking your strenght.

If you carry a parcel, you will have some unpleasant task to perform.
To let a parcel fall on the way as you go to deliver it, you will see some deal fail to go through.
Home ...

If you carry lambs in your arms, you will be encumbered with happy cares upon which you will lavish a wealth of devotion, and no expense will be regretted in responding to appeals from the objects of your affection.

To see or carry a pail in your dream, indicates an improvement in your current situation. If the pail is filled pail, then it signifies abundance, love and wealth. If the pail is empty, then it signifies that you will overcome some loss or conflict.

trunk carrying a lot of emotional baggage around; not letting go of old hurts and resentments; old memories coming up for you to look at again; if an elephant trunk, it could be masculine sexuality; main part of your body; men's trunks; car trunk.

To see or carry a license in a dream represents the freedom or privilege to do something whenever you want. You may permission to pursue or proceed with a new endeavor in your life.

Caddie-carrying someone else’s workload or a trusted advisor
Cage-symbolic of being trapped, Jer. 5:26-27
Cake-celebratory of a person’s life. If the cake is half-baked or burnt it symbolizes worthlessness, Hosea 7:8 ...

If you are carrying someone else on your shoulders, you might feel that other people often depend on you.
A dream that you are carrying gifts could be a warning from your unconscious that you should take care of your own finances.
Cart ...

Dragonflies carry messages that deal with deeper thought - and they ask that we pay attention to our deeper thoughts and desires.

To notice or carry a knapsack in your dream represents your ambitions, wishes, and kept secrets. It also symbolizes the emotional baggage and obligations that you are bearing and concerns that are weighing you down.

Parent - Carrying influence of parent
Park - The heart (more); Amusement Park: healing for depression, request to enjoy yourself.
Partner - In room or place with: nature of the relationship ...

To see an ass carrying burdens in your dream signifies that after much patience and hard work, you will succeed in your undertakings.
To dream of a badger, foretells you will gain fortune after struggling with hardships.

To see others carrying javelins, your interests are threatened.
To dream of seeing heavy, misshapen jaws, denotes disagreements, and ill feeling will be shown between friends.

The last fight was a metaphor for him carrying on with his work. But the fight was a strong symbol showing that this was too much - a professional boxing match was too much. ...

A pen and pencil carry the idea of communication, while the pen can signify words that are not easily ‘erased.’ The pencil may be portraying words that have no commitment behind them. Also see Weapons and Utensils.
People ...

To dream that you carry a load, signifies a long existence filled with labors of love and charity. To fall under a load, denotes your inability to attain comforts that are necessary to those looking to you for subsistence.

To dream that you carry a heavy burden, signifies that you may be tied down by oppressive weights of care and injustice, caused from favoritism shown your enemies by those in power.

If the bag on your back is overly heavy or very large, you're carrying an unreasonable burden in real life. Backyard Dreaming of a green, grassy backyard is a forecast of personal happiness.

(she's 25 now, but I used to baby sit her when I was 16 and 17 and she was 6 and 7) and she wanted me to carry her and I told her "the thing about kids is, they get heavy." but I sort of tucked her under my arm and started skating really fast.

Before great moral or physical revolutions or catastrophes occur, clouds will darken the horizon of the dream mind; storms will gather, lurid flames of lightning will flash their volatile anger; the explosive thunder will recklessly carry on its ...

Dreaming that you are having difficulty breathing and are in danger of dying as a result may carry important messages for the dreamer.

Umbrella: To dream of carrying an umbrella, denotes that trouble and annoyanceswill beset you.
To see others carrying them, foretells that you will be appealedto for aid by charity.

To dream of blue apparel, signifies carrying forward to victory your aspirations, through energetic, insistent efforts. Friends will loyally support you.

As a part of the crew, you are a transmitter and relay the messages and carry out the intentions of the other than physical to those in your group or care. Airplane Passenger - You are being carried to other than physical levels. Advancement.

It matters not whether your dream lamp is gas, oil, or whatever but if it is lit and you are carrying it then you are assured of much prestige and success in your business dealings.

You may have been carrying around a burden or feeling which you know you must let go. Ask yourself if anything in your life has been bothering you. If you got rid of it, would you feel emotionally cleansed?

For example, this dream, set in a decaying school building, suggests that the dreamer is carrying disappointed childhood expectations or unpleasant memories.

The camel was responsible for carrying the trade of the merchants. The camel can speak of a carrier of blessing. I saw once in the spirit, a fleet of camels carrying precious cargo and blessing.

Animals carrying a yoke typically symbolize ourselves, or people close to us, who are "shouldering" a heavy responsibility. Yokes also can hold spiritual associations, as in carrying the "yoke of Christ." Are you living your dharma?

As a feminine container and one that can carry clothes, it may reflect some aspect of your out or inner identity and or a challenge to it. Pregnant women dream about finding or losing suitcases as reflections of their changing identity.

Was someone else reading or carrying books? If so, what were they about?

Are you very nervous about losing a piece of luggage that you are carrying around for no apparent reason?

Dreaming about the living dead may carry a powerful message. If you are walking around like a zombie, it usually means that you are emotionally disconnected from things going on around you.

Guns, for example, may carry a sense of taboo power. So may some magical dream objects. Occasionally, a very common object may have taboo power in your dream because of some experience you have had with it in your waking life.

bag: Small burdens, things that we carry around with us in a psychological way. As a handbag, it might mean something to do with your identity, just as with a wallet.
band: Might mean teamwork or camaraderie.

To carry a dagger is a warning to be more circumspect in your actions or you might become involved in an unpleasant situation; to see others with daggers or someone stabbed by a dagger signifies triumph over hostility.

I have never seen an angle with wings but I have seen them fly and they have been made to make me to fly. Some times they carry what looks like a note pad in hand.
Demons or Devils ...

On a more positive note, it may suggest that you are saying good-bye to one aspect of yourself or character that your have been carrying around. To see someone commit suicide in you dream, highlights your concerns for that person.

Im up high in a dream, like a cliff or a building and i am scared of falling off, I all of a sudden figure out I'm dreaming, so I jump and keep falling and without waking up until I hit the floor, but the weird this is I land on my feet and carry on ...

Being bitten by a snake in the back could indicate that you need to pay attention to ill words or deceitful actions of people around you; it could also mean that you need to resolve issues from the past or concerns that you have been carrying ...

some people carry a cane only for show) Cayce (137-63, A-4). Wall 1. an obstacle to be overcome (climbed) before the goal/ideal can be attained Cayce (294-62, A-2). 2. the challenge to apply a truth; the moment of truth (e.g.

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