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Seeing a casket in your dream indicates that it is time to end a situation or relationship. Additionally, it symbolizes a completion of a project or lifestyle and a beginning of another. In this regards, this symbol may represent new opportunities.
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To see a corpse placed in its casket, denotes immediate troubles to the dreamer. To see a corpse in black, denotes the violent death of a friend or some desperate business entanglement.

Caskets (or coffins) in dreams represent renewal the need to get rid of unhealthy habits or relationships.
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Coffin, Casket
Objects - Dream Dictionary
Coffin or Casket as a object that goes into the earth symbolizes the Earth Mother and womb symbol. Consequently putting someone to rest represents need to end a situation or relationship.

Casket - Burying yourself in emotions or attitudes that will cause changes. An end to something in your life. normally something that needs to be buried and laid to rest. With death of one thing comes new opportunities, new life.

The ~ suggests finality. There is no going back to the old life. Perhaps it's time to let go of the idea so that you can start living your new life.
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Coffins (~s)
Dream interpretation - Coffins (~s)
Should you dream of a well appointed coffin and it is empty then does this show that you will soon lose... Continue dream interpretation - Coffins (~s)"continue dream interpretation
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She was in the ~, and I saw her moving. I told people she wasn't dead, but they told me to leave her alone. I got her out of the ~ and took her home. She was no longer sick. There were friends of hers in the livingroom.

i had a dream last night that my sister waas standing over my ~ as i was standing behind her and she was crying her eyes out freaking out trying to wake me up at my funreal as i lay'd in the ~ i never got out i tried to talk to my sistyer to tell her it was okay but it didnt work wat is ...

To see the graves or ~s of the dead decorated with white flowers, is unfavorable to pleasure and worldly pursuits.
To be decorating, or see others decorate for some heroic action, foretells that you will be worthy, but that few will recognize your ability.
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To see a corpse placed in its ~, denotes immediate troubles to the dreamer.
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Brilliant American author Mark Twain once told of a vivid dream whereby he had seen his brother laying in a ~.
Within a few days, Twain was informed his brother had died in an accident. Twain's brother had been on board a boat that suddenly exploded killing him instantly.

Wilting or dead white roses indicate a health issue or even death.
Vibrant white roses are an indication of waning health.
White roses over a ~ symbolize the death of an era in your life or things changing and progressing in a new direction in your life.

Two weeks before Abraham Lincoln assassination he told his wife and friends about a dream he experienced at a funeral inside the white house. In the dream he had asked a soldier who was in the ~ and he replied "the president of the United States of America".

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