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Seeing or using a CD player in your dream, represents the impression that you like to project to others. It may also symbolize inspiration and the pleasure of listening to music.
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CD / CD Player
Dreaming of a compact disc symbolizes a time of change, transition and possibilities opening up. The outcome may be somewhat beyond your control, but keep your eyes, ears and mind open. Dreaming of a compact disc player foretells travel at home and abroad.
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To see a compact disc in your dream, represents a need for enjoyment or a distraction. It denotes opportunities and possibilities. Consider the type of music on the compact disc. Consider also if the initial "CD" have any additional significance to you.

CD Player
To dream of a CD player represents an ability to control the tone, mood, agenda of a given situation. Having things your way. You have control over how a situation feels and may be able to change it or stop it if you don't like it.
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Using a CD to play music in a dream can mean that you have been under a great deal of stress and you are trying to remember happier times.

I finished the CD in just one month. I could hardly believe it! It all happened so smoothly, like sailing over calm water. Whenever I would hear that little voice saying, 'Quickly, Quickly, Quickly' I would stop what I was doing and meditate.

Compact Disc (CD)
In general: Is the dream of a CD-ROM on which you have access to a computer, then this refers to the availability of a vast amount of information. A music CD could make the dreamer aware that he needs rest.

Then on my birthday my brother got me a CD. It was Pink Floyd's "The Wall". I couldn't work out why he would buy me this because I have never really listened to them. I just put the CD on my dresser and didn't give it another thought. One day I was cleaning up and I went to put the CD away.

I am not against listening to preachers on tapes or CD's, they just don't compare to a direct word from God. This person became very angry with me when I shared this with them. I felt that I could not stop from telling them this truth.

A music disk, such as CD playing in your dream, is a reminder that you have recently undergone stress, and this music is your way to reconnect and remember pleasant and happy times from your past.

If you are giving away the CD this can indicate an attempt to communicate an idea or opinion to someone else.
Perhaps "CD" represents the initials of someone in your life. This person may be influencing you in some way.

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For example, "CD" could be a pun on a "seedy" situation. "AA" could stand for Alcoholics Anonymous and thus point to the dangers or your excesses and negative behaviors. "Inc" may represent an "inkling", hunch or suspicious you have about a situation.

A compact disc, when full length, indicates you are on the karmic path. The karmic path is far longer than the dharmic path when it comes to increasing your awareness. A single release on CD indicates the shorter dharmic path.
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Be sure to let them know that it is okay not to be perfect at drawing. The purpose of this exercise is to let the emotion of the dream make the strokes onto the paper. You may like to play a favorite CD to help get the creative juices flowing. Allow 15-30 minutes for this step.

If it’s your skin is someone getting under your skin and are they irritating you and making your blood boil. Finally it could be that someone is copying you or mimicking you as these days we burn a CD so we can duplicate it.

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