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ceiling dream symbol
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Something that seems over your head or unattainable
A lid or a cap
A limitation on how high you feel you can go or how much progress you feel you can make ...

Something that seems over your head or unattainable
A lid or a cap
A limitation on how high you feel you can go or how much progress you feel you can make ...

The ceiling of a room symbolizes limited options "at the top". Anyone who has dreamed of, sure to endure something with him sometimes "drops the blanket on his head."
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Ceilings can symbolize a limitation as in I reached the ceiling of my ability. As they are always above your head ceilings can symbolize the mind and / or spiritual aspects of yourself.

Ceiling - To see a ceiling in your dream, represents a mental or spiritual perspective. It may also symbolize the limit you have set for yourself. If you see vaulted ceiling in your dream, then it signifies your askew perspective or view.
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To see a ceiling in your dream symbolizes your emotional take on matters and issues around you. This is how you perceive your inner self and the personalities of others.
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To dream of looking at a clean or nicely decorated ceiling is a happy omen, foretelling protection and a secure life.

To see a ceiling in your dream, symbolize the limit you have set for your goals.
To dream of a very low ceiling, represents low self-esteem. You need to have more confidence in order to achieve your goals.

Dream interpretation - Ceiling
Upper limits. Ready to raise some limits.... Continue dream interpretation - Ceiling"continue dream interpretation
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Ceiling: See: Ceiling.
Chimney: See: Chimney.
Cramped house: Feeling of need for personal change; feeling restricted in home environment or in present personal attitudes.

ceiling glass ceiling; reaching new heights; don't limit yourself. What are you 'sealing' off?

ceiling symbol in dream
Dreamed about ceiling. What does it mean?
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Seeing a ceiling in your dream, represents a mental or spiritual perspective.

Ceiling - Your intellect {as opposed to your intuitive self}. The highest possibility of a thing in your life. Seeking to obtain your highest possible place.

CEILING religious or ideological thoughts which you state as your own
CEILING some well thought out idea - conceptual, moral, religious, or fear
CEILING your own imagined thoughts as opposed to the strict facts - your wild fears or hopes ...

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The room was somewhat dark and there was a huge leaking from the ceiling, and one of my teachers was there trying to fix it, just getting all wet while the leak was just getting worse.

I had a dream that I was walking into my bedroom with my friend, one of the lights was on but the main light in the middle of the ceiling was missing.

House with holes in the ceiling : Bad thoughts.
Island: A close person will leave you.
Jail: Karma or punishment to pay.
Killing people : Elimination of defects.
Lamb : It symbolizes the internal Christ.
Lamp : Wisdom, the way.

So I jumped up and flew to the ceiling. I can still see the look on that man's face as he watched me float up to the ceiling. Unfortunately, as I watched the fear and doubt on his face, I began to fall.

Example: A man had an out of body experience where he was stuck to the ceiling looking down at himself on his bed. In waking life he would regularly take ayahuasca in spiritual ceremonies for personal and spiritual growth.

Sleepers may awaken in dark rooms surrounded by spiders-on the ceiling, in and on top of their beds.

In the dream above about the hall, the pictures, ceiling, arches, paintings and even the mouse, are all dream symbols. All the little details mean something. Symbols, for the most part, are a very personal thing.

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