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* Certificates as noun is plural form of word certificate: a document recording a person's birth, marriage, or death; also a document attesting a level of achievement in a course of study or training.

DREAM DICTIONARY - Certificate :
Read through the keywords below and try to see how they link to feelings in your mind right now. Think especially of your moods, feelings about relationships and also thoughts about specific issues from yesterday.

Certificate-to be given a certificate in a dream is symbolic of being granted authorization to do something, Neh. 10:1, Ester 8:8
Chaff-a symbol of a wicked and worthless person, Ps. 35:5 ...

To see a certificate in your dream, suggests that you are seeking validation and truth in some situation.
Chains ...

If you ask for a certificate in your dream, it can mean that you don't trust someone in waking life.

certificate you have all the credentials to do the job; a part of yourself deserves an award. . Who needs to be recognized?

A dream where someone hands you a certificate implies that other people recognize your skills or efforts. If you hand someone a certificate in the dream then it suggests that you have ..Read more →

Certificate - Validating some aspect in your life.
Chain - Links to other parts of self. If you are chained up you have something in your life that has you shackled.

To see a certificate in your dream, suggests that you are seeking some validity and truth to some situation.... Continue dream interpretation - Certificate"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Chaff ...

Teache, teacher's certificate, teachers college, teacher's pet, teachership, teacher-student relation
Dream Dictionary
Definition: ...

I have a certificate in couseling from St. Josephs college in NY based on courses taken in psychology. I am the founder of a dreamworking organization and have held many classes on dream interpretation and dreamworking.

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