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Dream Dictionary
To dream of seeing your swetheart[sic] wearing a chameleon chained to her, shows she will prove faithless to you if by changing she can better her fortune.

chameleon dream symbol
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Adaptability, the ability to change as the situation demands, adept at camouflage or self-protection through invisibility (mental, emotional, or physically). Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

Chameleon - To see a chameleon in your dream, represents your ability to adapt to any situation. You are versatile and are well-rounded. Alternatively, you feel you are being overlooked.
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Dreams About Chameleon
What do dreams about chameleon mean?
To dream of seeing your swetheart{sic} wearing a chameleon chained to her, shows she will prove faithless to you if by changing she can better her fortune.

Dream Interpretation Chameleon
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future.

Chameleon :
If you dreamt about a chameleon you must not trust people you do not know well.
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In general: Chameleon is usually taken as a warning, it has mainly to the fact that you want to do right to all people from inner insecurity, and one fails, however, and expect others to have no thanks.

To dream of seeing your sweetheart wearing a chameleon chained to her, shows she will prove faithless to you if by changing she can better her fortune. Ordinarily chameleons signify deceit and self advancement, even though others suffer.

chameleon symbol in dream
Dreamed about chameleon. What does it mean?
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Chameleon - recognition of one's ability to adapt to the changing conditions in one's environment.
Cow - the complete feminine or mother-figure is depicted by the cow.

Emotional or mental adaptability, lack of bigotry or obstinacy.

Chameleon - Changes, flexability. An ever changing personality to suite the occurance. Adapting to new situations. Changing to please or suite others.
Chandelier - Seeking a brighter, perhaps grandeur future.

CHAMELEON distrustful changing character
CHAMELEON your ever changing nature and feelings - a constant need to adapt for your own good
CHAMPAGNE celebrate the significance of something
CHANDELIER intricate understanding ...

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They can change color like a chameleon, and so can represent changing moods. They can inspire fear in some people, and fascination in others. That makes it one of the hardest symbols to pin down in terms of meaning.

Dreaming of a lizard is a warning that you have false friends in your close circle. A dead lizard signifies a successful battle to protect your reputation. Also see "Chameleon."
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