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To dream of chocolate, denotes you will provide abundantly for those who are dependent on you. To see chocolate candy, indicates agreeable companions and employments.

chocolate dream symbol
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Chocolate can represent: ...

Chocolate can represent:
Indulgence, or a treat on the emotional or mental level (this can mean you're feeling the need to feel special or appreciated, or that you're dealing with some hurt that needs to be soothed)
"Sweet times" or a pleasant event ...

Seeing chocolate in your dream means self-reward. It also means that you may be indulging in too many excesses and need to practice some restraint.
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To dream of chocolate, denotes you will provide abundantly for those who are dependent on you. To see chocolate candy, indicates agreeable companions and employments. If sour, illness or other disappointments will follow.

To see chocolate in your dream represents personal achievement and pride. It also suggests that you should possess more willpower and try to avoid succumbing too temptations.
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chocolates and cakes are often symbols of our attitude to something : Holidays that make us feel good, people that make us feel welcome, and things that make us feel good yet do make our lives better(a need for consolation).

i was also dancing while drinking a chocolate milkshake. the room we were in was all white and nothing in side of it.when i woke up everything kinda looked like milkshakes. but then after 2 minutes it was back to normal and i fell back to sleep.

Chocolates :
Assorted chocolates can mean that you care too much about things that do not matter or you are not doing enough constructive work.
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Chocolate pudding
Dream interpretation - Chocolate pudding
Any dream that features chocolate in it is a simple omen that presages, not luxury, or impeccable taste, as one might...

Dreaming of chocolate could mean you feel unappreciated for a recent success. It can also signify the need for special treatment from an unattentive friend or loved one.
Choice ...

To dream of chocolate, denotes that you will provide abundantly for those who are dependant on you.
Christ ...

To dream of chocolate denotes that you need to get out there and be more active. You are in need of exercise. You need to pay closer attention to your health. If sour, then it represents illness or disappointments.
Coconut ...

Chocolate-to dream of chocolate may symbolize an affinity for or desire to eat sweets, Isa. 29:8 ...

Chocolate in a dream can represent a pleasure that is temporary.

chocolate you deserve to have some treats; something dark and delicious; take more magnesium. Who is being too sweet?
choice look at recent choices you have made; consider how you make choices. What are you being asked to choose?

Chocolate. Oddly, a dream featuring chocolate drinks, candy, or anything of this flavour does not, as one might expect, indicate luxury, but it does predict good health and modest contentment.

If the dream is positive - such as enjoying some chocolates with a friend or lover - then this is a symbol for happiness and contentment.

To see chocolate in your dream, signifies self-reward. It also denotes that you may be indulging in too many excesses and need to practice some restraint.

A dream with chocolate suggests that you will provide much for your loved ones. If you see drinking chocolate in the dream then it suggests that you will soon prosper.

chocolate @ 2012-03-17 08:18:10
I dreamt that I was drinking vodka shots with john Wayne .We were in an old cabin house and he had just walked in from work and sat down and we started drinking the shots from an old style clear tall bottle.

Gratification. Indulgence. Pleasure. Fear to indulge in something.
Choking ...

Chocolate - Rewarding yourself for a job well done. A need for nurturing. Or, are you indulging too much ina good thing?
Choir - May symbolize spiritual harmony or a need to 'voice' {apply} these qualities in your waking life.

China Store Chocolate Choir Cholera Christ Christmas Tree Chrysanthemum Church Churchyard Churning Cider Cipher Circle Cistern City Affront Entertainment Chilblain Bracelet Omnibus
Idiot or Intelligent Check your Intelligence ...

To dream of chocolate and peanut butter together would represent a carefree attitude with self-reward. You may be taking a break from stressful events that are hard for you to separate yourself from, or finally allowing yourself to relax.

3. Dream about chocolate bar from my Boss : This dream was about the boss. Investigation revealed the dreamer was getting compliments and praise off her boss when she wanted higher wages.

Cake, candy or chocolate: Sensual pleasure
Cheese: Material gain
Cold Cuts: Preservation ...

New relations If beautiful made of chocolate - You will make the acquaintance of a Don to Juan or an elegant lady;
Big family If see multicolored eggs - The dream prophesies means a large number of children's; ...

I dreamed of hunks of cheesecake and mountains of cookies and slabs of bittersweet chocolate. But the worst time, the time I dreamed about food every night for a year and a half, was when I was anorexic, eighteen years ago.

Definition for m&m: Dreaming of m&ms could indicate a desire for a small pleasure, such as eating of chocolate or anything else that gives you please in small doses.

Sugar, Candy, Sweets, Chocolate
Objects - Dream Dictionary
Sweets can represent sensual or sexual pleasure. Joys or special treats in life and sometimes a lover.

I had a dream last night where I am sitting in a first class with one of my best friends and the flight attendant brings us things to eat, like chocolates and other sweets..

Bake, Nut, Chickens, Meat, Chocolate, and Fruit.
Dream Decoding 101 ...

Brown is a rich, earthy color, the color of fertile soil to grow vegetables in. The color of chocolate and tall trees and acorns. It is a color of solid dependability. Negative - Dullness.

For example, brown could indicate chocolate and white could indicate milk or dairy products. Recall what you have eaten in the last few days and look for something in common each time you have a similar dream.

it made sense the biggest, greenest log would be sought after to insure a raucous good time could be enjoyed for a long time. I have no idea how this great tradition somehow got converted to something we eat - but I'm glad it did - those chocolate ...

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