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Choking Dreams
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A dream that you are choking is often a sign that you are having difficulty expressing yourself.

Choking may be a symbolic revulsion dream or a deprivation dream. Are you choking on food or being forcibly strangled? The source of the food or the food itself may be a symbol for a revulsion you feel in waking life.

Choking in a dream can be very frightening - especially when you are woken up by feeling that you are unable to breathe properly. Choking suggests that you are having problems with communication and are unable to express your views or feelings.

Dream Interpretation/Choking dreams
I had a dream last night that my boyfriend was strangling me. He is the most peaceful person and I am so safe with him so I know he would never do this in real-life.

Choking - hindrance; difficulty in accepting something (as in 'the news was hard to swallow'); hatred or anger (as in 'I could choke her right now'); unfruitful (as in the weeds growing up and choking the plants) ...

Dream interpretation - Choking
Restricted communication. Afraid to say something.... Continue dream interpretation - Choking"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Cholera ...

Choking-if you are choking yourself in a dream it is an indi­cation of a poor self-image. If you are choking someone else it can symbolize hatred for that person.

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Dreaming about being in a church is more common than most people realize. Each week I get several requests to add church to the dictionary.

You choke on something because you didn’t chew on it in a way that allowed you to digest it correctly. This symbolism can be a message about slowing down and participating fully with experience.

To dream that you are choking on an object, suggests that you may find some advice/remarks/situation hard to swallow or difficult to accept.

Actions, Feelings, Conditions - Dream Dictionary
If choking on something, what is hard to swallow? Is someone trying to stuff something down your throat?

Choke / Choking
To dream that you are choking on an object, suggests that you may find it difficult to believe some advice, or accept what someone is telling you.

Choking in a dream can imply the dreamer is uncertain of whether they should speak up about an issue that is bothering them.
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Choking - May symbolize those things that are 'hard to swallow'. If you are choking on food, then it may be an expression of self-guilt and unnurtured feelings. You may feel that you are being prevented or restricted from freely expressing yourself.

Someone choking you could suggest that you are being highly pressured. You are not being allowed any freedom to do what you want.

*Please See Choking. TOP
To dream of a throne represents you or some aspect of your personality that is comfortable, or at ease with power, or the ability to control decisions.

strangling: A choking off something, as in communication or
someone threatening to kill your joy in life.
stump: An interrupted development.

A dream involving choking suggests that you cannot express yourself fully; you are facing some form of internal conflict. It may suggest that in some part of your life you ..Read more →
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buckle, buffer, bulkhead, bull, bulldoze, bulwark, bump, bump against, bunch, bung, bunt, bureaucratic delay, burst with, butt, butt against, butter, button, candy, case, catch, caulk, cecum, charge, chink, chock, choke, choke off, choke up, choking, ...

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
Dreaming that you are having difficulty breathing and are in danger of dying as a result may carry important messages for the dreamer.

A car choke is a pun on choking or suppressing the expression of feelings from your heart. You need to be more honest with your feelings.

garden a time for growth and nurturing; pull out the weeds that are choking you; look after the details every day. What is flowering in your life?
gardenia sweet-smelling; romantic. Where is your secret garden?

A dream that you are choking or are being choked can be a sign that you feel you are unable to express yourself fully.

I dream a lil boy was drowning in a baby bathtub i rescued it n startrd taping its back and it started choking n it was fine i am pregnant and i am expecting a boy wat does this mean since i allready had a miscarriage at my third trimester and i was ...

Kill Killed Killing Being killed: An interior or exterior influence which you feel is 'killing' - undermining, making ineffective, strangling, choking - ones self confidence, or sense of identity.

Questions to ask yourself: Who or what in your life feels like it is choking you?  How can you give yourself distance from the situation?
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Exaggerated size or color; Extreme feelings. Swallowing or choking, vomiting. When there is a demonstration of these on another faceless person that you are observing. It's best to be safe and investigate.

I grabbed him and began to fight with him as I was choking the cat he screamed I will not leave you. I am here to protect you. I asked from what and he said your sissy.

Swallowing or choking, vomiting. When there is a demonstration of these on another faceless person that you are observing. It's best to be safe and investigate.
heaven - A spiritual meaning. A message from God or the Higher Self.

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