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A dream with a clamp symbolizes some kind of restraint in your life. If you are using a clamp in the dream then it implies that you will have to ..Read more →

chance, change, change course, change of heart, change the heading, changeableness, chap, chasm, cheapen, cheapening, check, checker, chimney, chink, chip, chop, chop and change, cigarette break, cipher, circuit, circuital field, circulate, clamp ...

Vice has two meanings; a clamp and an affliction. When the dream involves the former it implies we are stuck between a rock and a hard place and that we under pressure as a result.

in my dream i was talking to a man, he opened a door and a big beige dog came thru the door, the dog came to me and took my left wrist and clamped down on my arm and he wouldnt let go
Good morning, Sherry.

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Dreams  Clam  Clams

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