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cleaning dream symbol
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Cleaning, sweeping, wiping up, polishing, waxing, etc. can have many different meanings, depending on context. Some possibilities include: ...

cleaning spider web dream interpretations
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cleaning person
Dreaming that you are a janitor or maid can mean you feel like you have to clean up other people's messes, fix their problems, or come to their rescue in some way in your life.

Dreaming that you are cleaning, implies that you are removing some negativity in your life and overcoming major obstacles. You are moving ahead toward a new stage in your life.

To dream that you are cleaning indicates your ability to make situations more positive and to solve pressing problems. You are learning how to replace pessimistic views and beliefs with those that are more uplifting and pleasurable.

Then we were in a basement and I was screaming at him to leave and he kept ~ cobwebs. When I questioned him on it he kept saying that he was clearing out the cobwebs between us.

Dream interpretation - ~
Restoration of order. Purification. Maintenance. Everlasting friendship.... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Clergyman ...

~ if Spraying - Dreaming about spraying an aerosol indicates bad thoughts or bad actions. Such dream shows that something toxic have to come out of mind or body. There is the need top clean up feelings.
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~ :
You must be careful so you do not do anything stupid.
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Dreams that you are ~ are good signs. It means you are removing some negativity in your life and overcoming major obstacles to enter a new stage in your life. It signifies self-improvement and increased confidence.
Cleopatra ...

Dreaming that you are ~ your home can mean that you believe that your judgment has been clouded.

Sweeping: ~ house (own tent, tabernacle that the Holy Spirit lives in); repentance; change; actively taking barriers down; admonishment of sinners. (Is. 28: 17; Eph. 4: 31; 2 Cor. 7: 1; 2 Cor. 7: 11; 1 Tim. 5: 20) ...

~ and clearing up. Ready to get rid of something.
Big happiness. Inner self .Suitable time to pursue love affairs.

~ rod to dream is not very pleasant event. A girl who had a whimsically curved or broken ramrod, may leave the beloved.
Overall ...

~ - Removing negative or unwanted aspects in your life. Getting rid of unwanted burdens. You may need to clear out your thoughts and get rid of your old ways and habits.

mop ~ up; a thick head of hair; getting rid of; time to finish (mop up) something. What do you need to mop up in your life?
Mordred in Arthurian legend, King Arthur's nephew and one of his knights; a traitor who led the rebellion against Arthur. Who might be betraying you?

garbage: ~ up and throwing away. What are you ready to give up or get rid of? Garbage could also refer to how you are feeling about yourself. Do you feel useless, like so much garbage?

Focusing on ~ in a dream is a good sign but still calls you to do something. Focus on what you are doing right and what in your life is holding you back.

Any type of ~ in a dream can suggest ‘~ up’ or removing outworn ideas and attitudes. You may be sweeping to clear the ‘house’ or inner self of the buildup or ’dust’ or residue that accumulates from experience.

Sweeping-~ out your life, Isa. 14:23
Sweets-confections are symbolic of gossip, Prov. 18:8
Swift (bird) a symbol of order and obedience to God’s commands, Jer. 8:7 ...

I dream i was ~ my room and next to my bed in a fish tank i said it looks like a light blue and white snak and very fat and long i call my son and he said it was i left the room he came in outside with it chop up 3 pieces and said who want to cook and eat it he said it good and i said no and ...

~ up rubbish symbolised her hatred of doing a job which she felt was beneath her.
Example dream : A dream where the dreamers partner is helping her put the rubbish out linked to him giving up smoking. She was helping him with this but now he was wanting her to quit too.

Washing Machine ~ up your act in the sense of dealing with past negative feelings or habits. Thus it can suggest making changes in the way you go about things or present yourself. Example: I was watching […] More ...

To dream seeing or ~ the ashes of a fireplace or stove represents the realization that an enjoyable or prosperous moment is over. It's time to move on or start over. TOP
Ashphalt ...

Sunrisetop list
~ of consciousness; awakening. New beginning
Sunsettop list
Rest, ending ...

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To dream of seeing that your your shoes need ~ could denote that you will make enemies by your unfeeling criticisms.
To have them blacked in your dreams, foretells improvement in your affairs, and some important event will cause you satisfaction.

To dream that you are doing your laundry, suggests that you are ~ up your act or change your image. You are concerned about how you appear to others.
To dream that you are having someone else do your laundry, denotes gossip.

She usually has to be able to multitask during the day, changing the baby, preparing food, ~ house, washing dishes, feeding the baby.

being in a basement, ~ a basement, furnishing a basement, etc.) should not be ignored. These dreams may be symbolic of your unconscious, instincts and intuition, and degree of awareness of a current situation or a problem.

I dreamed I was ~ a baby and dressing him afterwards breasts feeding him and he was smiling at me and looking at me with adoration. I felt so motherly, Then I had to run after the baby boy cause he was a little naughty walking on his own about 1 and a half years.

One day I was ~ up and I went to put the CD away. Before I did I looked on the back and saw the song, "Mother". Again, I didn't think anything of it and I had the same dream that night. Except this time it was REALLY intense. As if it were trying to tell me something.

To dream that you are ~ fish, suggests that you are altering your emotional expression in a way that will be presentable to others. You are censoring yourself and not expressing how you completely feel.
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To dream that you are ~ the chimney means you are feeling guilt over something you have done in your life.
To see a closet in your dream represents hidden aspects of yourself. It may also signify something in your life that you have kept hidden.

Quick Decode: Desire to lighten up; laughter; ~ up (feather duster)

Popular Expressions: A feather in your cap; Birds of a feather flock together; Ruffle someone’s feathers ...

To dream that you are ~ your house, signifies your need to clear out your thoughts and getting rid of old ways. You are seeking self-improvement. To dream that your house is broken into, suggests that you are feeling violated.

Disinfectant in your dreams can refer to ~ up your own life. Do you feel dirty about particular emotions you're experiencing? Are you comfortable with your own sexuality? Using disinfectant could also show you are attempting to deal with bad situations in your waking life.
dismemberment ...

"floor. Whether you were painting, polishing, sweeping, scrubbing, or what have you, any dream which featured ~ or improving a floor, or laying a new floor, foretells profitable business activities. Personal good luck will be yours if you dreamed of sitting, lying, or louging on the floor." ...

In this vein of thought, we can contemplate the healing messages the eagle may offer us in our daily life. When the eagle soars into our psychic vision, it may be a sign of getting prepared for symbolic cleansing rains. What needs ~ in our lives?

The best advice is always to go with the dream. Emotional releases and revelations can have a very ~ effect on the psyche and should be embraced whenever possible. However, you should try to determine the trigger event that caused the emotion.

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