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clock dream symbol
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The idea of time in general, or the passage of time
Being late or early (or a fear of being so), short on time, or having too much time, or the idea of adhering to a schedule ...

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Clock Dreams
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A clock in a dream symbolizes the passage of time.

A large clock might mean you're feeling overwhelmed by time demands (schedules, restrictions, not enough time, etc.).
See also: alarm clock time
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Clocks are symbols of time passing, of growing older and aging. What does it mean if you dream about clocks, whether they are wrist watches or large grandfather clocks?

Seeing a ~ in your dream means the importance of time or that time is running out. You may be feeling some anxiety of not being on top of things. Your mind may be preoccupied with a deadline that you have to meet or some other time-sensitive issue.

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Meaning of Dreams About ~s
To dream that you see a ~, denotes danger from a foe. To hear one strike, you will receive unpleasant news. The death of some friend is implied.

To dream about a ~ represents the significance of time or that time may not be on your side. You may be stressing about being overwhelmed with things or you could be focused too much on a deadline coming up, or some other thing that could be time sensitive.

American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming that you see a ~, denotes danger from a foe. To hear one strike, you will receive unpleasant news. The death of some friend is implied..

To move in a ~wise direction also symbolizes your heart and in this case indicates it would be wise for you to following the advise of the dream.
To move in an anti-~wise direction is telling you that what you are doing is not wise for your heart.

Alarm ~s in dreams are often a reminder of our limitations. These may be reflections of actual problems (such as running out of time), symbolic of poor time management, or completely conceptual (such as failing to complete a life-cycle task before that cycle ends).

Dream "Alarm ~"
Lofa Dream Interpretation
Whether it every day at our disposal 84,600 dollars, how would we manage the money? About the same time, we manage: no matter how much you spend, but this is truly priceless gift ever not to be missed.

Dreams About ~
What do dreams about ~ mean?
To dream that you see a ~, denotes danger from a foe. To hear one strike, you will receive unpleasant news. The death of some friend is implied.

To dream alarm ~ in general - In the dream to hear/ to listen to an alarm ~ always associated with the time. In your real life maybe you haven't done something, you have forgotten. This is a fear that you do not have enough time to finish your work, to reach your goals and aims.

Dream Interpretation ~
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future. These are the major reasons why we want to learn about Dream Interpretation, Analysis and the Meaning of Dreams.

Was time important yesterday? Did you need to do something? In what ways did you think it was the 'right time' yesterday? Is it 'time for a change?' Is something scheduled to happen tomorrow?

Sometimes dreams account for what is happening by making up things like if your alarm ~ rings, you hear it, so your dream may show you a phone ringing to compensate for the sound.

A ~ in a dream reflects your concern about timelines or deadlines in your waking life. Dreams of being rushed and hurried while a ~ ticks overhead reveals feelings of being overwhelmed and/or unprepared.

~s: The dream ~, as you would guess, deals with time. Specifically, the ~ may indicate that you are afraid that life is moving by you, or things are moving too fast.

To dream that you see a ~, interpret danger from a foe. To hear one strike, you will receive unpleasant news. The death of some friend is implied.
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To dream that you see a ~, denotes danger from a foe. To hear one strike, you will receive unpleasant news. The death of some friend is implied.
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To dream of a ~ implies danger from a foe. To hear a ~ strike means that you are to receive some unpleasant news shortly.
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dream interpretation
meaning of dream
Carl Jung called all circular images a "mandala." It is one of the most important dream symbols which represent the psychic center of personality. It is symbolic of wholeness, completeness, and unity of the self.

~ top list
Time element. Allotted time.Check conditions surrounding the ~ and the appearance of the ~.It is talking to you about time, a cycle, age or duration of something. Carl Jung called all circular images a "mandala.

~- symbolic of waiting, an issue that is dependent upon God’s timing, 2 Pet. 3:9
Closet-symbolic of private prayer, Matt. 6:6. A closet may also symbolize a place where people bury things from their life that they do not wish to deal with ...

Objects - Dream Dictionary
The passage of time cycles. If it has a circular face, which is emphasized, it may represent a form of the mandala (Self). A huge, heavy ~ suggest the stability or burdens of time; possibly a looking deadline.

Obviously, a ~ in a dream is alerting us to a passage of time; that for some reason time is important and we must be aware of its' presence.
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~-Time: Late; early; delay. Grandfather ~=past
Ephesians 5:16- covering clean or unclean. (Matt 5:40)
Closet-Private: Personal; prayer; secret sin (as in skeletons in the closet); something hidden.

Like the Calendar, the ~ can be associated with a sense of time and urgency, although its focus on a specific hour can bring importance to the number depicted. See Numbers. The alarm ~ may be giving you a wake up call to acknowledge something.
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A symbol for time passing. If you dream of watching a ~ ticking, with the hands moving steadily, this is a warning that you need to stop wasting time. Winding a ~ or watch indicates that you are taking control of the situation.

A ~ can mean you are worrying about having enough time for something in your life. This dream symbol can also refer to a past event you wish you could change. Don't be so hard on yourself.
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Alarm ~
To dream of an alarm ~ represents a nagging reminder for urgent action. You may have responsibilities or people that require your attention. Alternatively, you may fear not having enough time to meet deadlines or accomplish a goal. TOP
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Alarm ~
Dreaming of an alarm ~ can be a message from your unconscious that you need to be more prudent, that you need more discipline, or that you need to have more willpower. Hearing an alarm ~ in your dream can be a reminder that it is time to do something.

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~ - Time is of essence; get on with the task at hand. Note numbers on ~ and see' numbers'.
Closed - Anything that is closed may symbolize those things that are not available to you. It also represents feelings of inadequacy and frustration.

cuckoo ~ a reminder that time is going by; get on with it. Who is acting silly?
cup something needing to be contained; your cup runneth over; someone 'in their cups'; symbol of the feminine (chalice). (See grail) What is just your 'cup of tea'?

Grandfather ~
To dream of a grandfather ~ means you can improve your life by taking action, instead of just waiting and hoping things turn out okay.
Grandparents ...

A ~wise spiral which moves right demonstrates that you are on your way to great things, in terms of discovering yourself and your own mission in this life. If the spiral is moving counterclockwise, then you need to get a grip on your life somehow.

' We used to meet almost every evening after dinner in the dining-room, and play until about eleven o'~, when we would retire.

I went to a brighter part of the library and found a small and very old ~. Looked like it wasn't working for a long time. I moved the pointers to see if it would make a cool noise but it didn't.

A simple technique is to set your alarm ~ a little earlier than usual. This may interrupt a period of REM sleep and you are more likely to recall a dream.

If you dreamt about a ~ you must stop throwing away your time. An alarm ~ that is ringing may tell you that you have dreamt about something important. To wind up a ~ mean you will have a pleasant time in your love life.

Have a ~ or watch before you so it is easily seen. You must now, non stop, write whatever comes into your head, for ten minutes.

To dream that you see a ~, denotes danger from a foe. To hear one strike, you will receive unpleasant news. The death... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
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Popular Expressions: Like ~work; borrowed time; going around in circles
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Try and mess with your daily sleep patterns and set your alarm ~ back 1 hour and fall back asleep. Lucid dreaming and REM (Rapid Eye Movement) work hand in hand because we get our REM sleep hours or minutes before we wake up.

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