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To dream of seeing clothes soiled and torn, denotes that deceit will be practised to your harm. Beware of friendly dealings with strangers.

clothes dream symbol
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The way the dreamer thinks the wearer wants to portray themselves to others ...

The way the dreamer thinks the wearer wants to portray themselves to others
How the dreamer thinks the wearer is trying to control others'—or even their own—image of themselves (such as kids wanting to dress older to try to get people to believe they are older) ...

Clothes are an extension of how we see ourselves. If your clothes are praised or jeered, this may reflect the self-esteem curve you are currently riding.

Dreaming of your clothes, is symbolic of your public self and how you are perceived. It is indicative of the act you put on in front of others. Clothes is also an indication of your condition and status in life.

To dream of seeing clothes soiled and torn, denotes that deceit will be practised to your harm. Beware of friendly dealings with strangers.

For a woman to dream that her clothing is soiled or torn, her virtue will be dragged in the mire if she is not careful of her associates. Clean new clothes, denotes prosperity.
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To dream that your clothes are dirty and you are trying to clean them means you want to change something about your personality.
To dream that you are constantly changing your clothes represents the need for change and your need to fit into a new situation.

Clothes represent your attitude towards the subject matter of the dream, as we dress to suit our mood or to suit the role we feel obliged to play (e.g. career). In the dream context, we are free to wear anything we want or to even wear nothing.

Clothes in dreams are symbolic of two things - the way we would like the world to see us(our preferred image) and our fears about how the world actually sees us. Poor clothes will obvious then link to our fears about how others see us in a bad way.

Clothes you wear yellow or golden, wheat-colored. - By the luck and happiness.
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Category: Clothes
General Meanings: Generally the collar in dreams stands as a symbol of keeping up with the rules and orders.

Dreams About Clothes
What do dreams about clothes mean?
To dream of seeing clothes soiled and torn, denotes that deceit will be practised to your harm. Beware of friendly dealings with strangers.

There were several people looking at the clothes. Up ahead, I could still kind of see the hallway to the mall. It had less clothes racks and they got less numerous and finally the hall was bare and there were no shops. I could see where it ended or where it turned off at a 90 degree angle.

The portent of a dream concerning clothes varies greatly with the details. It is a dream of contrary with respect to quantity, since the more clothes you had in your dream, the more urgent the warning to prepare for difficulties ahead.

Clothes brush :
A clothes brush symbolizes a difficult task. To brush your clothes with it mean a reward.
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Clothes make a statement about how we want other people to perceive us. If you dream symbol is shabby clothing, you may feel unattractive or worn out. Changing what you wear may reflect a lifestyle change.

To dream of soiled and torn clothes denotes that deceit will be practised to your harm.
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Clothes can be highly metaphoric in dreams as they can represent the facades or image we wish to impart upon others.

Objects - Dream Dictionary
Attitudes and levels of consciousness; your persona or some aspect of it; a need for attention or to conceal your true self.

Clothes top list
Outer personality and attitude.
Clothing top list
Clothing generally represent our worldly appearance or status. At times, it may represent our attitudes toward ourselves and others. Mostly, it represent the way that we appear to the world.

Clothes, Clothing
1. Dreaming of wearing clothes that are totally inappropriate - such as wearing a bathing suit on the ski slopes - indicates circumstances in your life that require a reality check before you can move ahead. If in the dream you change your clothes, you'll be successful.

Clothes and
Apparition Take unusual care of all depending upon you. Calamity awaits you and yours. Both property and life are in danger. Young people should be decidedly upright in their communications with the opposite sex. Character is likely to be rated at a discount.

To dream of seeing clothes soiled and torn, denotes that deceit will be practised to your harm. Beware of friendly dealings with strangers. For a woman to dream that her clothing is soiled or torn, her virtue will be dragged in the mire if she is not careful of her associates.

A dream where you see clothing that has been spoiled in some way implies that someone will attempt to deceive you so beware of new people you meet. If the ..Read more →

Clothes signify how the dreamer is expressing Self.
Clothes indicate the part of the Self others view. Many cultures describe the three-fold nature of Self as: the person we show to others, the person we believe ourselves to be, and the person we truly are.

Baby Clothes
To dream of baby clothes represents your feelings or thoughts about a newly developed problem or sensitive issue. It may also reflect your feelings about a new development in your life.

Dream dictionary definition for nightclothes:  Dreaming of nightclothes represents comfort and giving up.  You may have decided to make a change in your life, but opted to stay with the familiar and the comfortable instead.

Dirty clothes-symbolic of sin and dead works, Isa. 64:6
Disciple-symbolic of following Christ, Isa. 50:4 ...

wedding clothes
To see wedding clothes, signifies you will participate in pleasing works and will meet new friends. To see them soiled or in disorder, foretells you will lose close relations with some much-admired person.
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Wedding Clothes
To see wedding clothes in your dream, signifies new friends and pleasurable undertakings. To see soiled wedding clothes in your dream, signifies a falling-out with an admirable person.

Clothes - Your persona. Attitudes you carry in life. Are you wearing old and torn clothing? Are you wearing the clothes in the dream or is someone else. This represents an emotion you have towards that person or yourself.

See Clothes.
Grain is a most fortunate dream, betokening wealth and happiness. For a young woman, it is a dream of fortune. She will meet wealthy and adoring companions.

Baby Clothes
To see baby clothes in your dream, suggests that you are expressing yourself in a more subtle way. Alternatively, baby clothes represent your former ways of thinking. You may refer to old habits or former notions which you have outgrown.
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Work Clothes
In dreams this can refer to nothing being able to grow or sustain life. See impotence; desert ...

Also See Clothes and Coat.
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To see your clothes soiled with unclean dirt, you will be forced to save yourself from contagious diseases by leaving your home or submitting to the strictures of the law.
To dream that some one throws dirt upon you, denotes that enemies will try to injure your character.
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To see wedding clothes, signifies you will participate in pleasing works and will meet new friends. To see them soiled or... Continue dream interpretation - Wedding Clothes"continue dream interpretation
Wedding Ring
Dream interpretation - Wedding Ring ...

The act of producing clothes shows a change in the identity that is being cultivated through Self direction. If you are in a fashion show, you may be trying on different identities to gain acceptance when the real you is being neglected.

Clothing-Covering: Righteousness; spirit (attitude). Filthy Clothes=unrighteousness; self-righteousness; uncleanness.
(Romans 13:14, Psalm 132:9, James 2:2, Isaiah 64:6, Psalm 109:18)

close finishing something; moving on with things; living in close quarters; someone 'close-fisted'; 'close-mouthed' about something; a 'close shave'; closing your eyes to something; feeling as if things are closing in. (See clothes) Who or what do you need to shut the door on?

see also Dress; Pants; Hat; Clothes Blue truth Cayce (136-14). Boat 1. the voyage of life Cayce (136-41). 2. a body of thought which one can enter into and travel upon Cayce (900-102, A-2). 3. something that comes from a foreign source (i.e.

Clothes are not symbolic of our private self, but rather of our public self. A poor man wears different clothes than a rich man. A doctor's attire is different from that of a carpenter. The type of clothing that we wear varies from situation to situation.

Laundry: To dream of laundering clothes, denotes struggles, but a final victoryin winning fortune.
If the clothes are done satisfactorily, then yourendeavors will bring complete happiness.
If they come out the reverse,your fortune will fail to procure pleasure.

When she sat down, she was dressed in fancy clothes and when I sat down it was the same thing. After that a preacher shows up, then his keyboard. He would play and sing a few songs but the songs were not church songs. They were pop, hip hop, and rock music.

Take a look at what you, or other people in your dream are wearing to get even more clues to the dream's meaning. Also, a commonly overlooked clue is sometimes you see clothes on a clothes line, or lying around.

If the clothes are too big in a dream, it reflects feelings that you may have taken on too much in waking life or cannot "fill the shoes." If clothes are too small, it reflects feelings that the role you are playing in waking life "no longer fits." New clothes indicate a change in social status.

A clothes rack denotes uncertainty in a coming marriage. if you dream of being tortured on a rack then you are doing something that is harming the body and you need to watch your diet and exercise when and if possible.

Because you keep your clothes in a closet, a closet in a dream can symbolize the different roles that you play in life.
If you dream that you are locked in a closet, you could be feeling trapped in a role that does not suit you.

If you get dressed carelessly, throwing your clothes on, you could be angry about something.
Traditionally, a dream that you put your clothes on inside out foretells good luck.
Drill ...

In this passage the Lord describes how He clothes Israel with beauty and gave her jewels to wear to accentuate that beauty. So to see jewelry in a vision or external dream could indicate a new gift of blessing from the Lord. Not a desire being met, but rather a desire that He will meet.

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Have you ever had a dream where you are at a party, school, or the office and you suddenly realise you have no clothes on? Stricken with horror, you rush to cover yourself only to discover that no one else around you really seems to care that you are nude.

This one angel of great authority, his clothes were a rusty red color and looked like woven wool. I started to see angels more, when I would be seeking God from my heart, sometimes with much sorrow and tears.

To see a mouse in your dream, indicates domestic troubles, quarrels and annoyance. If the mouse gets into your clothes or jumps on you, it signifies a conflict with your best friend which will end your friendship.
Octopus ...

face: One's identity and self-image. The mask we put on to the world. What we hide behind (see clothes).
fairy: A nature spirit, a realm beyond the every day. The Celtics included elves and fairies in their concept of the Otherworld, the world of a new beginning, paradise.

You'll be lucky if you dreamed of cobwebs in an acceptable place such as a wine cellar, attic etc; but if they were where they shouldn't be, for example on clothes, furniture, or books, they predict difficulties through secretly hostile competition; however, if you brushed them away, ...

THE DREAM I was getting showered and taking a lot of preparation to get ready for some important event, though I'm not quite sure what the important event is; I just know that I need to prepare for it. I put on my underwear, etc., and clothes, and then head out of my bedroom in my apartment.

I dreamt that there were lots of baby cobras in my house and one of them bit my husband hand. I rushed to take him to the hospital but kept getting delayed because I did not find the right clothes to wear. Strange but my husband looked fine, waiting or me.
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Some people are more insecure than others and when you fear getting rejected in your walking life you can easily have a naked dream and it can be quite intense. Dreaming of wearing lots of clothes can mean your hiding something or covering up what your true self is.

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