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clouds dream symbol
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Beautiful, white clouds can represent dreams or goals, or the presence of Spirit, or the magical forces of nature.

Dream Quotations
Your hopes, dreams and aspirations are legitimate. They are trying to take you airborne, above the clouds, above the storms, if you only let them.

Clouds that are moving and changing can represent the passage of time, a change, or transformation over time.
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American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming of seeing dark heavy clouds, portends misfortune and bad management. If rain is falling, it denotes troubles and sickness.

Cloud Dreams
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Clouds in the sky often seem to resemble objects that appear on Earth. Therefore, a cloud in a dream can represent something that is not what it seems to be.

Dreams About ~s
What do dreams about ~s mean?
To dream of seeing dark heavy ~s, portends misfortune and bad management. If rain is falling, it denotes troubles and sickness.

Dream Interpretation ~s
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future. These are the major reasons why we want to learn about Dream Interpretation, Analysis and the Meaning of Dreams.

~s :
White ~s mean that things will improve. Dark ~s symbolize a destroyed friendship or depression..
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Association: - Transition & confusion: sometimes bright and sometimes dark. Question: - Through what do I experience? General Meanings: Expression of feelings - ~s in a dream can have two meanings, they depend on the dream circumstances.

The symbolic significance of ~s being dark and heavy is that misfortune is likely soon. If rain is falling it denotes troubles and sickness.
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Depending on the associated mood, a ~ in a dream can be symbolic of either doom and depression, or have religious connotations.
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~s-Change or Covering: Trouble; distress; threatening; thoughts (of trouble); confusion; hidden; covered. White ~s=Good change; glory revival.
(Zephaniah 1:15, Zechariah 10:1.) Provision, oversight, guidance, divine covering. (Ex 13:21, 22)

~s top list
~s are made of air and water, two of the four basic elements. Some would say that the soul is represented by air and spirit by water.

To see fluffy white ~s in your dream, foretells of a successful outlook in your endeavours. An issue in your waking life may be clearing up. To see grey and gloomy ~s in your dream, denotes a rocky and turbulent road towards achieving your goals.

To dream of seeing dark heavy ~s, portends misfortune and bad management. If rain is falling, it denotes troubles and sickness. To see bright transparent ~s with the sun shining through them, you will be successful after trouble has been your companion.

A dream featuring ~s where the sun is shining against them suggests that you will finally find success after some time of facing problems. If the ~s are dark and ..Read more →

Grey ~s can indicate depression, either present or imminent.
A grey fog indicates you cannot see your way from where you are now to where you need to go with regard to the subject matter of the dream.
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Dream ~
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~s Cloven Foot Clover Club Coach Coal-hod Coals Coat Coat-of-Arms Coca-Cola Cock-Crowing Cockade Cocktail Cocoa Cocoanut Struggling Asparagus Idle Sticks Ornament
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Transition. May be dark or light. Moving through confusion.
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dream interpretation
meaning of dream
~s are made of air and water, two of the four basic elements. Some would say that the soul is represented by air and spirit by water.

~s: Depending on whether it is a bright or dark day, they could either be uplifting or depressing.
clown: Self-depreciation.
club: Joining together, belonging.

A ~ in a dream reflects a looming or imminent emotional downpour in waking life. A ~ of bad air in a dream can reflect feelings of being "~ed" or confused in waking life.

A ~ed fountain, denotes the insincerity of associates and unhappy engagements and love affairs.
A dry and broken fountain, indicates death and cessation of pleasures.
For a young woman to see a sparkling fountain in the moonlight, signifies ill-advised pleasure which may result in a desertion.

A ~y morning, portends weighty affairs will overwhelm you.
To see morocco in your dreams, foretells that you will receive substantial aid from unexpected sources. Your love will be rewarded by faithfulness.

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Fog - ~ed issues or thoughts; uncertainty; confusion; temporary
Hail - judgment; destruction; bombardment
Ice/Ice Storm - hard saying; slippery; dangerous ...

Ammonia - ~ed thinking. Deluted emotions that can lead to explosive situations.
Ammunition - Dreaming of ammunition shows your determination to use all means in your power to get to what you want.

Mushroom ~-nuclear explosions, end-times warfare
Musical notes-symbolic of the way you live your life. If the notes are in har­mony it symbolizes virtuous living. If the notes scream it sig­nifies wickedness in your life ...

If you see a ~y sky, this foretells tumultuous and emotional times ahead. The same dream can also mean that you are walking around with some pangs of consciousness and remorse, or maybe a heavy burden. This dream can point to depression. A dream of the sky is the sign of big potential.

Dark, stormy ~s rolling in at a low altitude and flashing lightning may represent your anger regarding a situation. A slate-gray ~y sky might indicate that your views on a subject are ~ed. What in your life needs clarity?

A fast-moving ~y sky in a dream means you're getting ready to release your anger about a situation. Thick, slow-moving ~s represent confusion. To see bright transparent ~s with the sun shining through them, means happiness will follow a time of trouble.

Hail from the ~ - a nuisance.
Fall under the hail in a dream - a slight promise you good luck.
If you watch hail on a sunny day - it portends you care and even mockery of fate.
If such a dream sees a young woman - this promises her love after meeting with some of the failures.

To dream about a ~y or overcast day, indicates a sense of bereavement.
For more refined analysis of this dream, Try Web 2.0 search.
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Bright, fluffy ~s in a clear sky indicate aspirations that you can attain if you work at them. A lot of such ~s imply success and happiness in romance.
2. Dark, stormy ~s indicate trouble ahead.

To see fluffy white ~s in your dream, signify inner peace and spiritual harmony. An issue in your waking life may be clearing up.
To see gray and gloomy ~s in your dream, signify depression or anger. Your decisions may be ~ed in some way.

If the lake is ~y and disturbed, then you may be going through a rough time emotionally. Late To dream that you are late for something represents your fear of change and your anxiety about seizing an opportunity. You may feel unready or unworthy in your current circumstances.

in the dream i wake up in a evergreen forest (like the ones in norther Europe with the trees all growing in straight lines)well i am waking up on my back in this forest in the snow with just a light snow falling and the ~s breaking up to reveal the nights sky full of stars and the biggest ...

Example dream : A dream being chased by a dark ~ linked to the dreamers husband being offered an opportunity in a new city. She was happy where she lived and did not want to move. Being chased was symbolic of her maybe having to move house when she did not want to.

Before great moral or physical revolutions or catastrophes occur, ~s will darken the horizon of the dream mind; storms will gather, lurid flames of lightning will flash their volatile anger; the explosive thunder will recklessly carry on its bombardment; bells will ring, ...

Glass: To dream that you are looking through glass, denotes that bitterdisappointments will ~ your brightest hopes.
To see your image in a mirror, foretells unfaithfulness and neglectin marriage, and fruitless speculations.

~s were especially revered, and consulted as auguries (namely, seeking optimal agricultural cues). Rainbows would have been very powerful Mayan symbols because they are associated with rain, which is a life-giver.

Most of the time when we get flying dreams we are flying past the ~s looking down at the world below us and its quite accelerating. Some questions you should ask about the flying dream are: was it difficult to take off? Did take off with ease? Was anybody flying with me? How did I land?

Silver can be associated with ‘the silver lining’ that surrounds ~s when the sun is about to break through, suggesting hope or the ability to transcend difficulty. Silver can also be associated with durability or what is lasting and powerful about you.

My grandfather draws my attention to a ~ through which shines a beautiful golden sunbeam.

Is the moon completely hidden - either by thick ~s or because it is the night of a new moon? These are the blackest of nights, the ones without any guidance as you try to make your way down the road. This means that you feel you have lost your way - that your goals are completely out of sight.

I saw the outline of the corner of a building that was in the ~s with the outline of the roof overhanging the corner of the building.

airplane you are in the ~s; flying high; you get a higher perspective of the situation. Who has been feeling down?
airport fast change may be indicated; someone still waiting for something. Who is leaving on a jet plane and doesn't know when they'll be back again?

A clear sky, whether light or dark, signifies happy times ahead; a few ~s dispersing, are a sign of minor difficulties easily overcome; a few ~s, gathering indicate obstacles which will require more effort; ...

To see livid lightning parting black ~s, sorrow and difficulties will follow close on to fortune.
If it strikes you, unexpected sorrows will overwhelm you in business or love.
To see the lightning above your head, heralds the advent of joy and gain.

If the rain descends from murky ~s, you will feel alarmed
over the graveness of your undertakings.
To see and hear rain approaching, and you escape being wet, you will succeed
in your plans, and your designs will mature rapidly.

If you dream of an Indian fakir who is able to ~ the mind to show you many wonders then will... Continue dream interpretation - Fakir"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Falcon ...

In ancient times, the shape of an elephant in geological or ~ formations represented the world axis. Probably the most well known elephants are the cartoon Dumbo, which may symbolize immaturity or the ability to escape the mundane by flying, and Kindu God Ganesh, son of Shiva, [.] ...

A sun shining through ~s, denotes that troubles and difficulties are losing hold on you, and prosperity is nearing you.

Dreaming that you are cleaning your home can mean that you believe that your judgment has been ~ed. It can also mean that you want to get rid of all the clutter in your waking life and be more organized, or that you need to sweep away obstacles - whether physical ones or emotional ones.

To dream of glass that is dirty, ~y or discolored suggests a need for more clarity in a situation.
*Please See Broken Glass.
*Please See Window.

To see the morning dawn clear in your dreams, prognosticates a near approach of fortune and pleasure. A ~y morning, portends weighty affairs will overwhelm you.
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I have also seen cities with a dark ~ over them. When I see this, then I know I am seeing the work of the enemy in that area.
Definition For:

Has the giraffe got its head in the ~s, indicating that you need to come back down to earth? Or is the giraffe awkwardly trying to eat grass, indicating that being down to earth isn’t always practical?Giraffes get a bird’s eye view of eh world without leaving the ground.

Day To dream of the day, denotes improvement in your situation, and pleasant associations. A gloomy or ~y day, foretells loss and ill success in new enterprises.

That night she dreams of being on a farm on a ~y day, and watching in disgust as a big manure covered sow eats and sucks non-stop at her sloop. She is astonished and ashamed when she noticed what the sow was eating! (cake and ice cream).

If you are actually naming the stars you will experience a rise to a prominent position in your career. If by chance the heavens are obscured with ~s that look like smoke and you cannot discern the stars your highest goals will not be achieved.

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