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comb or hairbrush dream symbol
comb or hairbrush
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It may be describing something you do to get your thoughts in order, or to think more clearly. It might also be about changing your appearance, or some connection with your appearance. See: Hair.
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Comb Dreams
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A comb in a dream can signify a desire to create order in your life. You may dream of using a comb when you feel that your life is chaotic or messy and you want more control.

comb or hairbrush
Attention to oneself or one's physical, emotional, or mental well-being
Being neat, organized, or "getting one's ducks in a row" (since a hairbrush neatens the hair)
Attention to the impression one makes on others ...

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A dream involving the use or presence of a comb can infer the dreamer is in need of tidying up loose ends in life or straightening out problems in need of tending to.
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comb symbol in dream
Dreamed about comb. What does it mean?
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comb time to straighten out your thoughts on some matter; keep sifting through those details. Who's the 'rooster' showing off and crowing a lot?
combat confrontation; struggling with things. What part of yourself are you battling?

Dreaming that you combing your hair, suggests your need to organize and sort your thoughts. You need to find or search for some elements that are not clear to you in a situation or relationship.

Cock's comb :
A cock's comb symbolize a low level of knowledge.
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To comb and admire it, shows that your vanity will grow with prosperity, making you detestable in the sight of many of your former companions.

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Luckiness in money matters if comb the tail of the horse - to dream that you were combing the tail of the horse, promises the best deals and better incomes which will bring more money in your life; ...

Nick @ 2012-03-27 20:20:51
I dreamt I saw my dead grandfather, he poured oil on my head and started to comb my hair. He then gave me a stash of money and told me to put it away for him. I was then awaken by my husband ...

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