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This is an unfavorable dream if the dreamer is frightened and secretes himself in a corner for safety. To see persons talking in a corner, enemies are seeking to destroy you.

Corner Dreams
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Turning a corner in a dream symbolizes changing direction in life. If you dream that you turn a corner, you could be ending one phase of your life and beginning another.

Feeling cornered by a person or animal can mean you feel pressured or even attacked in your life somehow.
Being sent to a corner as punishment can represent the idea of punishment, rejection, or isolation by others in your life somehow.

Corner means that something will change, because it strikes a different direction, but takes no radical turn around 180 degrees, something that may relate to plans and objectives, but also on the inner attitudes, attitudes and beliefs, ...

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Meaning of Dreams About Corners
This is an unfavorable dream if the dreamer is frightened and secretes himself in a corner for safety.

To dream that you are in a corner indicates that you feel unable to manage the different aspects of your life. You are confused and unsure of what to do next. Perhaps you feel as if you have no options or alternatives.

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Think of scenarios where getting cornered would feature and try to see how they tap into your current emotions. Do you feel especially vulnerable right now?

The couch in the kiddie corner means a place where you are presently seated in your mind but it is in arrested developement- the kiddie corner. What ever you associate with this boy is what you are merging into yourself.

Corner :
An indoor corner is a warning against being too hasty, and to be impatient. If it was outdoors it will mean new opportunities that can change your life.

corner: boxed into a corner; feeling there is no where to turn. Who has backed you into a corner?
boy: younger, vulnerable self; excited and energized about something; How is a situation from childhood repeating in your life?

To dream that you are in a corner, signifies feelings of frustration.
To dream of a street corner, foretells you will encounter some unexpected troubles.

This is an unfavorable dream if the dreamer is frightened and secretes himself in a corner for safety.

Corner-to come upon a corner in dream is symbolic of an unexpected circumstance in life that will cause you to change direction suddenly
Corner of the house-symbolic of living with an argumenta­tive person, Prov. 21:9 ...

When we see ourselves turn a corner in a dream it is a sign that we have overcome what we once perceived to be an obstacle.
- also see Hall/Passage in Dream Dictionary: Buildings ...

Like Border, the corner or intersection is a turning point in the sense of ‘turning a corner’ or making a decision that will change how you approach your path.

A dream where you move around a corner implies that you will be experiencing new things in your life. Turning to the right in a dream means you are following ..Read more →

_Roof Corner_.
To see a person dressed in mourning sitting on a roof corner,
foretells there will be unexpected and dismal failures
in your business.

Street Corner
If your dream strongly featured a street corner, this predicts new opportunities which will change your lifestyle. If the main feature of your dream involved turning a street corner, you can expect a very pleasant surprise.

CornerIf you dream you are in a corner of your house, you may feel stuck in real life. You may feel frustrated and that you have no control in making decisions. In essence, you may feel trapped and literally cornered.

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No escape. Hidden Unavoidable. Beware of choices. Loneliness and trouble.
Country ...

corner or cornered: No escape; trapped. Where are your decisions and choices leading you?
cottage: The familiar house of the self.
courtroom: The resolution of conflicts.

Roof Corner
To see a person dressed in mourning sitting on a roof corner foretells there will be unexpected and dismal failures in your business.
Affairs will appear unfavorable in love.

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one was busy doing something in a corner while the other was zoned out watching television. both were completlty oblivious to one another as well as I. The baby grew ill.

A Zigzag is a pattern with alternating corners that shift a line from left to right then right to left.

A street sign that says "TWO" is on the corner - this was supposed to mean like Second Street, Downtown, etc. Somehow, I stumble into the Porn department.

I saw the outline of the corner of a building that was in the clouds with the outline of the roof overhanging the corner of the building.

If someone from another corner of life becomes your boss, it is likely that you feel that person exerting too much control over your life. It is easy to allow constructive relationships to become controlling at times.

The four corners of a strong building. It could be that you seek that stability and order in your life, and aren't quite sure how to get to it. Look at how the square is used in your dream for a hint on what direction to take.

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