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coughing dream symbol
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Dreaming that you are coughing a lot, and you aren't in real life, can mean that you're trying to get rid of something you feel is keeping you from expressing yourself or living life more fully.
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To dream that you are coughing implies that you are anxious or apprehensive about upcoming events in your life. Perhaps you should spend some time away from certain people or situations.

To dream that you are coughing, represents your fear or dissatisfaction of the future. You need to put some distance between yourself and others. Alternatively, it indicates that you have made a negative choice in some important matter.

Coughing in a dream is usually mean that it is something you do not need to worry about.
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Coughing up mucous, or seeing mucous come out of your body, is a negative dream symbol. This dream may mean that you need to put some distance between yourself and someone who's not good for you.

If you are coughing in your dream, you could feel that you are in the middle of a complicated situation or you could be dealing with many problems.
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The itching and coughing concern me a bit more, because this can have a physical cause - an allergic reaction, for instance, might be felt even through a dream. It's something that you might want to check out.

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Psychologically: Sometimes we wake up coughing and gasping for air from a dream. This may have a medical cause, and if it is repeated, you should consult a physician.

Example dream : The dreamer woke up to the fearful coughing of his neighbour. The alien represented this unknown fearful noise which could have been anything. His mind was alerting him to the need to wake up.

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