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To see your cousin in your dream suggests that you haven't been nurturing your natural talents or skills. You should encourage these attributes to grow and reach their potential.

I pull two male cousins aside (who I am close with in real life) and tell them that I'm pretty sure he's not coming. They look at me a little shocked...shocked because the groom wasn't coming...

To see your cousin in your dream, represents something or some aspect of your character that is somewhat familiar. Perhaps you need to spend more time in cultivating and developing some emerging ability or character.

(true xD) after that I went outside it was dark (deferent place and dream changed a bit) and there was a little drizzle rain I was told my cousins where camping I went to see them but the place was so dark I asked why they were on the rain and they ...

In conclusion, I hope these thoughts on the symbolic meaning of koala bears (which, by the way, aren't bears at all - they're marsupials, and close cousins to wombats) have inspired you to enter into a new kinship with the koala.

I had a dream where I was at my cousins wedding and I was on the bus with his 3rd ex and when we were going home I was having a bad dream and she grabbed my hand and to me its ok. I held her hand and curresed it with my thumb.

Meaning of Dreams About Cousins
Dreaming of one's cousin, denotes disappointments and afflictions. Saddened lives are predicted by this dream.
To dream of an affectionate correspondence with one's cousin, denotes a fatal rupture between families.

Freedom from worry is forecast in a dream concerning cousins; aunts and uncles signify money matters; and other relatives (apart from... Continue dream interpretation - Relatives"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Relief ...

Dreaming of animals in a zoo can also reflect a need to step back and observe our animal cousins and their much simpler style of living, say when our day to day lives seem to be getting on top of us and out of control.

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Cousinage, cousin-german, Cousinhood, cousinly, Cousinry, Cousinship
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Trustworthy, friendly, supportive, or feelings of belonging or family. Consider what comes to mind when you think of the particular cousin, or cousins in general.
See also: person you know family
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Dreams  Cousin  Cow

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