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aftermath, amputate, annihilate, bag, ban, bar, batch, batten upon, bay window, bearing, beerbelly, belly, belt, blacksnake, bob, boil down, boobs, bosom, breadbasket, breast, breasts, bring in, brisket, browse, bullwhack, bullwhip, bumper crop, ...

To dream that you are tending to your crop, represents growth, self-love, and self-appreciation. In the end, your hard work is paying off.
Cross ...

Crop - Growth from self-love and nurturing; small crops mean neglecting one's self or emotions.
Cross - Balance; realization of spiritual identity.
Crowd - Many parts of self; differenting emotions.

Good time if see gleaners working at harvest time - Working gleaners in your dream, this will bring you thriving business and for farmers indicate rich crop yields; ...

To see hot iron with sparks flying, is significant of a pleasing work; to the farmer, an abundant crop; favorable indeed to women. Cold, or small, favors may be expected from those in power.

Yep, it's called "crop milk" or "pigeons milk." It's an oddity in nature for birds to produce their own milk to feed their young. From this unique ability, we can glean symbolism of nurturing.

to the farmer, an abundant crop; favorable indeed to women.
Cold, or small, favors may be expected from those in power.
The means of success is in your power, but in order to obtain it
you will have to labor under difficulty. If the anvil is broken, ...

Whether growing in the field or harvested, a crop of oats in your dream is a forerunner to financial gain. However, if the oats were still green, you can expect a sticky period to precede the progress.

That would make the snakes your crop. As a rule, snakes are regarded as untrustworthy and dangerous, but that doesn't fit your image at all. These are playful and non-threatening.

Rings of magic drawn on the ground, such as medicine rings or crop circles, may have more to do with protection, as the ring is often the limits to which evil may approach.

You are being warned against an unreliable friend if your dream concerned carrying or using a riding crop.... Continue dream interpretation - Quirt"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Quiver ...

Like it says in the word that crop is white and the labers are few. There is only so much time and so little income or help for this kind of work, rarely do we have both at the same time, but God understands.

Reaping or harvesting something, such as produce or a crop, can represent: ...

Images related to education crop up throughout our lifetime, because we never stop learning. Dreaming of examinatons is a good example of this... it often indicates a fear of failure.

  You have planted the seeds, given them the right conditions for nurturing and growth, and now you are harvesting your crop!  Your project is coming to fruition, you are seeing the results of efforts, and you are reaching your goal.

a product of childhood memory organization being overlaid with adult reasoning and moral subtlety. Sometimes, the moral subtlety of adulthood is tempered in dreaming by the absolute right and wrong of childhood. Consequently, taboo imagery can crop ...

Quick acceptance shows you have been careless and too accepting in this matter and discrepancies are bound to crop up from it. Reevaluating is called for in this situation.

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Dreams  Crook  Cross

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