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crossroads dream symbol
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Being at an intersection or crossroads can represent: ...

Crossroads Dreams
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A crossroads in a dream represents a choice you have to make in real life. If you dream you have reached a crossroads, you have reached a time in your life when you must make a decision.

Being at an intersection or crossroads can represent:
Feeling you're at a critical decision point, or feeling the need to choose from two or more courses of action somehow in your life ...

Dreaming that you are at a crossroad means that you have come to a point in your life where you have several options to choose from which will take you various destinations. This dream suggests your need to make this important decision.
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A crossroads may symbolise a crucial point in your life or the crucial point insomething. It maybe that you have to make a change right now or it will be too late? You have been thinking about some change which will transform your life.

~s :
~s in a dream mean that you must take an important decision that influence your future.
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To dream of being at a ~s, foretells that you will have some important matter to decide from several options. It also indicates that you need to carefully think through the situation before making a decision.
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Dreams of being at a ~s symbolize your need to make an important decision in your waking life.
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This dream denotes you will be unable to hold some former favorable opportunity for reaching your desires.
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~s-decisions or choices in life, Jer. 6:16 NLT
Crowd-a crowd can symbolize the masses or people around the world. A crowd can also symbolize a compromise of your values, Ex. 23:2 NLT ...

Dreaming of a crossing or ~s implies the dreamer is about to engage in a major decision making process in waking life.
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If you dream that you are at a ~s, you may have to make a decision. What happens in the dream after you continue down the road can provide hints from your unconscious about which choice is the right one.
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Representing a choice or a place where the past is abandoned, the ~ combines the idea of traveling forward with the idea of making a choice. See Landscape and Scenery.
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To dream that you are at a ~, signifies that you have come to a point in your life where you have several options to choose from which will take you various destinations. This dream suggests your need to make this important decision.

A dream featuring ~s implies that you will have to make a potentially difficult choice in your life. If you cannot decide which way to go then it suggests that ..Read more →

A ~s indicates difficulty ahead on your path. You have to take care at a ~s to ensure your movements do not collide with others.
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~: a sign that change is coming, and that you are going to have to make a choice which usually requires a sacrifice of something in your life for the greater good.

More courage if becomes narrow - You will have to overcome obstacles, but should not lose courage because this will bring you happiness and good life;
Ability to choose if ~ - This dream that now you are in the ~ in your real life and you have to choose which way to move.

Striving towards ideals or activating mental / spiritual; To ~s: heading for trouble / suffering; With family member: carrying the influence of the family.
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Find yourself at a ~s.
Dream in other languages:
Укра-нський: -вняння а"гебра-чне вир-шувати
усском: Уравнение а"гебраическое решать
Polskim: Rozwiązać rwnanie algebraiczne ...

The direction you are heading in the dream, and the atmosphere or conditions surrounding the direction, suggest your intuitive summary of where you are going in life, and whether it will be profitable or difficult.

junction, ~ - choices in life about how to use resources Cayce (900-224, A-2). a time in life of especially needing guidance Cayce (900-232, A-1). Baby 1. a new venture Cayce (538-24). 2. a new interpersonal relationship Cayce (551-12). 3.

A sunny day, on a ~ a mini market with flowers and trees and some kids playing around. I was passing trough the shop and I notice a green dark small snake between the flowers.

Crossbones are a mortal Mayan symbol calling upon the concept of ~s, which are considered ominous locations. Bones crossed are symbolic of a juxtaposition between god/man, life/death, dark/light, etc. - there is a "meeting of duality" in this crossed bone gesture.

Crosswords= Decision; change of direction, (See ~s, path, sign and auto wreck). (Isa 35:8; Matt 7:13-14; John 14:6; Nahum 2:4).

It sounds as if you are at a ~s. Please write to info@darlenelancer.com and tell me what choices are before you. Are you dating someone? What are your associations to right and left and what is the woman like? Does she remind you of anyone and if so, what are her, their, traits.

The letter T in a dream represent a ~s. A junction in life where you have to make a decision.
T is the 20th letter of the alphabet and in numerology 20 represents conflict with power. TOP
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To dream that you are at an intersection signifies a ~ in your life. It is at this point where a decision must be made in order for you to move forward.
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Dreaming of any sort of cross - the Christian cross, the Maltese cross, the ancient cross of the Goddess - indicates joy, happiness and fulfillment after a long and difficult struggle.
2. A ~s implies the obvious: two possible paths lying ahead, and a choice to be made.

Do you feel overwhelmed, finding it difficult to make up your mind about what to buy and which aisle to go down? (This may suggest that you are at a ~s in your life.) Do you have a shopping list with you and know what you’re looking for?

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