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a la mode, absorption current, AC, accepted, accessible, accidental, accompanying, accustomed, active current, actual, ado, advance, advised, affirmed, affluence, afflux, affluxion, afloat, afoot, aim, air current, all the rage, all the thing, ...

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To see/notice an ocean or river current in your dream, represents the direction of your life and the decisions you have made along the way.

Currently, Am planing to re-unite with My kids and my wife. but i dreamed about fire 3days ago.

Concurrent dreams are often discovered by chance. You may be telling a friend about a dream you had, using vivid details, when all of a sudden she reveals that she had the same exact dream. This is a rare and mysterious occasion indeed! ...

Your current romantic partner, or an imagined or desired partner if you're not currently in a relationship
See also: relationship breaking up ending a process x
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Your current perception of your own capabilities. If the phone book is useless it may reflect feelings that you lack resources, skill, or the needed connections.
*Please See Phone Number. TOP
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We are currently re-doing our entire dream dictionary. Why? Because times change, "meanings" change, and. therefore. dream symbols change.

If your current home, it may reflect whatever feelings or needs you have about it (security or safety)? Dream interpretation of your home may be an image for anything that is basic to you; your values, goals; family or love relationships.

To see a current or past teacher is an indication that you need some help and advice regarding a waking life situation. Your life has recently changed, and you need someone to talk to about the changes.

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If you are currently a student, then a dream about education - attending classes, taking exams, and so on - can reflect real-life concerns.

Due to the current peace process going on in Northern Ireland, to dream of it or Belfast can symbolize the need to resolve conflict.

'One of my recurrent dreams is walking up a road... always the same road, but with lots of different twists and turns in different dreams. Sometimes the path is really narrow, sometimes I go up hills or down valleys.

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Whatever your current high hope is fastened on, this dream forewarns of a disappointment. However, you should remember that most endings generate new beginnings.
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If you do not currently practice a martial art, dreaming of martial arts can depict any of the following:
Martial arts can represent defending your mind from negative forces including beliefs, thoughts, ideologies, and dogma.

Your view of your current life, where there are many activities, tasks, or opportunities to choose from, or many challenges to deal with
Fun, adventure, or variety—or a desire for more of these things ...

saucer - all that is currently held in the conscious mind Cayce (900-163, A-1). 2. received like a trophy cup - the attanment of a union of knowledge and understanding which brings happiness, joy and peace Cayce (900-109).

Open: The beginning of an opportunity to leave your current situation.
gift - To make you feel better about what the gift relates to. Something is coming to you, high expectations.
Giraffe - Something beyond your grasp or understanding.

Camera To see a camera in your dream means you are trying to live in the past, or that you don't have a clear picture of a current situation.

He was currently exploring some new ideas and was getting to grips with the concepts. Turning back before he was lost linked to him trying not to overreach himself.

Travel over water is indicative of emotions and how the ‘flow of events’ or ‘current’ is leading you forward into the future, and often represent the internal drama of uncertainty.

You need to balance work and pleasure in order to succeed in your current undertakings. If you have difficulties riding the bicycle, then it suggests that you are experiencing anxieties about making it on your own.

SCHOOL : This type of dream relates to your current "lesson in life," and if you learn how to interpret it, you'll find out how you are progressing...yes, folks, you're still taking tests and getting graded! ...

It certainly was not my house currently. But, there was a guy waiting in the lobby of this apartment building. He appeared to be a friend. I went to my door and there was trash laying in front of it. Like old drinking cups and things.

Dreaming that you are having sex with an ex or someone who is not your current mate indicates your reservations about embarking in a new relationship or situation.

We now figured out we can only understand what our dreams symbols mean by knowing our current situation in life and how we feel.

dream was kinda of the sort , I suppose , it started off somewhat joyous , sitting at a table with a few friends who are still alive yet a pastor comes to me and asks to borrow something I was using which was a mini mouse to a laptop I was currently ...

These dreams may be symbolic of your unconscious, instincts and intuition, and degree of awareness of a current situation or a problem. The look of the basement may provide you with clues about your current feelings and state of contentment.

These dreams could represent your current movement toward goals or passage through life.

To dream about your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend or ex-husband/wife, suggests that something or someone in your current life that is bringing out similar feelings you felt during the relationship with your ex.

Your parents put your boat into their river and teach you how to paddle upstream against the current. You try really hard to fulfill THEIR hopes, wishes, and dreams for you. At some point in the journey you realize you do not belong on their river.

That view is of course a statement resting on the current scientific theories. But there are examples of people who speak a different language they have never learned and were able to talk with a native of that language.

Dreaming that you are having an affair with someone other than your spouse or partner can be a way of satisfying your curiosity about what it would be like to be in a relationship with someone else, without causing harm to your current relationship ...

If the animal in your dream is not literal (such as a current pet), consider the qualities of the animal and your feelings about those qualities to determine its identity in your waking life.

Mystical meaning: A recurrent theme in mythology is the ‘divine child'. This mystical figure is often a hero or a savior.

Dreams about school indicate that the dreamer is reflecting on current events in real life and learning more 'lessons in life'.
To dream of attending school, indicates distinction in lessons and work.

To dream about your ex suggests that something or someone in your current life is bringing out similar feelings to the ones you felt in the relationship with your ex.

Banks may also have current day meaning based upon certain behavioral aspects of banks in the current environment that contribute to financial meltdown e.g. deceitfulness, greed and usury.

More than likely, it is simply an assessment of your current situation. The mode of transportation in this dream often symbolises your progress in life. Do you feel detached from your career - as if you have done all you can in your current position?

The size of the waist in a dream determines the omen it portends to as recognized in the current mode of fashion. A large rotund waist gives the dreamer the information that life will be pleasing and comfortable with no lack or want.

The dream landscape often contains images of rivers and currents. In general, they can be seen as bearers of psychic energy. A journey on them by boat or ship refers to the journey of life.

Interpretation hint: Look if you are currently experiencing feelings or a situation that feel that way in your waking life; ...

If the hat is old and shabby, the dreamer's current job will eventually "get old."
2. If the hat is too small for the dreamer, something in his life for which he had high hopes could turn out to be a disappointment.

A mermaid in your dream is a symbol of your current love or personal affairs, and its meaning depends on the... Continue dream interpretation - Mermaid"continue dream interpretation
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If you won the fight, your current undertakings will be successful; but if you lost or the outcome was indecisive, you can expect some difficulty and worry.

A dream featuring your current or previous boyfriend can sometimes symbolize the feelings and emotions you have associated with this person. The dream can suggest that you are lacking or ..Read more →

They had taken the Word and had broken it down according to the current events and events of history. The site seemed innocent enough, even though I did feel a bit of oppression on it. Soon thereafter everything seemed to go wrong in my life.

Relatives-living relatives are symbolic of your current living situation. Dead relatives can be showing you the root of generational blessings or curses in your life, Ex. 34:7
Relay race-symbolic of working as a team ...

The output of this neural network for dreaming is guided by a "continuity principle"linked to current personal concerns on the one hand and a "repetition principle"rooted in past emotional preoccupations on the other. '[Domhoff, G. W. (2001).

The most obvious connection most of us make with the cross in the current era is with the cross on which Jesus died. Depending on how each of us feels about religion and spirituality, this could therefore have many different meanings.

sail traveling over some emotional currents; shopping; begin a journey; sailing into someone harshly; feeling tossed around. (See sale) How are you feeling discouraged?

Ufo Ugly Umbrella Uncle Unconscious Undercurrent Underground
Underskirt Underwear Unfaithful Unfriendly Ungrateful Unhappy
Unicorn Uniform University Unknown Unmarried Unoccupied ...

To see melons growing on vines, foretells that current troubles will result in good.
To see milk in your dream, symbolizes wealth, good health and kindness.

If you are in a situation that requires you to obtain a ladder, it may be that you see yourself as inadequate in your current means. The limitations of height and gravity are acutely felt in this world.

The second reason for dreaming about having sex is to heal the dreamer of the fact that they are currently not having sex with their partner. In this case the dream attempts to heal stress or whatever impact abstinence is having on the relationship.

Cleansing. Life. Emotions. Ask yourself about your current feelings.
Violence. Conflict. Defense. Aggression. Seeking more power or fear of it.

gate - Closed
An opportunity for you to decide upon. Open: The beginning of an opportunity to leave your current situation.
To make you feel better about what the gift relates to. Something is coming to you, high expectations.

To see strained honey, denotes wealth and ease, but there will be an undercurrent in your life of unlawful gratification of material desires.
Honey ...

accident. The unexpected; loss of innocence or opportunity. Accidents suggest the importance of planning, foresight, caution, and critical assessment of current circumstances.
acrobat. Free, uninhibited, playful, and happy ...

Roads, aside from being literal manifestations, convey your direction in life. This may be time to question your current "life path".

Can you identify the recipient of your anger in waking life? In dreams of murdering loved ones or family members, the dreamer may be worried about a current course of action, which he or she believes is "hurting" the murdered person, i.e.

hair appears in the dream indicates the quality of thoughts giving the dreamer insight into the way he/she thinks and what alterations can be made to enhance thinking. For instance, if hair is being cut, this will symbolize the dreamer's current ...

A thought can be transmitted to the mind of another. There are mental transmissions, communications of thoughts, and psychic currents between human souls. Space appears to be no obstacle in these cases, and time sometimes seems to be annihilated.

One interesting thing, when you see something or someone on your right in a dream, it often means that it is literally the 'right way'. This seems to hold up in your dream. In your dream you are agreeing to end your current life situation.

If a blank wall, reconsider your current plans.
Water - if flowing water, such as a river or stream, increased romance. If water is murky, one is unsure of one's own feelings. If fish in the water, abundance and creativity.

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