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curtain dream symbol
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A division or dividing line. For example, curtains in a window divide the inner world and the outer world.

A division or dividing line. For example, curtains in a window divide the inner world and the outer world. A curtain on a stage divides the real world (audience) from the pretend world (stage).

abatis, act, act drop, advanced work, afterpiece, apodosis, apply to, asbestos, asbestos board, awning, backdrop, balistraria, bamboo curtain, bank, banquette, barbed-wire entanglement, barbican, barricade, barrier, barrier of secrecy, bartizan, ...

Curtains - To see or dream that you are shutting the curtains, signify secrecy and a repression of thoughts.You are concealing some personal matter or some aspect of yourself.

To dream of curtains, foretells that unwelcome visitors will cause you worry and unhappiness. Soiled or torn curtains seen in a dream means disgraceful quarrels and reproaches.
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It starts with him sitting in a pub starring at the bar and then he is looking at a small blue curtain. He then looks at another wall and see a black square with people who are taking pictures.

Curtains :
If you put up curtains you will get increased activity in the social area. If you dreamt about curtains hanging in a window is someone working against you.

Association: Protection, decoration. Question: How far I am in intimacy? What I want to show? In general: The dream is to remain somewhat hidden by the curtain.

Dreams where you close the curtains represent secrecy. You are concealing a personal matter or an aspect of yourself. To dream of opening the curtains means you are ready to reveal something hidden.
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curtains symbol in dream
Dreamed about curtains. What does it mean?
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Curtains - To close the curtains or to hide behind them indicates that you may have issues or something that you would like to hide from others.
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Protection. Decoration. Seeking privacy or something to be display.
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curtains: You can either open them to reveal or close them to hide.
cutting: To sever connections with someone or some feeling or desire.
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** Parting the curtains could be metaphoric of an unveiling of the future.
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The curtains were pulled over most of the windows & there was little light. I was amazed. Wow.I said to him. This place just needs light. Really? he said.

"In the Egyptian temples, according to Clemens Alexandrinus, an immense curtain separated the tabernacle from the place for the congregation. The Jews had the same.

CURTAIN making something look good - letting the world see you in an attractive and positive way
CURTAIN wishing to conceal some activity - a need for privacy - hiding something in your life
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Then two more Spanish-looking women with dark skin found me behind the curtains. It was as if they were looking for me and I for them. When they found me, they were very glad. I was too.

Then in the final dream there was something about moving into an apartment with no curtains and feeling mistrustful of the new friend/neighbor next door.) I don't dream so much, but last night was active! ...

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