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To dream of your daughter-in-law, indicates some unusual occurence[sic] will add to happiness, or disquiet, according as she is pleasant or unreasonable.

Dreaming about your child often relates to how you feel about her. Is she an adventurous creative person? If so then it will usually be depicting your own feelings of creativity and risk taking. Is she an introverted person, or anxious.

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Your real-life daughter, or someone who feels like a daughter to you, or someone you feel protective of or parental towards.
see also: family child
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Your real-life daughter, or someone who feels like a daughter to you, or someone you feel protective of or parental towards.
See also: family child ...

Seeing your daughter in your dream, represents your waking relationship with your daughter and the qualities that she projects. If you do not have a daughter, then it symbolizes the feminine aspect within yourself.
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To dream about your daughter-in-law indicates that an unwanted or sudden circumstance will occur that will bring either incredible joy or anguish, and this is reliant upon the manner of your daughter-in-law within your dream.

Daughter-In-Law - To see your daughter-in-law in your dream, signifies that an unusual and unexpected incident will either give you much happiness or distress, depending on her demeanor in your dream.
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1. If the dreamer is pregnant, and the daughter an as-yet unknown, this could be a sign that she is going to have a girl.

"Yes, my daughter and my ex husband... They were the same age they are now too. Anyway, my daughter for some reason went outside to play and I watched as she went out the door.

Dreams About Daughter
What do dreams about daughter mean?
To dream of your daughter, signifies that many displeasing incidents will give way to pleasure and harmony.

To dream of your daughter, signifies that many displeasing incidents will give way to pleasure and harmony. If in the dream, she fails to meet your wishes, through any cause, you will suffer vexation and discontent.

Dream Interpretation/Dream of my daughter being hurt
Hello and thank you in advance for your time and help. I'm a single mom of a little girl who is about to turn 2 in just few months.

Daughter :
If you do not have a daughter this dream can represent a wish. If you have a daughter you can admire something about her personality.
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Dream interpretation - Daughter-in-law
To dream of your daughter-in-law, indicates some unusual occurence{sic} will add to happiness, or disquiet, according as she is pleasant or...

daughter waking life daughter; offspring; caring; female line; the younger feminine part of yourself. How is your daughter like you?
dawn someone named Don or Dawn; a time of special energy; new beginnings. What have you just realized?

To dream of having a daughter represents passive ideas, habits, or developments that are being encouraged or allowed to flourish. Situations or aspects of yourself that you are encourgaing that have no control or power.

Seeing your daughter in your dream, indicates that your distress will soon be replaced by pleasure and harmony.

daughter drowning symbol in dream
Dreamed about daughter drowning. What does it mean?
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Seeing your daughter (real or pretend) in your dream is a good omen, foretelling that your distress will soon be replaced by pleasure and harmony.
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To dream of your daughter or daughter-in-law is a sign that some dependent will lean heavily upon your resources and may take advantage of you if you are not careful.

My Daughter's Dream
by: Holly Howard
My daughter had a dream she looked out the window and saw a hawk on the windowsill.

Your daughter can indicate your female side or that you had issues with your mother in at the age of your daughter in the dream. You have both male and female aspects to yourself and dreams encourage you to restore balance to this energy mix.

Youthful feminine self. Ready to express youthful receptivity. Pleasure and harmony.
Dawn ...

My daughter miscarried a baby last year at 11 weeks she is now 19 weeks pregnant. Last night I dreamed that she had 2 girls and 2 boys and my deceased father was also in it.
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If your daughter carries away the platter of meat before you are done eating, it foretells that you will have trouble and vexation from those beneath you or dependent upon you. The same would apply to a waiter or waitress.
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The joy if the daughter dies - to dream of the death of the daughter denotes the change from unhappiness to happiness; ...

Dream dictionary definition for daughterDreaming of your daughter indicates that you have some unresolved issue or problem with your daughter that you're attempting to work out.

"A mother hears her daughter announce her intended marriage six months before it has been thought of.
"Frequent cases of death are foretold with precision.
"A theft is seen by a somnambulist, and the execution of the criminal is foretold.

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It was that the older members of my family (mother figure, older brother..) had killed this man who was considered 'bad news', he had a daughter that was apparently horrible, and i think he'd been threatening my aunt or something...

For a man, a dream of incest with his daughter will usually express fear of the erotic element in your feelings toward his daughter in real life; but also be a straightforward expression of desire.

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I knelt on the ground to help my 5yr old daughter out with her shoe lace. A silvery blue snake slid out from a bush beside me.

This searching dream is interesting because the man reported throughout counseling how anxious he was concerning his daughter's driving. The loss of control he was feeling in his daughter's life consumed much of his emotional energy.

A friend of mine taught his daughter to try not to wake up from her nightmare until she had started to fly.

"I am about to move to Texas with my daughter. Its not easy right now with tempers easily tested with everything that is going on. But I am sure that this will be good for the family"[Dream Dictionary - Dog is bitten but has puppies in the future] ...

To see your son or daughter a small child again means you will soon have a cessation of worry and regain a youthful outlook on life. If you dream you are young again you may try to rectify past mistakes but meet with failure.

Siblings, sons, and daughters often reflect aspects of ourselves. Grandparents in a dream may represent the role that traditions play in your life, though they may also represent the archetypes of the wise old man, or woman (see archetypes).

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