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American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming of the dead, is usually a dream of warning. If you see and talk with your father, some unlucky transaction is about to be made by you. Be careful how you enter into contracts, enemies are around you.

dead acquaintance dream symbol
dead acquaintance
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A dead person whom you knew (or knew of) in real life can represent that person, or your memory of that person.

Dead End Dreams
Written by dreamdictionary.net
If you find yourself trapped in a cul-de-sac, or dead end in a dream, it can be a message that you are working hard to achieve a goal but that your efforts are futile.

dead body
The end of a phase in some area of your life.
If the dead person is someone you know, it can represent that you consider that person to be reaching the end of some phase before the beginning of the next, or it can mean that you are afraid of that person dying or becoming unavailable to you.

Dead / Alive
Dead people who appear alive in dreams have three general categories of participation: cameo, resolution, and judgment.

Seeing ~ people in your dream warns you that you are in the wrong circle of people in your waking life. However, ~ people can also suggest that you will receive good news from the living ones in your waking life. One ~ person represents longevity.

To dream that you are conversing with a ~ relative, and that relative endeavors to extract a promise from you, warns you of coming distress, unless you follow the advice given you.

To dream of the ~ warns that you could be surrounded by too many negative individuals, that you are staying in touch with the wrong people. You could lose things because of this. This dream may also be a way to help you deal with the loss of certain people.

Corpse (~ body,Cadaver)
General Meanings:
Thoughts about death The dream about the death is not so terrible such as a corpse. The corpse is more than ~, it doesn't have the life any more.

If you are finding ~ rats in your dreams, you may be learning about some situations that were destructive, sick, or untrustworthy, but are now so old that they no longer can do you harm.

Example dream : A '~' snake (which was not actually ~)symbolised the dreamers hope that she would not have a cheating boyfriend. Her previous boyfriend had cheated and she hoped that was now gone and over for good.

~ end
A ~ end in a dream reflects feelings of frustration and doubt in the pursuit of a waking life goal or one's direction in waking life. Notice the location of the dream. If the ~ end is in a work or business environment, uncertainty about your career path is indicated.

~ leaves are symbols of melancholy or sadness. They can represent a distant past. To see oneself sweeping up ~ leaves is an excellent sign, in that one is getting rid of nostalgia or events that are over.

To see the ~ in your dream, forewarns that you are being influenced by negative people and are hanging around the wrong crowd. You may suffer material loss. This dream may also be a way for you to resolve your feelings with those who have passed on.

~ body-to see a ~ body in a dream can be symbolic of spiritual death or someone who has been attacked by Satan, Ps. 110:6
Deadwood-symbolic of spiritual death, Jude 1:12 ...

~ - See death
Death - Need to eliminate negative influence from past. An aspect of the dreamer has to die before another aspect can find expression; Of father: need to eliminate negative influence of father; Of mother: need to eliminate negative influence of mother. (more) ...

~ top list
Take caution in your plans and reconsider how you are going about doing something. Listen carefully, a solution to a dilemma can be found. Peacefulness and acceptance can be achieved.

~ People
To dream of the deceased, if they are or were close to us, denotes strong emotive connections to these people. It is intended to acknowledge that we may have unresolved issues with the person or persons in the dream.
Death ...

A project, a dream, or plans for the future will come to a ~ stop. Other symbols in the dream should reveal whether you need to scrap these plans entirely or go back to the beginning and start over.
Death ...

~ People
Like Burial and Coffin, a ~ body appearing in your dream can represent two things: Either a side of you is not achieving expression or you may need to allow some aspect of a past way of being to 'pass on.

~ relatives loved ones who have passed over are always with you; a special message from them. Who are you still mourning?
deaf not hearing someone or something; turning away; words 'falling on deaf ears'; 'turning a deaf ear'. What are you trying to drown out with a loud noise?

If you dreamed that you were ~, this is actually a positive omen. It symbolizes renewal and letting go of an old stage of life. This is also a common dream when you are getting over an illness, and are getting better.

To dream of being ~ represents feelings of loss or total failure. If your death takes on a more positive theme it may reflect positive changes or transformation.

Giant To dream of a giant appearing suddenly before you, denotes that there will be a great struggle between you and your opponents. If the giant succeeds in stopping your journey, you will be overcome by your enemy. If he runs from you, prosperity and good health will be yours.

If you dream of someone who has crossed over, most likely you are reconciling unfinished emotions (grief, anger) concerning that person. You may also see qualities in yourself that were qualities the deceased exhibited when she was alive.

To dream of the ~, is usually a dream of warning. If you see and talk with your father, some unlucky transaction is about to be made by you. Be careful how you enter into contracts, enemies are around you. Men and women are warned to look to their reputations after this dream.

Actions, Feelings, Conditions - Dream Dictionary
Transformation; there is now room in the psyche for a new way of life; a need to revise your self-image; the end of one type of inner personification.

~ cedar symbolizes despair, while green and nice cedar symbolizes joyful success.
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~/Death- the end of something, with a new beginning i.e., leaving an old job for a new one; death in a dream rarely means a real death.

~ fish, signifies the loss of wealth and power through some dire calamity.
For a young woman to dream of seeing fish, portends that she will have a handsome and talented lover.

~ people: Some person or aspect in your life that has died and you are dealing with it. Dealing with grief of the death a loved one or your own future death and its inevitability. What has ended in your life?

A ~ rook, denotes sickness or death in your immediate future.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project ...

A ~ hare, betokens death to some friend. Existence will be a prosy affair.
To see hares chased by dogs, denotes trouble and contentions among your friends, and you will concern yourself to bring about friendly relations.

A ~ rook interpret sickness or death in your immediate future.
To dream of a rooster foretells that you will be very successful and rise to prominence, but you will allow yourself to become conceited over your fortunate rise.

A ~ parrot, foretells the loss of social friends.
To dream of parsley, denotes hard-earned success, usually the surroundings
of the dreamer are healthful and lively.

A ~ swan, foretells satiety and discontentment.
To see them flying, pleasant anticipations will be realized soon.
Swearing ...

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Dreams are actually the most dramatic and passionate experiences any of us have. The passion of dreams is not on show for the casual observer except in nightmares. Instead they are masked in the images and characters of dreams.

To see ~ and wounded caused by a hurricane, you will be much distressed over the troubles of others.
Husband ...

To see ~ gulls in your dream, denotes separation from friends.
To see a hawk in your dream denotes acute perceptions and your ability for quick discernment. A hawk also symbolizes spiritual awareness.

To see ~ gulls in your dream, denotes long and wide separation from friends.
To dream that you are chewing gum, suggests that you are unable to express yourself effectively. You may feel vulnerable. Alternatively, is symbolizes a sticky situation that you found yourself in.

Seeing a ~ echidna - to improve the situation. Dreamed that you yourself killed echidna - you manage to cope with adversity alone. If viper attacks you - be extremely vigilant, beware of the machinations of enemies.
The newest Dream Book
Echidna - an exotic surprise.

A dream where you die implies that some positive change will take place in your life, or that you are moving on from old beliefs or ways. Death in a dream may ..Read more →

We are the ~. Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

To dream of ~ corn or stubble fields, indicates to the dreamer dreary prospects for the future. To see green fields, or... Continue dream interpretation - Field"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Fiend ...

Dreaming Of The ~: A Spiritual Explanation
Ruby Gradidge-Zanner left her career as a doctor to become a clairvoyant. She does personal readings and emotional healing, teaches meditation and development courses and conducts self-realisation workshops.

Ecclesiastes 10:1 "~ flies cause the ointment of the apothecary to send forth an unpleasant odour: [so does] a little folly to him that has a reputation for wisdom [and] honour." (GMR)
See also: Oil, Medicine
BAND ...

May or may not involve the ~ person.
deceased - The deceased often come to comfort those they left behind. :They bring messages and convey the notion that everything is OK.
descend - Getting out of a threatening situation. Migrating to a lower status.

Flowers in his garden will blossom, his ~ fields will start greening again, and he will become self-sufficient. If ill, he shall recover. If forgetful of life after death, he shall come back to his senses.

counterfoil, countermark, coupon, crack, crackle, cramp, cranny, crater, craze, crazy-work, crevasse, crevice, crib, criterion, croak, cross-check, curb, curb bit, curtail, curtailment, cut, cut apart, cut short, cutoff, cwm, dam, dam up, damage, damp, dampen, damper, dapple, dash, ~ stop, ...

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For a woman to dream that a ~ snake is biting her, foretells she will suffer from malice of a pretended friend.
To see them wriggling and falling over others, foretells struggles with fortune and remorse.

i walked to it and went inside seen people hurt and ~ i tried to help the best i could but there were too many i felt helpless in away i walked out and walked to wut would be the top but on its side there was a play ground on the roof where i seen many injured kids most were ~ i looked over at ...

To dream of a ~ horse, signifies disappointments of various kinds.
To dream of riding a horse that bucks, denotes that your desireswill be difficult of consummation.
To dream that he throws you,you will have a strong rival, and your business will sufferslightly through competition.

To dream of seeing any of your people ~, warns you of coming dissolution or sorrow. Disappointments always follow dreams of this nature. To hear of any friend or relative being ~, you will soon have bad news from some of them.

Pluto is the brother of Zeus and Poseidon and the ruler of the underworld, or the land of the ~. The kingdom of the ~ is located underneath the surface of the earth.

I wake up in my bed to find a snake ~ next to me, it was a light brown almost gold color. Well, me thinking it is ~ I pick it up and walk out of my room. As I enter the hallway of my apartment, I notice that there is something in the snakes' belly.

~-End Road or Street- Change Directions: Repent; certain failure; stop; no advancement possible (as in "that's a ~-end job"); a point at which you must review the way you are going or what you are doing and making the necessary changes in direction. (Haggai 1:5-7).

"Faith without works is ~," says the book of James in the Bible. At the time I had this dream, I was trying to please people so that I could get a position inside the church as an elder or deacon.

If it is a person that is actually ~ in real life, the pain and sadness involved with their death may be replaying in your mind, as a way to handle that loss. If that's the case, think about what it is you miss the most - and find ways to address that grief.

Is the forest in your dream a place of wonder and mystery, or an overgrown jungle full of ~ ends? This could symbolize how cluttered or uncluttered you feel your mind is at the moment.

Dreaming of ~ or dying birds can predict a period of disappointment. If you dream of dying or ~ birds, look at your life and see what problems are worrying you and if you are headed for disappointment in any area.

To dream that your boyfriend is ~, indicates that something in your own self that is no longer functional and is (~). You are not being allowed to fully express yourself. It is also symbolic of your own relationship with that person. Perhaps you need to let go of this relationship.

~ ,or dying, birds foretell a period of coming disappointments and worries, while dreaming of the beak of a bird means you will soon change your place of residence. Birds eggs in a nest signifies money, but to see them broken then you will experience a loss of money.

Your dream of the ~ child inside the snake sounds like a classic dream of the snake being a symbol of transformation. Snakes are often seen as symbols of life, death and rebirth. In North American native tribes, the shedding of the snake's skin is associated with life and a new beginning.

alternate: For years in our family it has meant that someone in the family would soon be wed and the wedding would be beautiful. In some circles it means a birth, the opposite of death. To be unable to identify the ~ person means a windfall of money for you, ...

To dream of the ghost of your ~ parents denotes that you are exposed to danger and you should be careful in forming partnerships with strangers.
Giant ...

To see them alive means a very favorable omen; if ~, you will undergo serious ill luck.
To dream of rabbits denotes faithfulness in love and a great friendship. Very good business ventures.

Flies - evil spirits, filth of Satan's kingdom; Beelzebub -'Lord of the flies'; live on ~ things; occult
Grasshopper - destruction; drought, pestilence
Moth - symbol of destruction; deception (as a moth drawn to the flame) ...

Dream Symbols: dream is in black & white, hallway, shadows, skyscraper, door, shooting, ~, window, running, hospital, enemies, frozen, doctors, alley, car, death scream, red.
Dream Symbols: naked, bed, feet, mice, #8, feet on ground.

Does not signify death. Means to remove or be removed from a situation, emotions or circumstances. May or may not involve the ~ person.
The deceased often come to comfort those they left behind. :They bring messages and convey the notion that everything is OK.

19. Roads symbolize your direction in life. The direction of your life is determined by your desires and goals. There are highways, streets, roads, ~-end streets, bumpy roads, smooth roads, etc. You can make a right turn, a U-turn or a left turn (not right or unpredictable).

Contrary to a popular myth, you will not actually die if you do not wake up before your hit the ground during a fall.but could you imagine the news story that would play if you did? 'Individual ~.we don't know why. I think he fell in his dream.' ...

To see a ~ or dying fish signifies disappointment and loss of power or money. Also see Aquarium. Floor Represents your support system of friends and family. It may also represent the division between your unconscious and conscious mind.

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