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(Diaper) A swaddle in a dream represents a pregnant woman, a broken bone, or defeating one's enemy. If one sees his wife swaddled in a piece of cloth and if he unwraps her in a dream, it means that he will divorce her.

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If you are a baby with a poopy diaper in the dream, this means that you are in a phase in your life where you need others to care for you but you are ashamed about needing this.

Diapers :
If a woman dream about diapers she might get separated from, or break up with her lover. A man that dream about diapers might quit the old job and start in a new one.
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Dream interpretation - Diapers
This dream could foretell a change of job or position to one of greater responsibility. It may also mean a temporary... Continue dream interpretation - Diapers"continue dream interpretation
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To see or wear a ~ in your dream, symbolizes your immature attitudes or actions. You may be too dependent on others. If you dream of changing ~s, this suggests that you need to clean up you behavior and change your childish ways.

~s indicate your elimination system.
Digging to prepare a garden or grounds asks you to do the groundwork on yourself to move forward with regard to the subject matter of the dream.

~-a dirty ~ can be symbolic of filth or sin, Zeph. 1:17
Dieting-symbolic of being self-conscious or the desire to lose weight
Dice-throwing dice is symbolic of taking a risk in life ...

~ time to clean up; cover up; protect; suggests immaturity; lack of control. Who is acting like a baby?
diary secret thoughts; keeping track; expressing yourself. When are you going to start writing the story of your life?

To see or wear a ~ in your dream, symbolizes your childish or babyish attitudes/actions. You may be too dependent on others. To dream that you are changing ~s, suggests a need to clean up you behaviour and change your childish ways.

To dream of ~s represents something in your life that has to be looked after all the time. A very demanding problem or something that requires constant responsibility.

Example dream : A dream changing a babies ~ was linked to the dreamer being more equal with her mother recently. Her mother was venting her feelings with her. They both cared for each other and looked after each other.

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