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dirty dream symbol
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Dirt on an object, you, your clothes, etc. can represent: ...

Getting dirty and feeling okay about it can represent:
Letting go of inhibitions and feeling free to enjoy life despite your problems
Accepting yourself or someone else as they are
See also: ground or land problem or trouble ash mud dust germs ...

contaminated, contemptible, contumelious, corrupt, crappy, creepy, crummy, cumuliform, cumulous, cursing, cyclonic, damnatory, dark, darken, daub, debased, deceitful, defile, defiled, degraded, denunciatory, depraved, despicable, dingy, dirt, dirty ...

Dirtiness in a dream may indicate that you have anxiety or negative feelings surrounding sex. The dream occurs when the dreamer suffers from a negative self image, which can be resolved by decontaminating body, mind, and spirit.

Example dream : A dingy and dirty apartment symbolised the dreamers thoughts about finding a new flat after she was told that her two room mates were moving out.

Sounds to me like either you fear/think that some business people who you think of as "friendly" may be "dirty" or have "dirty hands" and so you need to watch out for them, or you are having a premonition of a similar occurence.
Peace, John ...

If you are dirty in a dream, you may feel ashamed of something you did recently, and you're hoping that people won't notice. If water is dirty, it means your emotions are clouded and uncertain.

Dirty Snow - impure
Snow Drift - barrier; hindrance; opposition
Snow Blizzard - inability to see; storm that blinds you or obstructs your vision ...

Dirty walls indicate that your colon needs cleansing. Toxins from your colon are getting into your blood stream.
Wallet ...

Dirty clothes-symbolic of sin and dead works, Isa. 64:6
Disciple-symbolic of following Christ, Isa. 50:4 ...

To dream that your body or your clothes are dirty, might indicate an illness - you should get a medical checkup.

Typically, people dream of being dirty when they have compromised their own values, morals, or beliefs in waking life.
Dismemberment ...

Dirty top list
Some pattern within you (depending on where the dirt is) is in need of a good scrubbing.

This is a symbol often associated with sexuality and intimacy. Something only becomes ‘dirty’ because it is ‘unclean’ or taboo.

To dream that you or something is dirty, represents your anxieties and feelings toward sex. The dream stems from low self-esteem and feelings of being unworthy. You need to purify your mind, heart and body.

To dream of something or someone that's dirty represents a low or untrusting opinion you have of someone. It may also reflect low standards, unworthiness, or someone that cheats. You may not want to be involved with a person or situation.

A dream where you are dirty suggests that you are feeling tension or negativity in some part of your waking life. If someone in the dream makes you dirty then it implies ..Read more →

Dirty laundry is translated in the modern dream research with the inner ‘uncleanness', manifested in feelings of guilt. After Artemidorus says this dream that one wants to shake off any unpopular, because yes you wash only "dirty laundry".

Dirty ice can mean hostility between friends. If you walked on ice you are doing something that not are good for you. Ice can also mean that you do not show enough feelings. To slip on ice mean you are uncertain.

Dirty, murky ice is a bad sign that augers ill feelings between friends, or plots against you from evil-minded persons who... Continue dream interpretation - Ice"continue dream interpretation
Ice Cream
Dream interpretation - Ice Cream ...

A dirty crystal in a dream could be a warning from your unconscious that your words or actions are offending other people.
Cuckoo ...

Being dirty in a dream can mean that you are uncomfortable with your body.
If you dream that someone else is dirty, you may feel that they are untrustworthy or that they are behaving in an immoral manner.

To see dirty snow, foretells that your pride will be humbled, and you will seek reconciliation with some person whom you held in haughty contempt.
To see it melt, your fears will turn into joy.

To see dirty snow in your dream, refers to a loss in innocence, impurity and uncleanness. Some aspect of yourself or situation has been tainted.

Pig: Dirty, basal drives. Gluttonous, greedy.
Rabbit: Sexuality, luck, or insecurity. The Celts associated the rabbit with magic and to do something considered impossible as in to "pull a rabbit out of the hat." ...

Dreaming of dirty toilet can represent 'filthy' or 'dirty' aspects of your personality that you do not want others to know about.  ...

twelve a dirty dozen; a big omelet; a number signifying completion; wholeness; spiritual number; twelve disciples; twelve days of Christmas; twelve hours in a day or night; Twelve Tribes of Israel. What does twelve mean in your life?

dirty conditions in the bed - care must be taken that by moral standards one's life appears to be clean and open Cayce (294-56, A-2). 3.

Dirty If you dream of being in dirty or messy surroundings, it is a positive omen meaning that whatever is worrying you will soon come to an orderly conclusion.

Life, spirituality (more) ; Dirty or polluted: circulatory system
See also: Abroad , Echo , Tapeworm , , Raft
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To see soiled, or dirty wool, foretells that you will seek employment with those who detest your principles.
To dream that you are hard at work, denotes that you will win merited success by concentration of energy.

To see a thin, and dirty-looking cat, suggests you will have bad news from the absent.
To dream that a cat attacking you, signifies enemies who are trying to hurt your reputation and cause you loss of property.

The meaning of a dream featuring a hand or hands varies greatly according to the action in the dream, but as a general guide: If the hands were dirty and/or their appearance unpleasant, ...

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