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Beyond you, outside of your inner experience
The part of your life where you interact with others or make impressions on others ...

If your dream takes place outdoors, this symbolizes freedom, tranquility, restoration, and renewal. It may also represent that you want to experience and express your feelings and instincts.
Outer Space ...

I ran through the house closing doors as I went through them and turning corners to get him off my trail. Eventually I got out the building ran to the helicopter and we lifted off. My mum was flying. The fuel was even lower.

Doors represent opportunities due to the fact that we use them to create openings in what would otherwise be an obstacle in our path. Where the door is located can be significant.

Doors of the plane
The doors of the airplane are made for the exit, therefore as the symbol in the dreams,the doors would symbolize the exit out of something.

Dream dictionary definition for outdoorsDreaming of being outdoors represents enjoyment of life.  You are not contained and free to do as you please, enjoying nature, soaking up the sun, or whatever makes you happy.

Doors represent both barriers and the idea of exploring potential. You may dream of a familiar house with a door leading to a room you didn't even know existed.

Whether indoors or out, these beautiful blooms seen in a dream predict contentment and prosperity.... Continue dream interpretation - Iris"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Iron ...

To see opened doors in your dream indicates that you are willing to accept opinions and criticisms of others.
To dream that the doors are closed or locked signifies that someone is trying to block your progress or opportunities.

It was worn by ancient Babylonian soldiers before battle, and its energy was reputed to open doors, win the advantage and enhance courage in the heat of conflict.

Doors are passageways and in our dreams that is their symbolism. Going through a door may represent going from one state of consciousness to another, or from one inner plane to another.

To dream of patio doors being open represents a willingness to be open about yourself. Closed doors may be a sign that you or someone else is not quite ready to be open about themselves.
Pavement ...

Or a dream with no doors might signify a feeling of being trapped in your real life circumstances.

Example: 'I was outdoors in my underpants teaching a group of people. Looking down I saw my genitals were exposed and I had female organs. I felt okay.' Bill S.

closing doors - counted-on opportunities will be shut, causing consternation Cayce (900-239, A-2). Doorway 1. openings, ways, or avenues of personal expression Cayce (137-109, A-1) 2.

As I approach the vehicles, the doors on both cars facing the middle of the road open blocking my path and two young hispanic men dressed in civilian clothing get out and start walking towards me.

To see opened doors in your dream, symbolizes your receptiveness and willingness to accept new ideas/concepts. In particular, to see a light behind it suggests that you are moving toward greater enlightenment/spirituality.

Desk - if one is working at a desk, it means one should spend more time outdoors. If the desk is empty, it means a change in jobs.
Dog - calm times ahead.
Duck - someone acting anonymously.
Eggs - abundance.

up, connection, consecution, continuate, continue, continuum, control, copulate, cordillera, coronet, countercheck, couple, course, cover, crane, crook, cross, crown, cuffs, curb, curb bit, cycle, damper, decoration, descent, diadem, do up, doorstop, ...

Example dream : An elevator with gold doors was linked to a situation involving the dreamers mother and the dreamers husband.

Most negative doors I see in the spirit refer to an open door to the demonic realm. When I see an open door and darkness behind it, or a demon coming out of it, I know that a person has an 'open door' in their lives.

If you dream you are in the bathroom, but the doors are open or there are no doors, it can indicate you do not have the privacy you need.

Dreams are like open doors to the spirit, the soul, and the mind. First, we should ask God to cover our sleep and dreams by the blood of Jesus, who is the Holy Lamb and the Son of God. Seeking God in all things is very important, not just in dreams.

Doors along the corridor represent how you feel about the choices you have in life. Are you in endless corridor with an infinite amount of doors on each side? Are the doors so small you crouch down to fit into them?

Man, by hiding in a cave, or closing the windows and doors of his house, may shut out all physical light; so he may steep his soul in sensual debauchery until all spiritual light is shut out.

Fresh, brightly colored flowers featured in your dream, whether growing outdoors or arranged indoors, are an auspicious omen of great personal happiness.

If you were lying on a bed outdoors you will get a lot of success. If you were indoors and went to bed with someone from the opposite sex, ...

If you dream that you are sleeping on a bed in the outdoors this foretells much success in your endeavors.

It implies that new doors may open and provide you with different options or choices. Make a note of the style of music and the title of the album.

Similar to being naked in a dream, being exposed, such as in a bathroom with no doors or walls, reflects feelings that our personal vulnerabilities and weaknesses are metaphorically exposed or "out in the open" for others to see.

In the houses of our dreams doors are entrances to different aspects of our self e.g. feelings, attitudes, and beliefs-the rooms of the self. Some doors, or gates, lead to unknown spaces and thus represent an opening to the unconscious.

door can signify a new entrance, or a way out; time to show someone the door; doors open and close, they welcome and shut out; 'closing the door' on something; going door-to-door; don't close all your doors on something; feeling like a 'doormat'; ...

Meaning of Dreams About Doors
To dream of entering a door, denotes slander, and enemies from whom you are trying in vain to escape. This is the same of any door, except the door of your childhood home.

7 - One or more settings (indoors vs. outdoors, familiar vs. unfamiliar, etc.)
8 - Objects (chairs, cars, streets, body parts, etc.)
9 - Descriptive modifiers (tall, fast, crooked, etc.)
10 - Temporal References
11 - Elements from the Past ...

To dream that the doors to the patio are opened, represents your receptive state of mind. If they are closed, then it indicates that you are not being opened to a situation. Patio doors also represent the merging of your mental and spiritual state.

I had a dream a very long and strong yellow bellied and black backed snake was trying to get me in the house - i was closing doors and windows just as it tried to get in to them. I was desperatly trying to get my 2 deceaced dogs inside to safety.

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What Does Your Dream Mean?
About Dream Symbols ...

To dream that you hear spirits knocking on doors or walls, interpret that trouble will arise unexpectedly.

One dictionary says if you dream of dahlias "this dream pertains to financial matters and is a harbinger of good news, especially if seen indoors in a vase.

They said dreaming of a helpless, small animal means you're not taking care of your 'inner child'. Maybe I need to laugh more, play outdoors, express my creativity, be more spontaneous, or enjoy more personal warmth and intimacy.

To see a vault for valuables, signifies your fortune will surprise many, as your circumstances will appear to be meagre. To see the doors of a vault open, implies loss and treachery of people whom you trust.

They are usually totally surrounding me and I try as best I can to get rid of them, usually by wrapping them up in a blanket or something and releasing them outdoors.

A person or animal blocking a door is symbolic of a spiritual hindrance. A door can also be symbolic of a free spirited person, Song. 8:8-9. Doors can also symbolize a person’s mouth, Ps. 141:3 ...

Godwin and her husband-to-be, Percy Shelley, visited the poet Lord Byron in Switzerland. Lord Byron's residence, a villa on a lake, was often subject to stormy weather and as a result he and his guests were forced to take refuge indoors on occasion.

The entrance was across the street, but the driveway went down a hill into the parking lot. Street level was above the building's roof. I saw other people walking into the building so I followed. The doors were on the south side of the building.

In dreams where rain and water-fertility are identified, there is usually an unique feature to the rain. This can be as mundane as a drought that is broken to rain that only falls indoors on one or two particular people.

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