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Dreams are actually the most dramatic and passionate experiences any of us have. The passion of dreams is not on show for the casual observer except in nightmares. Instead they are masked in the images and characters of dreams.

The symbolism is solely the role that you (or your loved ones) have to play in it. Are you just a spectator, this means that you prefer to stay neutral observer and likes to stay out if it is where "dramatic play": just do not take any important (good) role! ...

Dream Dictionary
To see a drama, signifies pleasant reunions with distant friends.

To see a drama, signifies pleasant reunions with distant friends.
To be bored with the performance of a drama, you will be forced to accept an uncongenial companion at some entertainment or secret affair.

acting, alphabet, antimasque, art, audience success, ballet, blueprint, boards, bomb, broadcast drama, Broadway, burlesque, burlesque show, carnival, charactering, characterization, charade, chart, choreography, circus, cliff hanger, closet drama, comedy drama, conventional representation, ...

To be bored with the performance of a ~, you will be forced to accept an uncongenial companion at some entertainment or secret affair.
~ ...

A ~tic scene may represent something very ~tic that has just happened. It could also bring alive some ~tic events about to happen or some really positive feelings about the future.

American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
To see a ~, signifies pleasant reunions with distant friends. To be bored with the performance of a ~, you will be forced to accept an uncongenial companion at some entertainment or secret affair.

~ :
A ~ generally symbolizes reunion with old friends.
The dream symbols are also available in an iPhone app which you can download from iTunes: ...

~ pretending things are different; getting caught up with your own scenario; an old script that you lay out. Who is being ~tic?
drape covering things up; hiding behind. What are you arranging so carefully?

To dream that you are writing a ~, denotes that you will suddenly find yourself submerged in debt and distress. To see a ~ in your dream, signifies that you will be reunited with old friends.

~. Music. Maybe expecting a big finale. Family disorder.
Prophecy. Wisdom. Something will become clear to you.

Feeling ~tically out of control in your personal life can trigger apocalypse dreams. This may be caused by hormones in adolescence, the death of a loved one (especially parent), or divorce and other significant relationship losses.

Lots of TV ~s and movies always highlight dangerous encounters associated with the forest, such as bears, tigers or witches. If you examine the psychological elements of this dream, you discover that you need to come to terms with your own true self. The trees may be an obstacle in your way.

and what the ~ is surrounding it. Is it in an affair or
exhibitionistic? Sex in a dream can speak to the challenges that
face you in your life and how you are dealing with them.

~ the acts of the play are phases in the dreamer's own life being symbolically replayed Cayce (900-308). Draperies that which covers or hides Cayce (900-156, A-15). Dress 1. (new) one being tried on, new thought, new ideals Cayce (136-15). 2.

Quick Decode: ~tisation; high expectations; miracles
Popular Expressions: Faith will move mountains; Make a mountain out of a molehill
Possible Meanings: ...

Dress-up and ~tics
Now the fun really begins. Choose a director for each dream. The director will assign each symbol from the dream to be acted out by someone. No part is too small. The cabbage plant, the snail, the overstuffed chair, etc. can all be portrayed by players.

Traders dream promises a ~tic increase in the prices of goods they sell, and hence profits. For lovers dream - a good sign, heralding the onset of the favorable time performance and cherished dreams. Farmer this dream foretells good times: grow food prices of his work.

One point I need to add is that the 3 levels are only seperated by a few stairs, they are not ~tic differences.
My girlfiends then asks me to follow her and as I do, I realise we are going 'downstairs'... except the stairs are no ordinary stairs! ...

Travel over water is indicative of emotions and how the ‘flow of events’ or ‘current’ is leading you forward into the future, and often represent the internal ~ of uncertainty.

You are standing up for yourself and putting a ~tic end to something.
To see a king in your dream, signifies much success and prestige to be headed your way. It is symbolic of power and control.

Most all the time this change is very ~tic and major. It can be change in your life attitude or emotional balance. These types of dreams can also symbolize confronting fear, usually fear of death or change. Since most of use will agree that death is the ultimate change, and many people fear it.

Rapid eye movement behaviour disorder (RBD): Is when the sleeper acts out their dreams in a violent or ~tic manner whilst engaged in REM sleep. Read more about RBD here.
Sleep Paralysis ...

In a decapitation there is a ~tic and violent separation of the head from the body. Under normal circumstances the mind controls and directs the body. This dream suggests that the dreamer may be under the control of his bodily drives and may be separated from rational thoughts and feelings.

While it seems ~tic, the dream is trying to show you how much your partner means to you. Perhaps you have recently slipped into taking your partner for granted.

If you dream that you put on a pair of eyeglasses and your eyesight improves ~tically, it can mean that you are beginning to realize something for the first time. You may have been repressing important information because thinking about it would have been painful.

To dream of the apocalypse, signifies an emotional and ~tic change taken place within. The dream may also indicate the end... Continue dream interpretation - Apocalypse"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Apology ...

A nuclear bomb suggests a ~tic change of events, views, or feelings. Often bringing feelings of a helplessness and loss of control over a situation. Something you thought was important may have ended.

To watch an opera in your dream, suggests that you are acting overly ~tic in some situations. It also signifies that your affairs will turn out favorable.
To dream that you are playing an opera, represents your desire to be the center of attention.
Orchard ...

See also related symbols: May Bugs, Courtship, Ladle, Brain, Fair, Banana, Jig, Pig, Yarn, ~, Baseball, Industry, Chestnuts, Divorce, Clouds, Lettuce, Quilts, Hare, Rival, Train, Bald, Knitting, Love, Wheat, Fire, Cattle, Dogs
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Singing in an opera can be a sign that it is becoming easier for you to express your emotions in waking life. If you dream that you are taking part in an opera, but not singing, your waking life may need more ~. Watching an opera can mean that you are already surrounded by ~.
Orchestra ...

A sword can represent a challenge, ~tic conflict, a flourish, honor, or dignity.
See also: knife (as a weapon) weapon or ammunition
Category(s): Objects ...

This symbolic lesson is tantamount for humankind, and the lesson is this: We can be submerged in emotional ~s, but we do not have to be swallowed by them.
Whether or not you relate to the shark as a totem, this is a sacred conveyance of emotional wisdom - a most vital gift of the shark.

To dream about judgement day (aka "The Apocalypse" or "End of the world") symbolizes an emotional and ~tic change taking place within yourself. The dream may also indicate the end of one kind of lifestyle and the beginning of another. Also see "Saving the World."
Juggle ...

If a relationship is ending or changing ~tically, we may dream of the death of that person. If you dream that you are dying, it may be your psyche's way of trying to understand what death means and deal with the eventuality of it.

Our higher self can create images in our dreams in an instant. It can embed symbols inside of ~tic stories, which from beginning to end can have profound meaning for us.

This was fictional ~ on TV. It was all just a little too unrealistic - in fact its almost unbelievable. Indeed that's where the dreams meaning is revealed. The dreamer was revealing his own reckless actions. He felt that he was like Major Sharpe taking many risks.

We get nightmares during the REM cycle that is closer to the end of the sleep cycle where as night terrors occur during the first couple of hours of sleep. Night terrors are far more ~tic than nightmares and is accompanied by yelling, screaming and kicking during sleep.

we locked tht shit tht between the bottom of the stereo nd the floor then turned the music uppp. it slithered awayyy .then slid up me nd bit behind my shoulder. it was a ~tic bite! then iwoke up to my headphones on my shoulders o.o ...

Often I have seen this occur when someone is about to enter into a new realm of ministry. In a positive context, an earthquake means that a shaking and a ~tic change for the good, is about to occur in the life of that person! ...

Thus, this may be a call to clean your psychological, emotional, and spiritual self. (Also, examine your motives!) On a less ~tic note, cockroaches in our dreams may be associated with food and uncleanliness, so don't leave the dishes for tomorrow! ...

Stage If you dream of being onstage, you crave more attention and ~ in your life. Good times are coming, but you will have to work hard to get there. Stairs To dream of climbing up a flight of stairs means the dreamer will experience a rise in social or financial status.

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