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Drumsticks :
If you used drumsticks on something else than a drum, you might get embarrassed because of something you have done. The same are also the case if you saw drumsticks and not a drum.
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To dream of playing the drums signifies that you will achieve a prestigious position and have much fame in life. To see a set of drums in your dream means you are a very likeable person. To hear the beat of a drum in your dream foretells of a distressed friend calling for your aid.

drumstick you get the best part; tired of beating your own drum. What are you using so people can hear you?
drunk not being who you really are; taking in stuff that is changing you; overly excited. When are you out of control?

Drums. To hear drums in your dream forecasts great success and to play them yourself signifies great joy.

Drums in dreams are associated with the natural rhythm of life. Either to hear a drum, be playing one, or observing someone playing one is perhaps indication that the dreamer is either too far ahead or too far behind the natural pace of life.

Hearing ~ in your dream is a sign of success or of good news. Beating the ~ can refer to worries and quarrels, confrontations and troubles, while hearing ~ from far away means that some important news is coming your way. It could refer to a situation in your family that will please you.

It also represents good promises, gracious orders, or the sound of ~. Seeing thunder in a dream means repayment of one's debts, and for a sick person, it means recovering from his illness. Thunder, lightening and rain in a dream represent fear for a traveller, or the greed of a merchant.

compose, composed, composure, conciliate, concordant, conservatism, consistency, consonance, constancy, constraint, continence, continuity, control, cool, cool off, coolheaded, coolness, correspondence, cradle, dead calm, deathlike calm, defuse, die down, dispassion, dispassionate, dol~, dulcify, ...

To dream that you are playing the ~, indicates that you progress through life by your own terms. You are strong willed and stick by the decisions you make.
To dream that you are drunk, suggests that you are acting careless and insensible.

An old woman grabbed my hand and led me through the smoke, there was a tribe of elders smudging and playing ~. The woman led me through the crowd who seemed to be expecting me. As I reached the front before me in this field stood an eagle.

A dream where you play the ~ implies that you live your life under your own guidance, or that you are a strong-minded individual. If you hear the beat of ..Read more →
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Meaning of Dreams About ~
To hear the muffled beating of a drum, denotes that some absent friend is in distress and calls on you for aid.

The idea of ‘beating a drumcan symbolize standing up for a cause or something that has become a major focal point to the exclusion of other equally important issues. The drum can also represent the heart, bringing to light the things that you are passionate about. ~ are also sexual ...

Consider that the type of the music says much more about your dream, depending on how loud it was and the instruments that were dominating in that particular music. It is known that for example the saxophone represents harmony and sexuality and ~ denotes to anger and/or unexpressed feelings.

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