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duck dream symbol
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Family, emotional security, nurturing, and bonding. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

Family, emotional security, nurturing, and bonding. Dreaming of this animal can represent: ...

A duck on dirty water refers to your capability to overcome emotions. Emotional problems will come your way. To see a rubber duck means that you will have power to overcome any obstacle. If the duck is dead, you will be overwhelmed with negative emotions, strong emotionality, and failure in love.

chicken, chicky, circumvention, cock, cockerel, Cornish hen, creature, cringe, crouch, curtsy, customer, darling, dear, deary, defeatee, defense mechanism, deluge, dindon, dip, dipping, dive, dodge, dog it, doll, domestic fowl, double, douse, dousing, drake, draw back, draw in, drown, duck duty, ...

Duck-hunting is usually seen as a "good ol' boy's" activity, something that is done by men -- women are usually not involved. It's also rather violent (from the duck's point of view, at least), and sometimes people who do it are seen as callous.

~ :
If they are flying the meaning is luck in love or business. If you hunt ~s you can become unemployed. If you shoot them can people start to work against you. If they swim you will get a nice journey.

To see ~s in your dream, represents your flexibility in various situations.
To dream of a ~ in water signifies fortunate journeys.

To dream of a ~ in water means you must deal with repressed feelings. A flying ~ in a dream signifies freedom and happiness.
Duct Tape ...

~-a noisy or boisterous person
Dumpster-symbolizes something that needs to be removed from your life. If you are in a dumpster it can symbolize a worthless lifestyle, Phil. 3:8 NLT
Dung-symbolic of something worthless and discarded, Jer. 25:33 ...

- see Dream Dictionary: Birds
Dwarf/Malformed Figure
In a dream, a dwarf denotes that the dreamer is undeveloped in some aspect. As always, the content and context of the dream will provide the key to interpretation.

~ look out; a female issue; withdraw while you can; taking to it 'like a ~ to water'; 'water off a ~'s back'; a strong tape that does practically anything. What can you do, so that whatever is bothering you will have a less damaging effect?

~s and other types of waterfowl sit at the surface of the great sea, representing the unconscious stirring, as a way of suggesting your movement into this area.

To see ~s swimming in your dream, signifies female companionship. To see them flying in your dream, relates to luck and prosperity. ~s are rather multi-talented animals that can walk, swim and fly and thus may represent your flexibility and in blending into various situations.

A protection used against emotions. As when someone tells us we are hateful or a liar. Some people get terribly upset or drenched, it rolls off others like water off a ~'s back.

It signifies fortunate journeys; also it could indicate thrift and a fine harvest. It also denotes marriage and children in a new home.
Eagle ...

~ - Geese - Flexibility in handling emotional situations. If swimming, you are in control of your emotions.
Duel - Inner conflict. Normally it is a conflict between your conscious ego and your unconscious which represents your true self.

*Please See ~ or See Dream Themes: Colors.
To see a teakettle in your dream, foretells of sudden distressful news.

In a dream, a ~ represent a woman or a maid. If one sees himself eating ~s meat in a dream, it means money earned through the labor of one's workers. It also means that one may marry a rich woman. ~s live in water and do not get wet.

~ - someone acting anonymously.
Eggs - abundance.
Fishes - on the surface of the water, abundance and wealth. At the bottom, danger. Fishes can also indicate fertility or pregnancy.
Flag - change, success.
Fruit - abundance.
Gambling - good, if one loses.

- ~: It represents in a dream in the rule, a kind of artificiality or childish swagger.
- Owl: It stands in the dream for wisdom and martial arts. Because the OWL in close connection with the night, she can sometimes represent death.
- Hawk: He is very similar to the Eagle in its symbolism.

~: Represent amusement, or floating as in buoyancy or the ability to swim through or over feelings. The phrase, "water off a ~'s back" suggests an ability to just let things go.

it doesnt make sense cause the kitchen is far away from the cabins there's no trail but it's quickly spreading through the cabin I try and get out but I'm surrounded Im jumping through climbing things nearly at the end I see afew small children coming towards me I yell to them to go back they ~ ...

If the cartoon character was one that you know well, such as Mickey Mouse, Donald ~, or Bugs Bunny, then you need to ask yourself what that particular character suggests to you, and how that applies to your present circumstances.

Celtic Animals
It may talk like a ~ and walk like a ~, but is the meaning of this Celtic Animal Symbol what you think it is? Confirm your theories and find out the meanings behind Celtic animal symbols.

KEY WORDS AND PHRASES: obvious target, picking on the weak, not funny or cool, a lame ~, in difficulties, sympathy for the weak, helping - a persons better nature, ...

Carl Banks the creator of Donald ~ whom she greatly admired and Kubitschek - a former Brazilan president who fought to create a capitol city in the middle of nowhere - something which he achieved.

To see chicken feathers, denotes small annoyances. To dream of buying or selling geese or ~ feathers, denotes thrift and fortune.
To dream of black feathers, denotes disappointments and unhappy amours.

To dream of buying or selling geese or ~ feathers, could denote thrift and fortune.
To dream of black feathers, could denote disappointments and unhappy amours.

Whether stir you walk the life limitations you have imposed on themselves? Declare to yourself, "I have enough strength to go on living. And so be it! "Do you feel useless as a lame ~? Change the situation, feel its power and efficiency.
New family dream book ...

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life and if you dream of seeing one you will have an odd incidence befall you and the good or the bad of it will have to be gleaned from the entire dream and the emotions expressed in it. Turtles are considered a good luck symbol as well as a symbol of long life and good health. Also the term '~ ...

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