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earthquake dream symbol
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Usually involves feeling of fear or insecurity. The loss of confidence in things that have always been stable or dependable in the past - this includes things such as a relationship, your personality structure, health, etc; so the breakdown of opinions, ...

Earthquake Dreams
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An earthquake in a dream usually represents a major upheaval in your life. You may dream of an earthquake when you have had a life-changing experience.

Loss of control, or fear of losing control. Afraid of being negatively affected by external circumstances. Feeling like you're "on shaky ground" somehow. Experiencing a shake-up in your life, such as in your beliefs, finances, relationship, job, routine, etc.

An earthquake in your dream is the omen of a relocation or social transformation. To dream anything about earthquakes is a sign that you could lose your business or job, but that you will overcome these difficulties.

To see or feel the ~ in your dream, denotes business failure and much distress caused from turmoils and wars between nations.
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An ~ is a symbol for some major crisis. The dream just taps into similar sets of emotions. If your world has been in chaos just recently then the dream compares that upheaval to an ~. Just ask yourself what really shocked you yesterday?

Dream " E " ~
The interpretation of the dream "~"
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Dreams About ~
What do dreams about ~ mean?
To see or feel the ~ in your dream, denotes business failure and much distress caused from turmoils and wars between nations.

Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
In a dream, an ~ represents fear of a higher authority. An ~ in a dream is also interpreted to indicate major changes in that particular place, or a calamity that will befall a town or a country.

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Unlike some of the other dreams about natural disasters, ~s usually symbolize parts of the dreamer's physical reality rather than his emotional life.

In life, you can have the feeling that once a foundation (usually beliefs) is in place - it should not be changed. You may have the sense that changes need to happen - but are afraid to allow any type of 'inner shifting' to occur.

Powerful symbol of emotional instability; we no longer are standing "on solid ground." ~s are associated with "end of the world" dreams. Are we nervous about the future (bills, career change, divorce, graduation), and worried how we will "survive?

~ :
You can get problems at work or psychological problems. If you managed to get to a safe place are the problems temporary. An ~ can also mean insecurity or that your life is not at safe as you think.

To dream of an ~, suggests that you are experiencing a major "shake-up" that is threatening your stability and foundation. The dream highlights you insecurity, fears and sense of helplessness. If you find cover from the quake, you will overcome these challenges.

~ foundations being rocked; check your ~ provisions; feeling all shook up. Who has upset your security?
east mysterious; someone who lives east of you, or a place east of you; something new coming into your life. How is your son (sun) rising?

~ - upheaval; change (by crisis); God's judgment, disaster; trauma, shaking; shock
Fog - clouded issues or thoughts; uncertainty; confusion; temporary
Hail - judgment; destruction; bombardment ...

~-symbolic of trouble and judgment, Nah. 1:5
East (see directions)
East-wind-symbolic of the knowledge of man or useless talk, Job 15:3 ...

Like a volcano, much turmoil is taking place beneath the surface and could erupt in due course. Generally, the volcanic turmoil is symbolic of emotional disruption in the form of stress. That is; if it continues to build it will eventually blow up and likely result in devastation.

To see or feel the ~ in your dream, interpret business failure and much distress caused from turmoils and wars between nations.
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~s in dreams often mean you are worried about money issues. These dreams are also common in people recovering from illness.
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To dream of an ~ represents a "shake-up" or loss of stability. You may be experiencing unexpected changes or new developments. A loss of structure or balance. An event that shakes the foundation of your life. The stability of your life is at risks, ...

If you live in an area prone to ~s and are used to them, this dream indicates minor difficulties that need to be resolved.

~ Dreaming of ~s or other natural disasters represents the things you are dealing with that are out of your control. It may be an unexpected problem or circumstance that you are stressed about.

~. This is a rare dream and it's meaning varies greatly. For those who live in an ~ area, it merely indicates some minor difficulties to be overcome.

Dreaming of an ~ might suggest your personal, financial, or business matters are unstable. Is something upsetting taking place in your life? ~s can also have sexual connotations, such as the desire for sexual release.

A dream featuring an ~ implies that you are facing some emotional instability in your life. The dream may suggest that you have insecurities or feel helpless in some aspect of your ..Read more →
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Definition For:
I have often interpreted dreams where people have found themselves in an ~. Often the interpretation has been that there is coming a shaking in their lives to remove those things that are not of the Lord.

~s and volcanos
Dealing with things out of your control. Unexpected problems or circumstances. May be stress related.
As a gift: Sense of abundance or prosperity coming. Baby: Good luck or fortune.

~ - falling apart; conflict with your mother (is your mother in the dream?); a sudden change in your daily life (something is upsetting your life).

Soul shaking. Deep levels of change. Difficulties must be overcome.
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~: Soul-shaking insecurity. A breakdown of anything, such as relationships, attitudes, or points of view. Literally a "shake-up" of your world.

The ~ in this dream could easily mirror real life. People often mistake dream symbols as some on coming crisis of a major magnitude. Actually an ~ can symbolize any real life upheaval. It does not have to be a crisis of biblical proportions. Its only a metaphor.

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*Please see ~.
To see a Quaker in your dream, signifies that you will make many faithful new friends and have much success in business based on good business ethics.
To dream that you are a Quaker, symbolizes your fairness and honorable manner toward an enemy.

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To be shaken by an ~ denotes that you will have some serious business challanges. If you manage to get to... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
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He is also known as the god of the ~s, as the movements of the oceans create disturbances on the earth. Poseidon is not a kind god, but a terrifying one that creates stormy seas and puts fears into mortals; his offspring are monsters.

The first dream involved me being in my house - actually it did not resemble my house at all yet it was my house - when suddenly the earth began to tremble, I realised it was an ~ so I ran to find my two children and shouted to my husband that there was an ~, ...

Shocking life events If tornado, storm, lightning, blizzard, ~ - Dreaming about being afraid of earthly disasters indicates socking life events in the dreamer ‘s waking life.

" As I spoke each word, the earth shook as if there was a great ~. These ~s were caused by my words that came out of my mouth. The place was a very dry desert. I knew the man would die between the rocks even though I did not see happen.

submarine ball, submarine ~, submarine pitch, submarine sandwich, submarine torpedo, submariner
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Craig continues to say that renown psychologist Carl Jung observed that portions of our whole personality are frequently projected outward in dreams, taking the form of aggressors, devils, monsters, intimidating animals or natural events (such as tidal waves, fires, ~s and so on).

This section of our Free, Online Dream Dictionary contains the Meaning of Dreams starting with the letter 'E' include the following subjects Eggs, Eye, Eagle, ~, Eating, Elevator, Envy, Escape, Enemy, Engagement, Explosion and Employee.

An ~ or volcano? Either will indicate sudden change. Has your life recently been turned upside down? Think about how you respond to the natural disaster. Does this reflect how you’re responding to a difficult time in your life right now?

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