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Easter dream symbol
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Springtime or spring vacation
Some event around Easter time, either one from the past or one that you expect, desire, or fear ...

Easter Egg Dreams
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An Easter egg is a symbol of spring, fertility, renewal and rebirth.

Hunting Easter eggs can mean you're reminiscing about childhood, you're searching for truth or fun, or you have a need to feel special in a childlike way right now (reward your inner child—just because!).
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Dreaming about Easter, suggests that the worst of your problems are over. You will experience joy again after a period of darkness and sadness. You need to walk with your head held high and stop being ashamed.

There are many forms and exercises for meditation. A five minute mind emptying closure of solitude could be considered meditation as well as the deep breathing, lotus sitting, chi locating form that is quite popular in eastern philosophies.

Easter Egg
The Easter egg is a Pagan symbol of renewal. In dreams it can be interpreted as a rising awareness of one's spirituality and alternative ideologies pertaining to mainstream belief about religion.

To dream about Easter, suggests that the worst of your problems are over. You will experience happiness and joy again after a period of darkness and sadness. You need to walk with your head held high and stop being ashamed.

Easter time to resurrect a valuable part of yourself; re-birth; a new spiritual life. Who is being crucified?

Easter Eggs
To dream of easter eggs represents potential, bewilderment and wonder. You may be amazed by something you new you've discovered. Feeing good having found something.

In ancient Eastern Indian mythology, the fish is a symbol of transformation and creation. This is observed in the ancient flood myth in which Vishnu transformed himself into a fish (Matsya) to save the world from a great flood.

In the eastern cultures, dragons are seen as spiritual creatures symbolizing good luck and fortune.
To dream that you are a dragon and breathing fire and everyone, suggests that you are using your anger to get your own way.
Dragonfly ...

Dreaming of Easter eggs could also represent childhood and the memories you have associated with hunting for Easter eggs.  ...

In the Catholic Church (both the Latin Rite and Eastern Catholic), Eastern Orthodox, Coptic and Anglican abbeys, the mode of election, position, rights, and authority of an abbess correspond generally with those of an abbot.

The ancient British fertility goddess Oestre, from whose name we get our word Easter, had a pet hare that laid its egg every Spring Equinox so that life would spread throughout the world.

Think of the following analogy: In the era of the communist countries in eastern Europe the press always covered good news and very rarely bad news. The western press always concentrated on bad news and tragedies.

Some Eastern cultures believe that the strangers in your dreams are spirits from another dimension. These spirits may be teaching you lessons or giving you specific messages.

In Eastern mythologies the snake (or serpent) is a symbol for healing, new life.
A snake/serpent may symbolize sexuality; psychic energy, or the power of Nature; intuitive wisdom; the unconscious.
Is the snake/serpent guarding something?

In many ancient cultures, eggs were shared to celebrate the new year (the origin of Easter coincides with traditional new year festivals.) The 'underworld' that the reptile inhabits is given wings to become like the phoenix that rises from the ashes.

A dream of the lovely Easter time portends a change of business that will be to your benefit. It means for... Continue dream interpretation - Easter"continue dream interpretation
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also in Christianity this is a symbol of resurrection (ever wonder where the thought of Easter Eggs came from?), as in Christ breaking out of his tomb similar to a chick breaking free from it's egg.

China-symbolic of Chinese people or Eastern religious beliefs (a call to prayer)
Chisel-symbolic of something man-made or permanently etched into a person’s heart, Isa. 44:13, Jer. 17:1 ...

Dreams Death and Dying - Eastern cultures describe death and dying;
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philosophy of dreams; ...

A rabbit in dreams is a very consistent fertility symbol, as in the Easter Bunny and 'breeds like rabbits." They are often associated with babies or children.
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yin/yang: This is somewhat like anima/animus though Jung saw them as unconscious motivators and the Eastern concept is somewhat more broad. This represents the balance of the female energy, yin, and the male energy, yang.

This is true in Native American, African, Christian, and Eastern literature and lore. The moon dream may come with or generate an intuitive feeling that someone in the inner circle of your life is pregnant.

East - Beginning (Genesis 11:2); Law (therefore blessed or cursed); birth; first (sun rises in the east bringing hope and new day); false religions (as in 'Eastern religions') ...

It can stand for innocence, cleanliness, and a new beginning. Have you started something new or suddenly developed a new outlook on something? On a negative note, Eastern cultures associate the colour white with death.

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To see a dragon in your dream, signifies that you tend to let yourself get carried away by your passion. This kind of behaviour may lead you into trouble. You need to exercise some self-control. In the eastern cultures, ...

However, if the eggs in your dream were cracked, rotten, broken, stale or otherwise unpleasant, they are a warning of disappointment through unwisely placed trust. Brightly colored Easter eggs signify a coming celebration of a happy event.

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