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Elastic articles
General Meanings:
Elastic objects (for example, rubber band) indicate spiritual and mental flexibility and adaptability. The object is stretched too much, this may be due to internal adjustments, perhaps caused by excessive adjustment.

Elastic Band
To see or use an elastic band in your dream, suggests that you need to be more accommodating to others. You may need to expand your attitude, imagination and way of thinking. Open your mind! ...

A dream of elastic material or elasticity signifies that you will have to stretch yourself to the outside limit of your capabilities, but that you will find the exercise both stimulating and rewarding.

Elastic :
Things that are elastic symbolize that you must use more of your qualities. Something elastic that snaps symbolize that someone needs your help.
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elastic stretching yourself too thin; bouncing back. Where in your life are you too rigid and need to be more flexible?
elbow playing too much tennis; working hard; cleaning up; a time to bend; too busy; mingling with strange people. Who is getting too close to you?

cellulosic, changeable, cheap, checkered, chintzy, clayey, clever, colophony, common, commonplace, complaisant, compliant, compulsive, concordant, conformable, conformist, conventional, corresponding, coumarone resins, coumarone-indene, counterfeit, crummy, docile, ductile, educable, elastic, epoxy, ...

Something that is stretchy and returns to its original form after being stretched, such as stretchy fabric, elastic, rubber or a rubber band, might represent resilience, responsiveness, or an ability to handle crisis well.
See also: soft (pliable)
Category(s): Attribute ...

To dream of webs, foretells deceitful friends will work you loss and displeasure. If the web is non-elastic, you will remain firm in withstanding the attacks of the envious persons who are seeking to obtain favors from you.
Wedding ...

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Dreams  Eight  Elbow

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