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Engagement / fiance (fiancee)
General Meanings:
Desire for relation The dream of engagement can embody the longing for affection, marriage and family. For married couples this dream shows the need for a better relationship.

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Getting engaged can mean your subconscious mind is exploring the idea of commitment or new beginnings (romantic or otherwise).

An engagement can either be an agreement to get married; a commitment to attend an event; a job that only last for a short time; or anencounter between hostile forces.

Getting engaged can mean your subconscious mind is exploring the idea of commitment or new beginnings (romantic or otherwise).
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concentration, concours, concurrence, condominium, conflict, conning, contemplation, contest, contract, contribution, cooperation, copartnership, copartnery, cotenancy, covenant, date, deal, deep study, deep thought, derby, double date, effort, embarrassment, employment, encounter, engagement book, ...

Engagement Party
If you dream about an engagement party, you are feeling lonely or insecure about your social skills, particularly when it comes to dealing with the opposite sex.
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Dreams About Engagement
What do dreams about engagement mean?
To dream of a business engagement, denotes dulness and worries in trade. For young people to dream that they are engaged, denotes that they will not be much admired.

I've had two dreams about engagement rings within the past few weeks. In both dreams my current boyfriend proposes to me (which we have talked about happening within the next year) and presents me with one ring containing a tiny diamond and one that instead of diamonds contained a blue stone and a ...

Dream Interpretation Engagement
Vivid dreams arouse our curiosity and realistic dreams sometimes appears to convey information, or a warning, in reference to the future. These are the major reasons why we want to learn about Dream Interpretation, Analysis and the Meaning of Dreams.

A dream of an engagement (made or broken) is a forecast of family and/or romantic troubles. Try to cultivate a philosophical attitude; it's not really what happens to you, but how you react to it that counts.
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engagement a joining; going somewhere special; remembering your own engagement. Who do you know who has recently become engaged and how do they remind you of yourself?
engine power to make things go; check your car engine; time to get things moving. What is empowering you?

To dream that you are engaged to be married, represents sexual or relationship needs. You may be trying to resolve your feelings of loneliness. To dream that you break an engagement, denotes a hasty and unwise decision in some important matter.

Engagement Ring
To dream of an engagement ring represents a commitment or promise that hasn't been finalized. Choosing a situation or relationship without having "sealed the deal" completely. Knowing what you want while you wait to make it permanent.
*Please See Wedding Ring.

Dream dictionary definition for engagementDreaming that you are engaged could indicate an actual desire to be engaged.  Further, it could represent an exploration of commitment - to another person, to a project, school, career, etc.

To dream of a business engagement, denotes dulness and worries in trade. For young people to dream that they are engaged, denotes that they will not be much admired.

To dream of an engagement is usually a release or wish-fulfillment dream. Perhaps you long to have more security in your love life so you can plan for the future. This is also a good omen of positive social experiences to come.
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Ring - engagement
If your lover gives you an engagement or wedding ring in a dream, it's a sure sign that you're thinking about a committed romantic relationship. But how the ring appears in your dream lets you know how you really feel about your lover.

A future desire. In anticipation of a known coming event. Can be a prophetic message about the future.
Desire to find a way out of a situation or circumstances. A signal that one can escape the thing feared. Confidence that one can overcome problems and enemies.

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Engagement - a commitment to something.
Engine - your conscious ego; emotions; the heart, that which makes your body go.
Equation - What is your life adding up to? Is it what you really wish it to be?

Find the meaning of your dreams about Engagement.
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A happy engagement. Spiritual community. Withdrawal from familial and worldly affairs.
Preparing to nourish in myself or others. Success in love.

If you subdue the lion, you will be victorious in any engagement.
If it overpowers you, then you will be open to the successfulattacks of enemies.
To see caged lions, denotes that your success depends upon your abilityto cope with opposition.

To kiss your sweetheart in the dark, denotes dangers and immoral engagements. To kiss her in the light, signifies honorable intentions occupy your mind always in connection with women. To kiss a strange woman, denotes loose morals and perverted integrity.

Chrysanthemum To dream that you gather white chrysanthemums, signifies loss and much perplexity; colored ones, betokens pleasant engagements. To see them in bouquets, denotes that love will be offered you, but a foolish ambition will cause you to put it aside.

To dream of ruins, signifies broken engagements to lovers, distressing conditions in business, destruction to crops, and failing health.

To see one dead, portends broken engagements and social decline.
Ten Thousand Dreams Interpreted, or "What's in a dream": a scientific and practical exposition; By Gustavus Hindman, 1910. For the open domain e-text see: Guttenberg Project
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To lose one, omens a broken engagement through no fault of yours.
To see torn ones, foretells that lovers' quarrels will reach such straits that reconciliation will be improbable if not impossible.
To see them soiled, foretells that you will be corrupted by indiscriminate associations.

To dream that you are naked, foretells scandal and unwise engagements.
To see others naked, foretells that you will be tempted by designing persons to leave the path of duty. Sickness will be no small factor against your success.

A restaurant symbolises the need for social engagement at a safe distance. In other words, eating at a restaurant is indicative that we will likely meet and converse with others within the safety of a social setting.

To dream of advancing in any engagement, denotes your rapid ascendency to preferment and to the consummation of affairs of the... Continue dream interpretation - Advancement"continue dream interpretation
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To play at quoits in your dream, foretells low engagement and loss of employment.
A dream featuring quotations from well-known sources indicates social success, but obscure quotations are a warning to guard against a pretentious acquaintance who may try to exploit you.
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To see one dead, portends broken engagements and social decline.
To see murder committed in your dreams, foretells much sorrow arising from the misdeeds of others. Affair will assume dulness. Violent deaths will come under your notice.

You may be trying to resolve your feelings of loneliness.
To dream that you break an engagement, denotes a hasty and unwise decision in some important matter.
To dream of a business engagement, signifies concern and worries in an area of your work.
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Withered ivy, denotes broken engagements and sadness.
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Attractive and balanced development neck - a sign of confidence and engagement in the near future. The long, slim dream to ill health; swollen - fortunately; wash - for good health. You hold on to it or strangled - so your well-being someone wants to harm.
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Ice cubes usually mean either an engagement or pain. If they were in a drink you must take things easier.
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To dream that her shirt-waist is torn, she will be censured for her illicit engagements. If she is trying on a shirt-waist, she will encounter rivalry in love, but if she succeeds in adjusting the waist to her person, she will successfully combat the rivalry and win the object of her love.
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A dream with a wolf or wolves can suggest you are seeking social engagement or you are feeling threatened in some part of your life. It may highlight sexual desires or an aggressive nature, ..Read more →

To see withered ivy in your dream, denotes broken engagements and sadness.
To see jasmines in your dream, symbolizes attachment, sensuality, grace and elegance.

This dream is due to the stress of the speaking engagement. If this is the case, make sure you are well prepared to speak on your topic. Knowing that you know all you can may help prevent these dreams in which you fear being unprepared.

To dream that you are attenging a reception represents your satisfaction over a number of entertaining engagements and social gatherings in your waking life.
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Bereavement. Another dream of opposite portent. News of a birth, engagement, or wedding is likely to follow.

Example dream : A missing engagement ring linked to the dreamer wanting to show her husband that she would leave if the marriage did not improve. The missing ring therefore represented her belief that something was missing from their marriage - he did not truly respect her feelings.

Clear ice, especially in chunks or 'rocks' could mean the giving or receiving of an engagement ring. Walking on ice that makes you fear is a sign that you are 'treading on thin ice' in some aspect of your life and should change this before disaster strikes.

Rings-Covenant: Wedding, (as in "a signet ring"); authority, eternity (unending); prestige. Ring=Covenant. Engagement Ring=Promise. Rings Worn as Jewelry=Self-glorification. (Esther 8:8; James 2:2; Luke 15:22) ...

Amethysttop list
Business success and protection. If lost indications of broken engagements.

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