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Envelopes seen in a dream, omens news of a sorrowful cast.

Envelopes seen in a dream, omens news of a sorrowful cast.
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Seeing envelopes in your dream means anticipation or opportunity. Seeing unopened envelopes indicates sorrow news and missed opportunities.
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Envelopes seen in a dream, omens sad news.
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In general: Envelope (envelope) is usually as the outward side of the personality becomes visible, but also seen as their protection against the environment. The precise meaning can be recognized only individually.

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Mail or letters usually come in ~s. When we see ~s in our dreams, we are typically dreaming about receiving news, information, or messages from someone specific or from the world at large.

An unopened ~ in a dream means the dreamer has missed an opportunity. Opening an ~ is lucky and means that you are about to experience a triumph in real life.
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~ :
An ~ generally symbolizes bad news.
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~s seen in a dream, omens news of a sorrowful cast.
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~ a letter given or received; a secret; closed up; surrounded by something. How are you pushing to new limits?
epidemic passed around from person to person; something moving rapidly; widespread. What is getting out of control?

To see ~s in your dream, signifies anticipation or opportunity. To see unopened ~s, indicates sorrow news and missed opportunities.

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Write on the ~ address - a good relationship with someone, correspondence; look up the address - the time expended in vain, to ask - a pleasant change in the life.
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small letter in big ~
bee stings
a dead snake
Flash flood
little girl blonde curly hair , grey eyes ...

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Do you feel frozen in your dream, or is someone or something else locked in an icy ~? What wants to stand still? What are the benefits of not progressing any further?Seeing someone or something frozen can symbolize caution or a need to slow down.

To dream that you are addressing an ~, represents your need to explore more possibilities. Weigh your options carefully before making a final decision.
To dream that you commit adultery or have an affair, is an expression of sexual urges or self-betrayal from your subconscious.

If you dreams a neatly written text in an ~ which is not sealed .You must congratulate yourself you are unmarried person.

They are still in their ~s. I notice that I have some of Merle's that had been sent to my address and I never forwarded them on. The typewriter crumbles a card and I have some trouble but finally make it work and admire the look of the type.

fog. Uncertainty, unpreparedness, and procrastination. To be ~d in fog suggests shortsightedness or danger.
fortress. The self's defense system; hence a crumbling fortress symbolizes vulnerability
fruit. Productivity, the desire for children, or an intimate relationship.

Rye To see rye, is a dream of good, as prosperity ~s your future in brightest promises. To see coffee made of rye, denotes that your pleasures will be tempered with sound judgment, and your affairs will be managed without disagreeable friction.

To dream that you are ~d in a mist, denotes uncertain fortunes and domestic unhappiness. If the mist clears away, your troubles will be of short duration.
To see others in a mist, you will profit by the misfortune of others.
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Familiarity or closeness. Affection. A feeling of being surrounded or ~d.
see also: kissing (romantic) kissing (non-romantic) arm touching holding a person romance
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To dream that you are in tears, denotes that some affliction will soon ~ you.
To see others shedding tears, foretells that your sorrows will affect the happiness of others.
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Many of us are trained to work, slave, do, do, do - it can be a real effort to stop and smell the roses . Iguana energy beckons us to value the beauty around us, ~ ourselves in a good book, get lost in a good meal, revel in ecstasy over a few spare moments to just relax.

To bathe your face and hands in a bowl of clear water, denotes that you will soon consummate passionate wishes which will bind you closely to some one who interested you, but before passion ~d you.

Thus there is, in a certain sense, nothing that is directly experienced except the mind itself. Everything is mediated through the mind, translated, filtered, allegorized, twisted, even falsified by it. We are . . . ~d in a cloud of changing and endlessly shifting images.

emotional and spiritual wisdom, except on an even larger scale. Eels in dreams are like underwater snakes; there's an emotional situation in which you are afraid of being hurt or 'bitten.' An octopus or squid) in a dream represents someone in your waking life who you fear will suffocate or ~ ...

we're looking at. Timewise it should be setting, but it appears like a rising sun), when suddenly the horizon burst into a splendid, bright, effulgent, liquid light, and then spread totally engulfing us. We see nothing but light. I am aware that we are still holding hands but completely ~d in ...

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