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escalator dream symbol
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Assistance or help in getting where you want or accomplishing what you want in life
Movement between the levels of consciousness (subconscious, conscious, spiritual, etc.), which are represented by arriving at various floors ...

An escalator in dreams is akin to that of stairs, a frequent symbol of progress in personal or professional goals. Is the climb smooth or are there problems? Freud observed, correctly, that stairs often have sexual connotations.

Dream interpretation - Escalator
This dream symbol follows the general rule that up is an omen of success and down is not; however, in this... Continue dream interpretation - Escalator"continue dream interpretation ...

Dreams about escalators represent changes in our lifestyles or in our romantic status. Going down an elevator is a common metaphor for entering into deeper levels of awareness.

escalator time to get moving; the energy will take you up or down, it's your choice. Where do you need help in getting up or down?

To see an escalator in your dream, indicates movement between various levels of consciousness. If you are moving up in the escalator, then it suggests that you are addressing and confronting emotional issues.

To dream of an escalator represents a situation where every single thing is done for you while you wait for it to happen. Someone may be carrying you though situation or taking care of everything you need. Making progress with ease.

Dream dictionary definition for escalator: Dreaming of escalator represents higher pursuits in your life.  It could be in any area of your life including personal, financial, spiritual, relationships, or career.

Escalator. This dream symbol follows the general rule that up is an omen of success and down is not; however, ...

A dream with an elevator is symbolic of your emotions and journey in life. The direction and motion of movement is important when assessing the dream. If you move up in an ..Read more →

eagre, ebb and flow, ecosphere, edify, educate, elate, elevate, elevation, elevator, embezzle, emend, eminence, empyrean, encouragement, end, enhance, enhancement, enlighten, ennoble, enrich, enrichment, enshrine, erect, erector, escalate, escalator, ...

Then I was whisked away and I was in the brown building again, I ran up some escalator, and in my dream I felt a male presence.

Then I saw a girl up after some escalators and I realized she needed some help. I wasn't sure who it was, but even though I knew it was only a dream I decided to help anyway. As soon as I go up to the girl I woke up. This time I was upset.

Also, a lot of escalators going up and down and those little counter/skinny things that you have to go through at amusement parks. I ALWAYS miss my flights and I have been dying to know what the heck it means! Thank you! ...

Ambition; the steps you have to take to progress toward a goal; false hopes or fantasies. The ups and downs of life. Like elevators or escalators or ladders, they may symbolize different levels of awareness; ...

It is teenagers, and not parents, who kiss until they are weak in the knees on the escalator in the mall. You can be kissing another, watching others kiss, or experience that "I'm about to be kissed" moment.

Elevators and escalators that lead to different floors can also symbolize aspirations or how your upward or downward journey feels orchestrated beyond your control. See also Houses and Buildings.

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