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Sometimes the spirits need help doing something. But i have also had dreams with evil spirits who are trying to hurt me in some way, and i can wake up being very scared. Sometimes these dreams make me very happy sometimes they are nightmares.

Evil Spirits
To dream of evil spirits around you shoes that you will be prevented from realizing your ambitions but will find happiness and contentment in another channel.

I see evil spirits in my dreams and breath very irregular and hard while I sleep. I think it is because I have a vivid imagination and because I think I have practiced magic by moving objects with ...[More of this dream]
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Devil - Evil spirits, not necessarily religious. It may represent some repressed emotions that need to be expressed. It may symbolize a need to change one's behaviour (devilish) and find a spiritual center.

A dream involving an evil atmosphere or evil spirits foretells that you will encounter obstacles to your current ambitions. You would be well-advised to consider a change of direction or plans.

In the Middle Ages, a dream of evil spirits was known as 'incubus'-a momentary possession by an evil spirit. Today though, we know the culprit is much simpler. REM paralysis typically occurs when our bodies are tired. What's the solution?

More importantly, the Rooster is an auspicious creature that can ward off evil spirits. Legend has it that the Heavenly Rooster of Dusu Mountain was crowing loudly and making all the roosters on earth crow along with it.

  Negativity often projects itself as evil spirits, hatred, greed, etc. though it can take on any form and ultimately leads you to feeling small, trapped, and less than magnificent.

The Hebrews And DreamsThe Hebrews felt good dreams came from God and bad dreams were from evil spirits. They also tried to receive dreams in the temple.

A dream involving an evil atmosphere or evil spirits predicts unaccountable obstacles to your current ambitions; you would do well to... Continue dream interpretation - Evil"continue dream interpretation
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The Horus eye symbol is worn for protection and to ward off evil spirits.

Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) - heard roar in the air: there are evil spirits be not well disposed towards us and try to harm us; - heard of water: one will do well to avoid in the near future to waters … Continue reading → ...

In Japan, toys that look like monkeys are given to children because monkeys are supposed to be able to drive out evil spirits. In India, the monkey is a symbol of soul. Thus, monkeys as symbols appear to have a double or twin meaning.

In some women's dreams it occasionally represents a sexual relationship or painful sex. In times past it was sometimes used as an actual operation to release 'evil spirits' so has the association of release of tension; ...

The man who denies the existence and power of evil spirits has no arcana or occult knowledge. Did not the black magicians of Pharaoh's time, and Simon Magnus, the Sorcerer, rival the men of God?

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