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A person's soul or essence, their inner wisdom, or their means of self-expression
Prying or intrusion into your life or your space
Inner vision, knowing, understanding, or a connection with Spirit (the "All-Knowing One) ...

A person's soul or essence, their inner wisdom, or their means of self-expression
Prying or intrusion into your life or your space
Inner vision, knowing, understanding, or a connection with Spirit (the "All-Knowing One)
Clarity, awareness, or understanding ...

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The eye signifies an important part of your outward physical manifestation. In dreams the eye represents your understanding of your purpose on this earth.

Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
.sees that dream, it means that he will never return to his homeland. If one sees that his eyes belong to an unknown person in a dream, it means that he will become blind.

Eyes will often be a symbol for something that you have seen. Try to think of its relevance at the moment. Also be aware that you see things in a much wider way - seeing something is a metaphor for recognising something. For instance you see poverty but its not always visual.

The eyes are the window to the world, and the window to the soul. It's no wonder that eyes become very potent dream symbols.

Again the place and weapon vary, but in these dreams I am sometimes looking through the eyes of killer( the killer is never me), or through the eyes of the victim(again, never me).
In these latest dreams I have to finish something, or complete something.

In Dreaming the meaning of eyes indicates an opening into a new dimension. This is symbolic of your vision clearing and focusing in on a new direction.

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Eyes are complex dream symbols and can be interpreted by considering the dreamer's experiences and the details in the dream (as is the case with all dream symbols). Some say that the eyes are the windows for the soul.

Eyes have been described as the 'windows to the soul' and in dreams they may represent enlightenment, wisdom, protection and stability.
Different authors have interesting ideas about eye colors appearing in dreams. Douglas Clucas writes in his book on dreams: ...

Eyes symbolize you are clairvoyant - can see spirits or get communication from spirits through images.

To dream that your eyes are tired or blood-shot, indicates that it's difficult to say how things will turn out in your life.
To dream that your eyes are injured, foretells you will lose control of your own life because of greed or your beloved ones.

Eyes - When dreaming of an eye the bible describes this as being the doorway to the soul.

1. Being watched by strange, disembodied eyes indicates unexpected good fortune to come. If the eyes are particularly beautiful, this is a sign of success in romance and/or reassurance that you are surrounded by people who care for you.

Eyes. Strange or disembodied eyes in a dream are considered a prediction of a very beneficial change of events soon to come. To injure your eyes, get something in them, or be otherwise worried about them is a warning that someone is trying to trick you in a business affair.

A dream where focus is put on the eyes symbolizes protection, stability, knowledge, wisdom, enlightenment or spiritual knowledge. It may also be a symbol of your focus on clarity or ..Read more →
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Red eyes-symbolic of fatigue from drinking alcohol, Prov. 23:29. Red-eyed creatures in a dream are also symbolic of demonic entities
Red horse-symbolic of war, Rev. 6:4
Red tape-symbolic of a long process in getting something accomplished ...

Eye / Eyes
A dream about a giant eye means the dreamer may have strong psychic powers.
To dream that you have a third eye, symbolizes inner vision and insight. You need to start looking within yourself for the answers to the problems that challenge you.

Eyes were often painted on things to ward off the "evil eye". An exaggerated apotropaic eye was painted on Greek drinking vessels in the 6th century BC to ward off evil spirits while drinking. Fishing boats in some parts of the Mediterranean region still have stylized eyes painted on the bows.

Eyes have been called the windows of the soul. If you dream of your own eyes, you may be opening up to a new way of seeing things in your waking life or to a heightened sense of your own intuition and inner wisdom.

With eyes still closed, think about the question for about 30 seconds - what information you'd need to answer the question, what kind of answer would be most helpful, what the most challenging aspects are.
3. Visualize receiving the answer.

7 Their eyes stand out with fatness: they have more than heart could wish.
8 They are corrupt, and speak wickedly concerning oppression: they speak loftily.
9 They set their mouth against the heavens, and their tongue walketh through the earth.

To see blue eyes, denotes weakness in carrying out any intention.
To see gray eyes, denotes a love of flattery for the owner.
To dream of losing an eye, or that the eyes are sore, denotes trouble.

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To dream of being thirsty represents an unmet need. There is an emotional void in your life. It may also be a sign that you feel neglected or can't catch to get a break. You may be seeking for some inspiration, motivation or just an extra push.

Seeing your own eyes in your dream, represents enlightenment, knowledge, comprehension, understanding, and intellectual awareness. Unconscious thoughts may be coming onto the surface. The left eye is symbolic of the moon, while the right eye represents the sun.

Eye/Eyes To dream that your eyes are closed suggests your refusal to see the truth about something. This dream can also mean that you are avoiding intimacy. You may be expressing feelings of hurt, pain or sympathy.

To dream of brown eyes, denotes deceit and perfidy.
To see blue eyes, denotes weakness in carrying out any intention.
To see gray eyes, denotes a love of flattery for the owner.
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Ostrich : closing eyes to unpleasant facts. Just mentioning "Y2K" will make many ostriches out of you! Also a symbol of meditation, since the Ostrich parent does not sit and hatch it's eggs, but lets the sun do it's work while it guards them vigilantly.

If you injure your eyes, worry about them, or damage them in one way or the other this shows that some... Continue dream interpretation - Eyes"continue dream interpretation
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We may see without eyes and hear without ears, not by unnatural excitement of our sense of vision or of hearing, for these accounts prove the contrary, but by some interior sense, psychic and mental.

To dream that your eyes are injured or closed, suggests your refusal to see the truth about something or the avoidance of intimacy. You may be expressing feelings of hurt, pain or sympathy.

To put money on the eyes of a corpse in your dreams, denotes that you will see unscrupulous enemies robbing you while you are powerless to resent injury. If you only put it on one eye you will be able to recover lost property after an almost hopeless struggle.

carrot get your eyes checked; eat lots of vegetables; give yourself little rewards along the way. Who is impressed with diamonds?

one's appearance in the eyes of others Cayce (136-21, A-4). 3. identity or the self-image one has adopted or is "wearing" Cayce (136-26, A-1). see also Clothes, clothing Drugstore actual drugs taken by the body Cayce (900-322, A-3).

Seven Spirits of God, Seven Churches (to which the book is addressed); Seven of the following appear in Revelation: golden lampstands(1:12), stars(1:16), torches of fire(4:5) seals(5:1), angels and their trumpets(8:2), last plagues(15:1), golden bowls(15:7), thunders(10:3), horns and eyes(5:6), ...

If in the sleep you say some address and clearly call numbers, such as 6, 24, 42, and other figures are adding give four, in life you need to open their ears and eyes to new information for you, if you will take note of everything that you see and hear in the next 6 weeks, ...

However, black can also be warm and comforting - which is hwy insomniacs are sometimes advised to close their eyes and imagine themselves wrapped round in black velvet.

They have no eyes but seem to know were we are, they all have large mouths that stretch right up to holes on each side of there heads which seem to be ears. As they come in to view more i see the there hands are red and dripping with blood.

Be sharp-sighted to avoid problems if see alive - In the dream you see alive eel, this means that you can save yourself from calamities by keeping your eyes open; also you will get a good message or a favorable outcome in some project; ...

Example: Leaning close I looked at the worn teeth and filmy eyes of the great body before me. 'It is all dying,' I said. 'Nothing left. A dead American body.' For there before me was not just John, but a whole nation dying - a reflection of all its ways and hopes.

If she is irreligious and not a transgressor, it foretells that she will havethat independent frankness and kind consideration for others, which winsfor women profound respect, and love from the opposite sex as well as her own;but if she is a transgressor in the eyes of religion, ...

Sand is an element associated with passing time and sleep, and is a classic symbol of ‘having sand in your eyes’ or not seeing clearly. Sand in an hourglass can suggest the passing of time and how you may feel that you are not achieving what you desire in terms of life stages.

When you see the X on the film, you know you’re going to see lots of scenes that some people believe are unsuitable for your eyes.

the eyes of a hawk) also conveys positive perceptions, while ravens and owls are also stereotyped as vessels of wisdom in myth and literature. The ability of some birds to speak places them in a special category as far as non-human creatures are concerned.

One night I saw a very strong angel, he had piercing blue eyes, at that time it had been a Christian for about ten years. I could see life with no end in his eyes, it was eternity, he felt like holiness.

To dream that people or objects are disappearing right before your eyes, signifies your anxiety and insecurities over the notion that loved ones might disappear out of your life. You may feel that you cannot depend on someone and feel that you are alone and inadequate.

To dream that people or objects are disappearing right before your eyes suggests that you have fears or concerns about the idea that those close to you could vanish. You may not believe that you are worthy of others' love or that you cannot count on them. Your self-image requires attention.

I was walking through unkept bright green grass as a hairy light green snake with fiery red eyes and long pink tounge appeared and began to follow me. Afraid that the snake would bite me I ran into the house, and before I could close the door it followed me in.

Despite the open eyes, despite the calm walking around the house, sleep-walkers actually are deeply asleep. The recommended strategy is to prevent them from leaving the house, and to protect them from other harm, (furniture, stairways) while gently coaxing them back to bed.

Squinting To dream that you see some person with squinting eyes, denotes that you will be annoyed with unpleasant people. For a man to dream that his sweetheart, or some good-looking girl, squints her eyes at him, foretells that he is threatened with loss by seeking the favors of women.

Because an alligator hides in the water with only its eyes exposed, if you dream of an alligator, it can be a sign that you are only examining a problem from a superficial perspective; you need to go deeper. An alligator in a dream can represent a hidden danger.

If you see people or things disappearing before your very eyes, this is a dream that is pointing up your insecurities and concern about the important people, conditions, situations, or people that might disappear from your life.

True their crimes are totally incomparable yet the sister in law acts in a similarly determined and callous way (at least in the eyes of the dreamer). The rape metaphor is a symbol of how strongly the dreamer feels. She felt that her sister in law was acting in this manner.

To dream of sweeping, denotes that you will gain favor in the eyes of your husband, and children will find pleasure in the home.
If you think the floors need sweeping, and you from some cause neglect them, there will be distresses and bitter disappointments awaiting you in the approaching days.

Wearing a blindfold in a dream and then having it removed can signify "opening your eyes" or "seeing things in a new way".

To dream that you are cutting onions and feel the escaping juice in your eyes,
denotes that you will be defeated by your rivals.
To dream of attending an opera, denotes that you will be entertained by
congenial friends, and find that your immediate affairs will be favorable.

If you win you will justify yourself in the eyes of the law, but will have trouble in so doing.
If a young woman dreams that her sweetheart is playing at cards, she will have cause to question his good intentions.

Apples - spiritual fruit; temptation; something precious like the apple of God's eyes
Bread - Jesus Christ (as in the 'bread of life'); Word of God; source of nourishment; God's provision
Grapes - fruitfulness; success in life; evidence of being connected to Christ (as in John 15) ...

He or she just literally vaporises before your eyes. This dream can mean you feel frustrated with your current relationship. There is something missing in the relationship, whether it is respect, desirability, spontaneity, or something else.

In personal experience, such angels carry swords, have eyes of fire and look very foreboding. These types of angels are also set in charge of ministries, cities and countries as territorial angels. Consider the following passage: ...

It is time to open your eyes and stand up for your self. Do not let yourself be manipulated and played for a fool. To dream of biting someone in your dream, signifies the pressure you are putting on some people causing them great distress.

A few weeks later I dreamed a woman with three eyes told me my father would die soon, I asked how and she said in a plane crash. My father jets off for Europe next month and I am sick in the stomach, was it a premonition, please help.

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When the NREM is over we switch over to REM sleep where our eyes move rapidly, dreams occur and our body is completely relaxed. You are pretty much in a coma toss state where you can move a muscle.

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