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How a person presents themselves, or what they choose to show to the world.

Dream Dictionary
This dream is favorable if you see happy and bright faces, but significant of trouble if they are disfigured, ugly, or frowning on you.

Face Dreams
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We use our faces to display our emotions and our personalities, so a face in a dream is often a representation of an emotion or of an aspect of your personality.

How a person presents themselves, or what they choose to show to the world.

No face can mean that you have to deal with an important issue in your life, and you are hesitant about it. This could refer to a past situation that keeps coming back to haunt you.

To see your ~ in a mirror, denotes displeasure with yourself for not being able to carry out plans for self-advancement. You will also lose the esteem of friends.
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Seeing your own ~ in your dream indicates the persona you choose to show to the world as oppose to the real you. It may refer to confrontations and your willingness to deal with problems and issues in your life. Dreaming that you ~ is flawed or pimply, represents erupting emotions.

Arabian, Islam M. Ibn Siren
One's ~ in a dream represents his state. If it appears cheerful and handsome looking in the dream, it represents glad tidings, happiness and a good life, though if it looks opaque in the dream, it means the opposite.

To dream about your own ~ suggests that you are wearing a different persona, or mask, in public than who you really are. This could concern arguments or struggles that you ~ in life everyday.

Dream Interpretation ~
This dream is favorable if you see happy and bright ~s, but significant of trouble if they are disfigured, ugly, or frowning on you.

I am at an airport sending off a person, I can not see the ~ but I know it is my most recent ex boyfriend I dated for 2 years. He seems to be going somewhere far for one year in my dream. The length of time, one year, was reiterated and very clear in my dream.

To see your own ~ in your dream, denotes the "mask" or "outer self" you choose to show to the world as opposed to the real, inner you. It may refer to confrontations and your willingness to deal with problems and issues in your life.

The ~ in particular is the part of ourselves that most clearly display our feelings. If we dream of the ~ of a significant other, especially someone deceased, it could signify the communication of a message.

To a young person, an ugly ~ foretells lovers' quarrels; or for a lover to see the ~ of his sweetheart looking old, denotes separation and the breaking up of happy associations.
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This dream is favorable if you see happy and bright ~s, but significant of trouble if they are disfigured, ugly, or frowning on you.

Stone ~-symbolic of being hardened and unrepentant from sin, Jer. 5:3
Stone-wall-symbolic of an obstacle. If the wall is broken down it can symbolize the need to rebuild something, Prov. 24:31
Stopwatch-symbolic of being under a time constraint ...

See Rules - ~ Fear - Techniques for Exploring your Dreams
Dalai Lama
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A person's ~ may not be that person, but the feelings and emotions associated with it. Can indicate that person or that type of person. With out a ~: Pay attention to the dream action and content rather than the person.

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~ - your ego-self; an unknown ~ may represent an unknown part of yourself.
Falling - losing control; having gooten above yourself, you now are descending to your true position; anxiety; fear of letting go.

Repair of self image. Vanity. Renewal. Part of identity ready for a make-over.
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~: Your self-image, ego, and identity. If you're hiding it, you may feel shame or guilt. Other emotions can be read from the ~ as well. If your ~ has been injured you may be suffering some public injury or an attack on your reputation.

Let's ~ it, the bat isn't the most popular of animal totems. In fact, it's largely misunderstood and so therefore many of its symbolic meanings are inappropriately fear-based.

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On the ~ in a dream you had acne - get ready for a joyful event, which you did not expect. Another interpretation of the dream - the house will newborn.
Gypsy Dream Book
To see your own ~ in acne - you will envy.

If your ~ appears smooth, you will enjoy quiet, and your conduct will hot be questioned by your companions. If old and rough, there will be many squalls or, the matrimonial sea.
If your razor is dull and pulls your ~, you will give your friends cause to criticize your private life.

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@~according to expression
@Handvictory, but getting hurt hint crisis
@Headgood omen
@Legproblem state ...

To see your ~ in the mirror, denotes that you will hear unexpected news from the absent. If your ~ was black in the mirror, then it foretells you will meet unpleasant companions.
To dream that you have your ~ in bandage is a warning that you need to watch out for an accident or fraud.

To dream of a ~ represents the personality. Ugly ~s represent negative aspects of your personality, and beautiful ~s represent positive aspects of your personality.

Slap on the ~
Traditionally: European (Judeo-Christian) - to get: beware of hasty and not well thought out arrangements; - deal itself: energy is wasted on something that does not deserve it.

To bathe your ~ and hands in a bowl of clear water, interpret that you will soon consummate passionate wishes which will bind you closely to some one who interested you, but before passion enveloped you.

nightmare ~ your fears and foes; don't run away from yourself; nightmares are your inner self screaming for attention and notice; feeling out of control and frightened; pay attention to them, talk about them and discover their message; look at how you have been afraid to ~ a desire or need.

To see another ~ with your own in a mirror indicates that you
are leading a double life. You will deceive your friends.
To break a mirror, portends an early and accidental death.
To break glass dishes, or windows, foretells the unfavorable
termination to enterprises.

Now, the man's ~ was only the expression of his real thoughts and the state of his business combined.

I would have to ~ them even if it meant that I would die and be killed by them. When I opened the door, I stood there ready for them. They were surprised that I would dare to open the door for up until that point, they were trying to break the door down to get me.

If your lover's ~ is blurry in a dream, it reflects your feeling that you either don't know who he or she is (as in, you haven't yet met) or that that there is something about your lover or his/her behavior that is "unclear" to you.
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To see your own ~ haggard and distressed, denotes trouble over female affairs, which may render you unable to meet business engagements in a healthy manner.
If you dream of being in a hail storm, you will meet poor success in any undertaking.

If she phoned or hung around then she would ~ strong pressure to leave.
Example dream : Being grabbed by two huge claws linked to the dreamer being in an abusive marriage. Being grabbed was symbolic of her facing strong pressure.

To see a haggard ~ in your dreams denotes you will meet with defeat in your love affair or it may promise business losses. Your own ~ appearing haggard may mean you are in for a bout of ill health for yourself, or the ill health of a business enterprise.

To see a haggard ~ in your dreams, denotes misfortune and defeat in love matters. To see your own ~ haggard and distressed, denotes trouble over female affairs, which may render you unable to meet business engagements in a healthy manner.
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To see a haggard ~ in your dreams, suggests that you are growing tiresome or weary of a situation
To dream that your own ~ has grown haggard, forewarns that you may be stricken with an illness. You may be under a tremendous amount of stress.
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To see a haggard ~ in your dreams denotes you will meet with defeat in your love affair or it may... Continue dream interpretation - Haggard"continue dream interpretation
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Quick Decode: ~; refreshment; replenishment
Popular Expressions: It’s a mug’s life; not your cup of tea
Possible Meanings: ...

The sight of a woman, in general, is a good augury, especially if she is sprightly, adorned, and complacent, with a smiling ~. And the best woman to be seen in a dream is the unknown, young, virtuous, and very dark-skinned Arab woman, according to Ibn Siren.

If you were using a taxi to escape from someone or something, you will need to ~ your problems head-on in order to resolve them. Be wary of ignoring your feelings or taking shortcuts, or else problems may come back to haunt you.

Donkey: To dream of a donkey braying in your ~, denotes that you are aboutto be publicly insulted by a lewd and unscrupulous person.
To hear the distant braying filling space with melancholy,you will receive wealth and release from unpleasant bondsby the death of some person close to you.

To dream that you are looking through a two-way mirror, indicates that you are coming ~ to ~ with some inner or worldly issue. What you see is related to your persona and unconscious.

Marriage For a woman to dream that she marries an old, decrepit man, wrinkled ~ and gray headed, denotes she will have a vast amount of trouble and sickness to encounter.

In the new version, turn and ~ whatever is chasing you. Imagine what you see and write it down. You can make the monster into whatever you want, including a cuddly puppy.

An unknown adversary in a dream often represents a part of yourself that you do not want to accept or ~, or a memory that you want to keep hidden from yourself. Sometimes, the same adversary will appear repeatedly in you dreams.

But if the staircase is dark and frightening, the dreamer may have to ~ some unpleasant situations before he gets to where he wants to be.

t even see her ~ and her body was all covered in marks and bruises. She was crying and kept screaming at him and hitting him and telling him to stop, but he just kept hurting her.

Studies still haven't found out exactly why we get nightmares, but they think it may be due to the anxiety that we ~ everyday in our walking life. If your currently talking drugs or medications your nightmares will be vivid and more intense.

The hero's quest will take him through a dangerous landscape where he will ~ his fears in the form of mythical animals and beings. He may discover an Aladdin's Cave of jewels or a dangerous genie.

This is indicative of a problem you have been unable to solve, or unwilling to ~ up to, and is a straightforward obstacle dream.

The awareness of crime in our society is creating sensitivity about the potential victimization we all ~. Dreams of being victimized are common and on the increase.

A dream with a yob suggests that you may ~ difficulty in a working environment or in pursuit of a goal. In general it symbolizes disobedience.
A dream featuring yoga symbolizes self-awareness and discipline. It implies that you are trying to better yourself or your pursuits in some way.

She said that she went to him and put his head in her lap and saw his ~ very plainly and a lot of blood. He told her that it was going to be alright, and she said she watched his ~ turn completely white, and he died. She then woke up and cried uncontrollably for 2 hours.

The snake may represent a situation that is hard to ~, is uncomfortable or embarrassing;
This symbol can relate to yourself, a part of you that you are not fully recognizing; feelings that are not fully acknowledged; ...

If it has a circular ~, which is emphasized, it may represent a form of the mandala (Self). A huge, heavy clock suggest the stability or burdens of time; possibly a looking deadline. Consider the symbolism of particular number or time if emphasized. Are you out of time with [.] ...

An ostrich indicates there is something you are refusing to ~.
A dead bird, other than a crow or other carrion bird is a request to put life into the pursuit of your goals. Don't just sit and wait for them to come to you. You need to get the off the ground.

It is an extremely positive sign when the dream monkey has a human ~. This would signify that the dreamer will become conscious of his own animality.
To dream of seeing a moon indicates success in love and business affairs but after some delay.

If you keep dreaming about being naked, it might be time to figure out what in your life is scaring you, and to ~ it. Usually the thing you fear is less troubling than the constant fear of it!
Symbols in Dreams
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Attitudes and moods are similar to clothing in this regard, they are the camouflage we hide behind, our ~ we put on for the world in various situations so we can better cope. Take a look at what you, or other people in your dream are wearing to get even more clues to the dream's meaning.

Remember that few are to be taken at ~ value.
It is okay to keep your sexual dreams to yourself. Do not hurt your partner by sharing too much about your dreams. It may make him or her feel inadequate.
Stay open-minded and positive.

If you're defending yourself from a foe, this dream means you'll have the strength to triumph in whatever situation you're soon to ~. Arrows indicate directions, so notice the direction in which the arrow is going. In a precognitive dream it can signify a path you are to follow.

If you hit the ground in the dream, you will bounce right back and the dream will continue. falling at this point would have the meaning of 'falling from grace' or 'fall on your ~' - embarrassment.

detachment and are unable to appropriately feel positive or negative emotions. Currently, you may be out of touch and outside of the main flow of life. This dream could positively sever you and help you to become aware of emotional issues and circumstances in daily life that are difficult to ~.

Maze confusion in the ~ of many turning points or options Cayce (900-308, A-12). Mirror how one is seen by others Cayce (900-332). Money 1. benefits or returns from efforts Cayce (294-89, A-1). 2.

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