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Dream Dictionary
To dream of seeing your own feet, is omnious[sic] of despair. You will be overcome by the will and temper of another.

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The ways you put yourself out or "step out" into the world, make progress among other people, accomplish things in the world around you, or other similar actions.

The ways you put yourself out or "step out" into the world, make progress among other people, accomplish things in the world around you, or other similar actions.
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To see your feet swollen and red, you will make a sudden change in your business by separating from your family. This is an evil dream, as it usually foretells scandal and sensation.
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Seeing your own feet in your dream, symbolizes your foundation, stability and sense of understanding. It means your need to be more practical and sensible. Keep both feet on the ground. Alternatively, it represents mobility, independence and freedom.

American, Unitarianism G. H. Miller
Dreaming of seeing your own ~, is omnious{sic} of despair. You will be overcome by the will and temper of another.

To dream that your ~ are hurting you, portends troubles of a humiliating character, as they usually are family quarrels.
~ ...

Your ~ are the most basic form of transportation. If they are injured, you cannot get fromi one place to another. A cut foot like you describe would cripple you. In your dream, though, you can replace the cut part of your foot, without help, and also walk.

The foot and ~ are a common dream symbol, because they are what carry us forward in life. They allow us to move, to grow, to expand and explore.

Dream Interpretation ~
To dream of seeing your own ~, is omnious{sic} of despair. You will be overcome by the will and temper of another.

Body Parts
To dream of seeing your own ~, is ominous of despair. You will be overcome by the will and temper of another. To see others' ~, denotes that you will maintain your rights in a pleasant, but determined way, and win for yourself a place above the common walks of life.

~-symbolic of a journey or a messenger. Not having any ~ is symbolic of trusting in a fool, Prov. 26:6. Dirty ~ are symbolic of sin, Song. 5:3 ...

dream interpretation
meaning of dream
For some people, dreaming about ~ can be a very sexy dream. Besides sexual connotations, the dreams can represent your ability to move forward in life. Dreams with ~ in them point to how well you are balanced and grounded.

~ - When dreaming of ~ the bible describes this as an act or gesture of humility.
Positive: Dreaming of ~ this could represent one's heart and their thoughts toward a person or certain situation.(Ephesians 6:15)

To see your own ~, symbolizes your foundation, mobility, freedom, independence and stability. Perhaps you have taken a step in the right direction and are contemplating your goals or your next step. If you have no ~, then it foretells many obstacles in your path.

To dream of ~ represents principles, moral foundation, or things you stand for.
To dream of an injured foot represents moral decay, corruption, or lower standards of thinking.

Shoes cover the ~ as a symbol of your path and ability to move forward. Searching for shoes can symbolize looking for meaningful work or the means to achieve your ambitions. Strange shoes describe the unusual opportunities you are missing by seeing only the paths of the past.

~ are sexual symbols so a dream about being barefoot can also have sexual connotations.

Her ~ were bare. She seemed a heavy dead weight but she was slim. Her hair is draped over her face but she was a stranger.
It felt horribly real as it seemed to just pop into my mind's eye before I was overcome with tiredness and fear.
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See ~.
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Like ~, hooves in dreams are associated with being grounded - thinking and behaving in a practical way - and with freedom and movement. A hoof is much stronger than a foot and is a more dangerous weapon, so a dream about hooves can indicate a need to protect yourself.

As ~ are a symbol for the "under-standing" and also for the feelings, dreaming of being barefoot indicates that you are viewing something in your life in the simplest way.

Seeing bare ~ in your dream may symbolize poverty and modest living ahead, but also the fact that you will soon return to the ground of things, which will give you a new sense of freedom, hence the bare ~.

To wet your ~ by stepping into puddles, foretells that your pleasure will work you harm afterwards.
To dream of a pulpit, interpret sorrow and vexation.

hoof sore ~; walking too much; a professional dancer. Who is kicking you around?
hook a way to get people's attention; feeling caught; time to hang something up; getting something 'by hook or by crook'; getting off the hook; doing it on your own. Who do you want to hook up with?

Today, she's 6 ~ from tip to tail and she'll have her 11th birthday this year.
Over the years, Spike has been an effective (if not unorthodox) teacher.
Her finest lessons are: ...

Having exposed ~ can mean that you feel vulnerable or a lack of protection. Perhaps on a few occasions, you have lost sight of your basic principles. Being on the bus or at school might represent being out in the world on life's journey.

~ 1. pathway one is on Cayce (900-37; 294-136, A-4). 2. defective ~ - flawed pathway one may be following Cayce (551-12). Fence 1. confining yourself by your own conscious, limited interpretation (or understanding) of things Cayce (341-11, A-2). 2.

~ To see your own ~ in a dream symbolizes your foundation, stability and sense of understanding. You may need to be more practical and sensible, or it can mean you are ready for more independence and freedom in your life.

In waking life, ~ are our means of support and the means by which we get where we want to go. ~ in dreams can reflect our sense of our stability or our progress toward a waking life destination or goal.

Jackal - the sick ~.
Dream Interpretation birthdays of January, February, March, April
Jackal - the death of relatives.

Pisces (Fish) - The ~ and toes.
A dream portraying a person as being in a zoo is the unconscious alerting the individual to their primal instincts and possibly resultant "primitive" behaviour.

The little girl would represent her vulnerability and innocence and her willingness to be swept off her ~.
Example dream : A dream about little girls linked to the dreamer hating a man she was having to serve at work because he was a paedophile.

If you dream of someone who can not identify it, give flowers or get from him, this probably means that you need his self-consciousness on its ~. A garland of flowers is more similar, but more formal symbol. Flowers in a dream make a connection to feelings of joy and beauty.

The tree was about 30 ~ high and was standing in what looked like walkways near a shopping mall. One walkway was rising so it came to about halfway up the tree. A few people gathered to look at me and wonder how it was possible for me to maintain my position.

I came to a place in the canyon that had several big rocks that were about 6 ~ high. There was one overhanging rock about 5 ~ thick and 8 ~ long. I dragged this man under the overhanging rock and let go of him. I went a bit further and turned around.

If you find yourself baling it out, but with ~ growing wet,foreshadows trouble, sickness, and misery will work youa hard task, but you will forestall them by your watchfulness.
The same may be applied to muddy water rising in vessels.

The earth is the ground underneath your ~. It is the soil in which all things grow. To dream of the earth signifies an awareness of the inter-connectedness of all things. It also may indicate you need to be more grounded and stable in your relationships and/or financial matters.

Since socks cover your ~ they can also indicate your ability to move forward with regard to the subject matter of the dream. For example, in her dream, a woman was about to put away laundered clothes when she noticed a trail of black socks, all in pairs, leading out into the back garden.

If they pinch your ~, you will be uncomfortably exposed to the practical joking of the fun-loving companions of your sex. To find them untied, denotes losses, quarrels and ill-health. To lose them, is a sign of desertion and divorces.

Amid several dream varying dream episodes, I dreamt that a friend of mine from work (another department, though) had a very large brown and black constrictor (about 20-~ long) as a pet in his apartment. I dropped by for a visit and was shocked at the size of the snake, but was not in fear of it.

A dream where you are being levitated off your ~ and up into the air is the way your dream sometimes upbraids you about certain actions you are doing, or certain strong emotions you are expressing, in your waking hours.

To see or dream that you are in a wheelchair, suggests that you need to stand on your own two ~ and stop depending on others. Perhaps you are feeling helpless. Alternatively, it indicates that you are literally letting others push you around. You need to start standing up for yourself.

Do you feel that everything you could possibly desire is there for the taking, that you have the whole world at your ~? Or do you feel overwhelmed, lost, and overloaded with information, not knowing where to start.

It has huge ~ that it uses for mobility and self-protection. Your dream may have to to with issues of strength, freedom to move, and grounding. Additionally, since we are all intrigued with a kangaroo's parenting style, this dream may be bringing up issues regarding your mother or your mothering.

" Blood can also symbolize feelings of guilt, especially if it is on our hands (an act we have committed), or ~ (leaving a trail of deceit). Rooms full of blood, rising like water, suggest areas of intense emotional pain.

To burn your ~ by walking on fire or coals, means you can accomplish anything you try. However, if you are all burned up in the fire, you will be tricked by supposed friends. If you dream of seeing people burning, you are experiencing some intense emotions.

Again, the interpretation of ~ depend on the action in the dream. Generally speaking: Washing the ~ denotes freedom from worry,... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation
Dream interpretation - Fence ...

8 ~ lower than the curb on the east side of the driveway. I walked up the driveway and there was a Mexican man standing next to a new sewer. He looked at me and said "That's my Quiva de Cerveza" ( I don't know if that makes any sense in Spanish ).

A dream where there is focus on ~ or your ~ suggests that you need to learn to stand on your own two ~ or be more Independent, you need support ..Read more →

To burn your ~ in walking through coals, or beds of fire, denotes your ability to accomplish any endeavor, however impossible it may be to others.

To dream that your corns hurt your ~, denotes that some
enemies are undermining you, and you will have much distress;
but if you succeed in clearing your ~ of corns, you will
inherit a large estate from some unknown source.

To dream that you are trying to run but cannot make your ~ move as fast as you want them to, signifies lack of self-esteem and self-confidence. It may also reflect your actual state of rem paralysis while in the dream state.

New shoes, augur changes which will prove beneficial. If they pinch your ~, you will be uncomfortably exposed to the practical joking of the fun-loving companions of your sex.
To find them untied, denotes losses, quarrels and ill-health.
To lose them, is a sign of desertion and divorces.

To dream that you are jumping on a trampoline signifies your fighting spirit, you get back on your ~ no matter how hard your problems appear to be.
To see a trampoline in your dream symbolizes the ebb and flow of life
For more refined analysis of this dream, Try Web 2.0 search.

Ive had this dream before plenty of times that I'm on a plane we take off into the air for a couple of ~ in the air and then something happens to the plane where it has to safely land somewhere. And everyone has to get off and be taken back to the airport.

To dream of this little flower starring the grass at your ~, is an omen of joys laden with comfort and peace.
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As we walk through the world we become contaminated with its ways and its curses. To 'wash ones ~' means to cleanse yourself of the curses and sin you passed through for that day. This should be a daily activity for a Christian.
See also: Baptism, Bath, Water
BATH ...

Dream Symbols: naked, bed, ~, mice, #8, ~ on ground.

For example when Im up high in a dream, like a cliff or a building and i am scared of falling off, I all of a sudden figure out I'm dreaming, so I jump and keep falling and without waking up until I hit the floor, but the weird this is I land on my ~ and carry on in the dream.

You may not be fully aware of your opportunities in waking life. Your subconscious may be saying, "Look, dummy, right at your ~! The answer." Dreams of this nature are not too unusual and should be given close scrutiny. The elusive answer to a problem may be closer than you think.

To see a knight in your dream, signifies protection and security. The knight can be seen as a saviour or someone who sweeps you off your ~, as in the "knight in shining armour".

Some professionals feel that flying dreams can be negative because you do not have your ~ on the ground, i.e. you are not grounded. You may be overzealous about a situation and need to refocus and get a practical grasp on what is really happening rather than living in a fantasy world.

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