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You floating, such as in a body of water, can represent: ...

Dream Dictionary
To dream of floating, denotes that you will victoriously overcome obstacles which are seemingly overwhelming you. If the water is muddy your victories will not be gratifying.

Floating Dreams
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A dream that you are floating, whether in the water or in the air, can mean that you have been under a lot of stress, and that you need to relax.

Floating in a dream can represent:
Balancing your emotions
Feeling the calm amidst the chaos
Intuitive harmony
Spiritual alignment
Being able to relax and let go of your worries
Are you floating in the air or on the water?

You floating, such as in a body of water, can represent:
Freedom, feeling unburdened, unlimited, or without a worry ...

To dream of floating, denotes that you will victoriously overcome obstacles which are seemingly overwhelming you. If the water is muddy your victories will not be gratifying.
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Next the dream changed to a music festival setting, which oddly enough was set on the water on a large dock, or a series of floating docks, or a combination of the two. It was a very large party with a lot of people and commotion.

Dream interpretation - Floating
To dream of floating, denotes that you will victoriously overcome obstacles which are seemingly overwhelming you. If the water is muddy...

Floating indicates that you have the ability to project your mind onto others. You can use this to good and bad effect. It is very useful in marketing, sales and teaching.

Floating on air: relates to ones mind and mental attitude, idealism or lack of it.

Floating - Dreams in which one simply floats can indicate freedom, as reflected in the expression of "free floating". Floating through the air can have the same meaning as flying.

To dream of floating, interpret that you will victoriously overcome obstacles which are seemingly overwhelming you. If the water is muddy your victories will not be gratifying.
Floods ...

Floating Objects
Dreams about floating objects suggest that you are feeling a lack of connection or a need to become more grounded. Also see "Telekinesis."
Flood ...

floating symbol in dream
Dreamed about floating. What does it mean?
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Dreaming that you are floating, implies acceptance, letting go of your problems or worries and just going with the flow. You are experiencing new-found freedom.

Floating - liberation; letting go.
Flood - overwhelming emotions; water represents the unconscious, and being swept away by a flood may mean your conscious ego is being threathened by something in your unconscious.

Floating in water can be symbolic of floating on top of your emotions and being in harmony with the unconscious. Floating through the air has the same symbolism as flying.

A floating over our heads can be a bit depressing Zeppelin exhort from everyday life. We travel in an air ship, we are to drive on the way, with the help of an old friend and patron to achieve a very secure place.
Traditionally: ...

The floating exercise is an important part of the meditation practices of kundalini Tantra, and as such is normally one of the first exercises taught to a new student.

To see floating ribbons in your dream signifies agreeable friends and buddies.
For a single person to dream of adorning oneself with ribbons forewarns a life changing mistake likely to be commited by entering a marriage based on merriment.

To see floating ribbons floating in your dream, signifies pleasant companions.
For a single person to dream that you are decorating yourself with ribbons, foretells that you may enter into a marriage based on frivolity. This may be a mistake.

To dream of floating on a raft, denotes uncertain journeys.
If you reach your destination, you will surely come into good fortune.

If you saw a floating cork you will do well in spite of some problems.
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Seeing ribbons floating from the costume of any person in your dreams indicates you will have gay and pleasant companions, and practical cares will not trouble you greatly.

FLOAT a vague idea of something floating aimlessly
FLOAT thoughts floating about - rumors - ideas that fill our heads
FLOAT you maybe about to go on a trip ...

dock, double bass, drawbridge, dressing room, E string, Earl of Coventry, ecarte, embrace, encompass, euchre, exposition, extend over, false teeth, faro, fiddle, fiddlebow, fiddlestick, figure, fingerboard, five hundred, flies, flinch, floating ...

To see ice floating in a stream of clear water, denotes that your happiness will be interrupted by ill-tempered and jealous friends. To dream that you walk on ice, you risk much solid comfort and respect for evanescent joys.

Duck: Represent amusement, or floating as in buoyancy or the ability to swim through or over feelings. The phrase, "water off a duck's back" suggests an ability to just let things go.

  If the raft is floating down a calm river, it could indicate your ability to do well and stay calm when your surroundings are also calm.

Flying in/on a Vehicle: Were you floating away in a hot air balloon, grabbing onto a kite string, sitting inside an airplane, or being carried in the arms of Superman?

To dream of floating in the sky among weird faces and animals, and wondering all the while if you are really awake, or only dreaming, foretells that all trouble, the most excruciating pain, ...

Ice seen floating in clear water (as in a brook, stream or lake) is a sign that you will overcome jealous opposition. Putting ice into drinks is a caution to stop wasting time, money and energy on meaningless temporary pleasures.

To see a female ghost in long, clinging robes floating calmly through the sky, indicates that you will make progression in scientific studies and acquire wealth almost miraculously, but there will be an under note of sadness in your life.

She just appeared out of no where and was floating above me a foot or two away from me. She had blue eye's, her skin was a creamy white and gold. A light tan maybe? Her hair was long, golden brown and flowing as she floated. Rosy cheeks.

Banner To see one's country's banner floating in a clear sky, denotes triumph over foreign foes. To see it battered, is significant of wars and loss of military honors on land and sea.

raft feeling adrift; cut off from friends and family; adventurous; survival issues. Who's just floating along?
rage repressed anger; frustration; feeling overwhelmed; something that is 'all the rage'. Who are you raging at?

There was a sister in the lord mocking me the saying with a loud voice, "Nakia you are just all full of fear, you are full of fear". She was floating around as she kept repeating this. I was very troubled inside and felt afraid.

Water dreams are extremely common and most people would remember a couple of them in there lives. Weather your floating, swimming or drowning in water it all ties down to your emotional state in your walking life.
Types of Water Dreams: ...

Being in space in a dream reflects feelings of being 'up in the air' or aimlessly floating in a strange 'space' in waking life.
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which must be correlated to the action, but as a general guide: to dream of floating on a raft suggests that your indolence will lead to someone else's gain; ...

If you are wearing a blindfold that you put on yourself then this shows that you are the one closing your eyes to the truth of your waking situation. Floating, or disembodied eyes are a message that you will soon be having some very good luck.

Is it fast-moving, turbulent, or stagnant? Are you just floating along its currents or actively controlling your movements? Consider these factors and see how they can be associated with daily life. See also: Water, Ocean ...

You are headed toward a new direction in your life. To dream that you are sitting on a log, indicates personal satisfaction and joy in you life. To see a log floating in water, represents new opportunities. You may be overlooking something important.

To dream that you are floating or lifting up into the air from your bed, suggests that you are feeling helpless and disconnected from those around you. Your ideas may be alienating people. You might need to tone down your personality a bit.

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