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Flying Dream - Psychological Meaning:
It usually feels completely natural as if we have somehow always known how to do this. Rarely is the dream accompanied by a fear of heights or of falling.

If you have ever experienced a dream you will most likely wake up feeling like a million bucks.

flying dream symbol
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Transcendence over your challenges or the mundane ...

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A dream that you are can symbolize a desire to be less inhibited in real life.

Transcendence over your challenges or the mundane
Freedom (or a wish for it) from the limitations of your own mental, emotional, and physical challenges—freedom that is available by connecting with your inner joy, love, and Spirit ...

Without Assistance
in a dream is a fairly common, but very powerful event. events seem to be divided among those who fly spontaneously in their dreams and those who have a lucid dreaming event and choose to fly.

aeronautics, agile, air service, airborne, airline, ascending, astronautics, aviation, axial, back, back-flowing, backward, ballooning, blind flying, breakneck, brittle, capricious, changeable, cloud-seeding, commercial aviation, contact flying, ...

Meaning of Dreams About Machines
To dream of seeing a machine, foretells that you will make satisfactory progress in your future speculations.

To fly over broken places, signifies ill luck and gloomy surroundings. If you notice green trees and vegetation below you in flying, you will suffer temporary embarrassment, but will have a flood of prosperity upon you.
Flying ...

is symbolic of projecting your mind and this means three abilities are part of your nature. The first is absent healing - which is healing from afar. This is what Jesus performs on the centurion's servant in the bible.

Flying is generally an expression of freedom. Of course, that by itself is too vague to be of much use. There are many different kinds of freedom - freedom of spirit, freedom of imagination (flights of fancy?), financial freedom, etc.

Dreams of are frequent and in many cases, you may even be aware you are while you are dreaming it. This is called a lucid dream - one in which you are aware that it is not reality and that you are actually dreaming.

Dream Symbols - Falling and Flying
Falling is an incredibly common symbol in a dream. It can also come as being in a runaway car, or a runaway train. All are common ways to address stress.

dreams are often a very exhilarating and joyful experience.

Flying in a dream is a metaphor of personal power. How you fly in your dream is a reflection of your confidence about reaching destinations in your waking life.

The meaning of dreams has been the topic of much speculation and makes for interesting water cooler conversations. dreams actually often have to do with career aspirations.

Flying Machine
To dream of seeing a flying machine, foretells that you will make satisfactory progress in your future speculations. To see one failing to work, foretells gloomy returns for much disturbing and worrisome planning.
Flypaper ...

Dreams of are extremely common. An airplane can appear positively in a dream as a conveyer of thoughts or ideas of far-reaching significance. It can equally well signify a desire for independence.
Forest ...

Association: freedom, happiness, independence. Question: What makes me feel happy, independent and free?

- call or ability of move in the higher things of God; understanding the spirit realm of God ...

Flyingtop list
Dreams of flying are common and most people can recall having flown in a dream or two. There are many ideas as to what this means.

. Freedom or possibly an out-of-body experience.
fog. Uncertainty, unpreparedness, and procrastination. To be enveloped in fog suggests shortsightedness or danger.

Flying-symbolic of swift progress or a feeling of freedom over obstacles, Jer. 48:9
Flying serpent-symbolic of a deadly, hard to kill, or persis­tent enemy, Isa. 14:29
Fog-something that is short in duration, James 4:14 NLT ...

If you dream you are so high that you can actually touch the moon and stars this portends many different types of global disaster that you may soon hear of.

flying saucer feeling like throwing plates at someone; things flying around you that you can't identify. What is alien in your life?

1. The dreamer's basic ambition, drive, goals, and dreams. If the dreamer is like a bird, then he can accomplish his goals almost on his own. If the dreamer is in an airplane, or other sort of airship, he will need assistance.

To dream of flying high through a space, denotes marital calamities.
To fly low, almost to the ground, indicates sickness and uneasy states from which the dreamer will recover.

To dream that you are , signifies a sense of freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited. To dream that you are with black wings, signifies bitter disappointments.

Dreams of flying occur during exhilarating or empowering points in your life. You may be dreaming and suddenly ‘wake up inside of the dream’ to realize that anything is possible and that you can fly.

A dream where you are suggests that you are seeking freedom from some confinement in your life, or you are looking for fun or excitement. It may also imply that you ..Read more →
FOG ...

See Flying - Martial Art of the Mind - Learning to Allow Yourself - Secrets of Power Dreaming

Electra Complex ...

A high bird - a thirst for knowledge
A white bird - the pure side of our personality
A black bird - the dark side of who we are ...

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Dreams of flying are common and most people can recall having flown in a dream or two. There are many ideas as to what this means.

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