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Nourishment for the body, mind, emotions, soul, or spirit
A quality associated with the type of food (for example, caviar representing expense or extravagance) ...

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Apples - spiritual fruit; temptation; something precious like the apple of God's eyes
Bread - Jesus Christ (as in the 'bread of life'); Word of God; source of nourishment; God's provision ...

Food Dreams
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A dream about food is usually a sign that you are in need of spiritual or emotional nourishment.

Nourishment for the body, mind, emotions, soul, or spirit
A quality associated with the type of food (for example, caviar representing expense or extravagance) ...

Food, like eating, is a powerful image. Foods may be scenery, or may be central images in the dream. Who prepared the food can also be an important detail to understanding what it means.

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To dream about food represents physical and emotional nourishment and energies. If you feel sick after eating, then you are feeling nervous or guilty about a particular relationship or situation.

Food as a general term needs to be broken down as much as possible. What type of food? Sweet, sour, nice or nasty? Was you eating or preparing the food?

Dreaming of food is usually symbolic of something you are currently experiencing or hope to experience in life. Here are a few of the more common food dreams and their meanings: ...

What I feel is happening here is your body chemicals, hormones and your food choices could have contributed to this. Did you have something with a high level of potassium before bed such as a banana?

feed, any, twenty-four hours, instead, considered, somewhere, selection, awkwardly, cheapest, contempt, Mexican, nearest, typical, afford ...

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Pleasurable dreams about food/eating mean you are happy in a real life relationship. If you dream about stuffing yourself or feeling sick when eating, you are feeling nervous or guilty about a friendship situation.

Appetizing food in a dream is a symbol of spiritual, sensual, or emotional nourishment in waking life.

As a general guide, seeing or preparing food is an auspicious omen, provided the food was fresh and sufficient for the occasion.

Food symbolizes your digestive system. Food items shown in a negative way, for example exploding or spilled on the floor, indicate food you need to cut down on or cut out of your diet.

Food is said to symbolize knowledge, because it nourishes the body just as information nourishes the brain. Food for thought?

Actions, Feelings, Conditions - Nature - Dream Dictionary
For many of us, food symbolizes caring; nurturing; security.

food nurturing; being looked after; eating too much, or not enough. What are you missing in your life?

Invalid To dream of invalids, is a sign of displeasing companions interfering with your interest. To think you are one, portends you are threatened with displeasing circumstances.

To see food in your dream, represents physical and emotional nourishment and energies. The different types of food can symbolize a wide range of things. Generally, fruit is symbolic of sensuality.

Food is a universal symbol for prosperity and for plenty, even in rough times.

In daily life, food is the essence of nourishment, and has similar associations in dreams, although it captures the idea of fulfillment.

7. Food is knowledge. The saying "food for thought" comes from the idea that knowledge feeds the mind and soul just as physical food feeds and nourishes the physical body. Pay attention to what you are "feeding" yourself.

Cat Food
To dream of cat food represents thoughts that feed self-deception or illusions you have. Cat food may reflect new ways of fantasizing about something that is impossible.

Junk food-listening to advice that has little value, Jer. 23:32
Jury-weighing evidence or passing judgment, James 5:9
JV (junior varsity) symbolic of not yet being at the highest level of competition in a particular field of interest ...

Frozen food :
This symbolize a nice experience.
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Failure - anxiety over unrealistic goals ...

Pleasure or greed. Nourishment. Fortune in love affairs.
Foreigners ...

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People often dream about food. All types of food are a consistent part of a dream life. Anything from meat to elbow macaroni comes up through our unconscious and leaves vivid memories upon awakening.

Food in general is an auspicious omen, providing the food was fresh and sufficient for the occasion. If it was spoiled in any way you can expect some reverses which will require careful planning to overcome.

Fresh food may be a sign of renewal. This can present itself as needing to get fresh food (take a sabbatical), having fresh food (feeling as though this is a renewing place you're dreaming of), ...

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