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Dream Symbols
Ideal, goal; Game: How you pursue your goals in life; Pitch: Game of life ...

Football in dreams generally refers to your feelings and emotions connected to the sport in the real world. For example, if in your dream you play aggressively, this refers to an aggressive aspect of your personality and a negative way of acting in your waking life.

With football in particular there is competition between teams. They represent for many people the strong drive to identify with a tribe, a group. They are therefore ways you might gain identity and a sense of connection with people around you.

Dreaming that you are watching or playing football means that you will have great satisfaction in your work and your goals will be achieved as you progress through your life. Dreaming that you are on a football field, represents competition and showing off.

Football could symbolise any male type atmosphere where male aggressions and attitudes are dominant.

I was sitting at a ~ game of our high school ~ team at a field ive never seen before.

~ - Ideal, goal; Game: How you pursue your goals in life; Pitch: Game of life
Forecourt - Judgmental
Foreign country - Expansion of self (if country is larger than the one you are coming from) ...

~-aggressive living, the game of life
Footprint-following foot prints in a dream is symbolic of following in someone else’s path in life. If the foot print is bloody it symbolizes the path of wrongdoers, Hosea 6:8 ...

~ score a touchdown; run like crazy; catch what's coming to you; keep your eye on the ball. Who is the man in tight pants?
foreign country in a strange and different place; looking at the situation with new eyes. What is feeling foreign or unfamiliar to you?

I had a dream last night that I came home from winning our ~ game (which is today) and a girl came rushing up to me as soon I got off the bus and she took my hand and took me to the movie night that was going on at our school (that's tonight as well).

Playing ~ or hopping with a ball, or jumping while performing acrobatic exercises, or gymnastic feats in a dream means profits or benefits for someone who is used to play such games, or participates in such training. Otherwise, it could mean facing dangerous or severe adversity.

If you dream about a ~, you may thinking of restarting a project that you have dropped.
Dreaming about the ballet or about a ballet dancer can be a sign that you are looking for more balance, grace or control in your waking life.

A dream that you are playing a team sport, such as ~, baseball, or basketball, can mean that you want to be part of a group.
Pay attention to how you behave as part of the team. That could tell you something about how you relate to other people in real life.

If you dreamed of playing ~, a money windfall of some kind should soon come your way. This could be a... Continue dream interpretation - ~"continue dream interpretation ...

In America, it is a well- known fact among ~ fans that announcer John Madden never flies-he travels around the country by bus. Many people share his aversion, even those who dream of flying.

Having been born in Texas, I couldn't get very far without seeing the bull symbol in the form of either cattle branding or the legendary Longhorns, the icon for the University of Texas at Austin ~ team.

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