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If this is a garden fork, it indicates your activity to change yourself, or your situation in some way. For instance when you dig a garden or fork it over you are working on it to improve its situation and to clear the weeds or 'problems'.

Fork Dreams
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A fork can be used as a prod, so if you dream about a fork, it can be a sign that you are being too passive and you need to take action regarding a situation in your life.

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(the eating utensil)
Selecting or acquiring things you want, like, or find useful or inspirational (information, situations, friendships, etc.) ...

(the eating utensil)
Selecting or acquiring things you want, like, or find useful or inspirational (information, situations, friendships, etc.) ...

Seeing a fork in your dream means an extension of your reach. You are setting forth in pursuing your goals. Alternatively, it may be a pun on "fork it over". Do you feel that you are being coerced or forced?

To dream of a ~, denotes that enemies are working for your displacement. For a woman, this dream denotes unhappy domestic relations, and separation for lovers.
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~ - This is a widespread symbol of aggression for their sharp pitch~. Have you " picked up something"? Is there something that is difficult to grasp or hold in this dream?Do you feel embarrassed to access something with your fingers?

To dream of a ~ (the kind you eat with) is a good omen, foretelling a release from present worries. To stab or see something or someone stabbed with a ~ predicts a possible loss of status, so watch your tongue - what you say could be used against you.

To dream of a ~, interpret that enemies are working for your displacement. For a woman, this dream interpret unhappy domestic relations, and separation for lovers.
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~ a time to make a decision; left or right, your choice; waiting; time to hand it over; pitching something; lifting something heavy. Where in your life are you at a ~ in the road?

~. To dream of a ~ in the road is a straightforward sign that you will soon be faced with a decision which will be important to your future.

Kitchen utensils are associated with changes you are making. You use them to take what you need in order to find nourishment and self worth. Like food, the symbolism is exploring fulfillment. The difference between a ~ and a spoon is their shape.

Road junctions symbolize choices ahead. A ~ in the road forces you to consider your path and change direction, but not by much. The new direction will only be subtly different from your current course.

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~ in the road
Time to make a decision about life direction or other choice.
A situation or personality that requires caution because of possible trickery, deceit.

If you use a ~ you will get over your current problems. If a ~ pricks you, you are in danger of loosing prestige after a bad statement. A tuning ~ symbolizes harmony.
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~ in the road: Another sign that you need to make a decision and the choices you have will dictate your direction in life. The decision you face is a difficult one but understand that either path has its rewards.

~ in the road: A choice to be made. Going in: The recognition that one is on a journey of sorts.
doctor - Talking or treating you: Check your self, it may be health related. Someone else: May indicate medical need or focus.
door - Choices to be made. Entry into the unknown.

Walking on a side road, or yielding at a ~ in a dream means going astray. If a highway robber attacks someone in a dream, it means that he will suffer from the loss of a friend.

to dream of being stabbed with a ~ or seeing someone stabbed with one is a warning to guard your statements... Continue dream interpretation - ~ (utensil)"continue dream interpretation
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To see the letter Y in your dream, indicates some decisions that you need to make. It may represent a ~ in the road or path you need to choose. The letter Y may also be a pun on "why". You need to start questioning things.
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Popular Expressions: Talking turkey; Speak with a ~ tongue; Talk in riddles
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Then there was a ~ in the road and we were running too fast to realize that we had started to go down different paths. We could see each other across the grass that separated the paths, but there would soon be trees between us.

In the dream, watching as the hamster eats - an auspicious dream, heralding the wealth and income, but your contribution to this will not be. If the hamster runs away from you in a dream, and you can not catch it, it's a harbinger of unplanned expenses, you will have to ~ out, ...

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